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I sat on the couch, watching Jasper pace back and forth. Emmett sat next to me, holding my hand, rubbing his thumb over my would-be pulse. Esme was running in and out of Alice and Jasper's room with wet towels, several thermometers, and other things for humans, not vampires. Edward and Bella walked into the room, hand in hand from outside. Edward held the daily mail in his hand, trying to distract him self. I knew this, but I was still angry. I scowled. He should be sitting with us or helping Carlisle with Alice, to find out what was wrong with her, not hanging out with his human.

I opened my mouth to say something, something after hours of unbroken silence, but my 'father' and 'mother' walked in. Jasper stopped moving, Emmett and I got to our feet, Edward came forward letting go of his girlfriend's hand. Bella stayed back, good, we don't need her to butt in this family matter.

"How is she Carlisle? Is she okay?" Jasper asked, his emotions seeping into the vamps around him, including me. His frustration, his despair, his anger.

"I'm…I'm not sure. She's sweating, not waking even with smelling salts, her temperature is at 98.7-" I gasped, hands over my mouth to try and smother it.

"Isn't that normal? Bella asked, her curiosity getting the best of her. Stupid human. Carlisle sighed and Edward glared at me.

"For a human, yes, but for a vampire, its way, way to high."

"Is she becoming human?" Bella asked again. We all shook our heads.

"There is no cure for being a vampire, but…she seems to be sick, like the flu." My jaw dropped. Vampires couldn't get sick. It was impossible. Edward shook his head at my thoughts.

"Aro." He muttered and as if on cue, Aro's messenger walked in, with an emotionless face and eyes as red as a budding rose staring at them. Emmett and Jasper sunk into a crouch and Edward pushed Bella to Alice's room.

"I have come, not to fight you outcasts much to my displeasure, but to deliver a message." He sneered at us, though there were five of us and one of him.

He held out a disk and written in marker in sloppy black ink, "Aro to Cullen's". Carlisle walked up and slowly took the disk. As the message left his cold undead fingers, he turned and left. Jasper ripped the CD from Carlisle's hand and ran at vampire speed to the family PC. I saw him flick the mouse when we ran up beside him to take the screen saver down, a picture slide show of all of us on a 'camping trip'. Once it was off, he hit the button to open the tray, as it opened he placed the CD in it and jammed it closed.

A window popped up, asking him what he wanted to do with the disk in the computer. Jasper impatiently hit the 'play CD' button with the arrow hand. It took a moment to load, but we waited for the screen to show it's self.

A stilled Aro appeared on the screen. Jasper pressed play again, his agitation flowing into us again.

"I would have come my self, but I hate to dirty my hands for no reason," Aro started, a smirk on his face, delight in his red eyes.

"Oh, I would have loved to see her face when we showed up and in the middle of hunting no less, but," his face turned serious "that's how we got into this mess in the first place, isn't it?

"You see, it's quite terrible for her, but fantastic for us. We found a vampire, a newborn, who has a gift as few of us do. He can make people sick!" He clapped his hands like a stereotypical gay man who found a new pair of shoes.

"Yes, any sickness to a human, animal or otherwise he can make anyone have it. We used dear Alice as a tester, for the flu.

"Punishment for her, delight for us, but be sure to tell her, that if she even thinks about pulling a stunt like that again, that the consequences will be much more severe."

The video stopped.

"What did she do that made the Volturi come into this?" Carlisle asked us in a quiet voice. I shook my head, knowing I might be crying if I still could.

"I don't…know. She's been pretty normal." I said, not knowing what else to say.

"Not in her emotions. She was nervous, scared…I…I was going to ask her, but she went hunting, I didn't have time." Her mate, my brother, muttered just loud enough for us to hear. Edward nodded.

"Her thoughts were all over the place. She was trying to keep me out, singing 'Barbie Girl' in Polish, Spanish, German, Japanese. I tried to push past it, but Alice is very mentally stable, you know, for her."

"What could have happened to make her not confide in at least one of us?" Esme asked, looking around at our father and us, her children.

"Why don't we ask her?" My husband suggested. I was about to wave him off when a thought struck me, Edward-

"She won't answer back Emmett." Carlisle told him softly.

"Not out loud, but, Edward's been telling us what she's been thinking." I said, hoping to share my man's train of thought. "When we ask the questions-"

"I can tell you how she answers." Edward cut in. I didn't even care that he interrupted me. Jasper grabbed Edward and walked, or ran, to his room, the one he shared.

I kissed Emmett loudly on the lips before following, hoping Alice would get better.


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