Just a little oneshot.

Disclaimer-I own this theory, nothing more, nothing less.


I hear he lives in this village. He won't for much longer-he's perfect for my plans.

I walk, silently, across the fields at its edge, approaching a building that I can feel is the home of my target.
Someone is in my way; an ordinary ninja, patrolling the outside. Bad luck for him. He half turns, and I vanish, reappearing behind him and shattering his skull with a silent strike from the fan on my back.

I smile, a bitter smile. It's too easy. Everything is… that's why I'm here. Something… new.

I go up to the door, with a sardonic smile. Who's going to stop me?
I knock.

"Tobi is a good boy, and will be there in a minute!" calls a voice.
I shrug, and open the door anyway. I walk in.

The speaker appears to be a young ninja, with an orange and black mask on-why, he's inside?

He seems to be moving very quickly. A useful talent, I shall have to acquire it.

He sees me, turning.
"Tobi knows you…" stutters the ninja, Tobi. "You're Uchiha Madara."
I smile. Gratifying.
"I am." I say.

He throws a kunai at me, and, one eye glinting, it passes through me.
He gapes at me.
"What do you want?" he asks.
"You." I say.

I can't afford for someone to find me, in the state I am. Eventually, I'm bound to lose. I need a disguise. But acting is fallible. However good I am, eventually, I will slip up.

As long as I realise that I'm acting. But, I have a way to remedy that.

"Doukasayou." I say. My other eye shines, and he can't help but look through the single hole in his mask into my Mangekyo-Oh, dear brother, where would I be without your 'gift'?

He was transfixed. Literally. His eye was drawn into mine… literally.
Followed by the rest of his body, fading away, almost spiralling towards me, and I felt… something. A new presence within me, a new being I could just fall into.

A shell, a shell for the puppeteer, one so odd it would never be suspected.

I tried it…

* * *

Hello! Tobi is me, who're you? It's nice to meet you, is there anything Tobi can do? Tobi likes to be helpful.

Tobi is a good boy.

* * *


* * *

(Shivers) Even I think that's creepy.