A Doctor Who Hurt/Comfort/Friendship Fanfic

Throughout the universe, we look to the stars as a reassurance. In the stars lies our hopes and dreams, but our friends are the ones who watch them with us.

Rated K+ for safety in regards to language, anyway.

Disclaimer: All of these characters are the property of their respective shows. The stars belong to all of us in this – and every other – universe.

A/N: Well! I'm out of my writer's block and does it feel bloody brilliant. :D Thought of this, or something like it, after one of the things I wrote for 10 Song Shuffle. I was going to make that into a nice long one-shot by itself, but then I decided I liked the idea too much. So, this has extended from Jack and Ianto to every character (just about) in the Doctor Who universe. It technically crosses over into Torchwood and (will) cross over into the Sarah Jane Adventures, but as they are spin-offs of Doctor Who, I've listed it under Doctor Who for reference reasons.

Chapter titles are who's doing the stargazing in said chapter. I'm being obsessive, so (and I don't know how much it'll actually show up) I've made sure these are in what Word counts as UK English. Just so any fellow Americans don't wonder why things are spelled "wrong".

Chapter One: Jack and Ianto (293 words)

They had been driving for over an hour when Jack finally asked where they were going. Secretly, Ianto was surprised it had taken him that long. After all, he had simply taken Jack's keys and told him to get in the car.

So they'd driven off in Jack's car, which even Ianto had never driven, without a word of explanation. Some part of him suspected that this was Jack's way of apologising for something, but he didn't know what.

"Come on, Yan; tell me where we're headed." Ianto smiled to himself. He expected the question, but still wasn't ready to answer.

"You'll see soon enough," he replied. Sure enough as the darkness around them grew, he paid even closer attention to the signs. They were far from Cardiff now, out in the middle of nowhere. Jack could see the stars coming out. Stars in a night sky – not necessarily these, but any stars, on any planet – were always a comfort and a painless reminder. Proof of his history on foreign worlds.

"We're here," Ianto said. Jack blinked and stepped out of the car. They were in a large field, empty except for the two of them and the grass waving in a cool night breeze. He looked to Ianto.

"What are we doing here?" he asked.

"Look up." He did, and the stars were not only clearer than he could ever remember seeing them, but they seemed to go on forever. The time traveller turned to the Welshman, a question written on his face. "You said you couldn't see the stars," Ianto, who had been closely gauging Jack's reaction the whole time, explained. "I thought you'd appreciate seeing them again." Jack grinned and pulled him in for a kiss.

"You are amazing, Ianto."