A Story In Which Sabrina Dies At The End

Chapter 1

Rating: T

Summary: Carly's silly little promise backfired. Badly. Lucky for her, Sabrina dies at the end. Creddie and Crediam. Warning:Contains character death.

Notes: This story is not in chronological order. And not just "Back to Front" either.

"So..." Sam asks, "I'm hungry, you guys want anything?"

Carly was horrified. Carly couldn't believe this was happening, right after Sabrina died. She couldn't even bring herself to ask Sam what she was thinking.

"I can't believe this is happening." Freddie was shocked. He couldn't believe this was happening.


"Since when do you offer to buy anyone but yourself food?"

Sam nonchalantly walked into a nearby diner. A place called Johnie's. Written in big bold lettering in a red neon sign over the top of the store. The outside was painted blue and white, most of the front windows obscured by painted plywood. It was dilapidated, worn down, looked like it was built in the 70's, but didn't retain any kind of retro mystique. The inside was worse, white paint peeling and cracking off the wall, uncovering an older, yellow flower motif.

Freddie and Carly followed, only to find it deserted, everyone having ran out into the road to see what all the commotion was about. They found a booth in the corner to wait for the owner to come back, Sam on one side, Carly and Freddie on the other. The booth was faded red, fake leather, easy to wipe down, inexpensive to buy.

The table was pretty kitschy, one of the few remotely interesting items in the entire place. It was a stainless steel top, with raised edges on it's side. The table had a pair of salt and pepper shakers, a bright menu, steel napkin holder, along with a small straw holder filled with bright pink straws, to complete the look. It looked strange to see the classic 50's look on the table and it's items compared to the faded 1970's aesthetic of the building itself. A simple beige lampshade hung over the lightbulb, and the windows curtains were cheap horizontal plastic shutters.

"I also stole her purse. I don't think anyone saw me." Sam casually leaned back on her seat. "Mama knows how to be discrete."

Carly started to freak, yelling out, "No.. we wouldn't want anyone to see you STEALING A DEAD GIRL'S PURSE!".

"I hope no-one HEARD YOU SCREAMING ABOUT IT!" Even with the combined screaming, no-one noticed. One person heard, but decided it wasn't his problem and he kept walking. Everyone else was still looking at the police and paramedics swarming over the crash scene.

Sam, was unperturbed, as she started to rummage around in the Sabrina's purse. The purse was black, with white vertical stripes offset with light brown, and a few stylized roses. It wasn't label, more likely a cheap knock off, and not particularly stylish anyway. Sam found forty bucks, a cellphone, some keys. Then she found a small white piece of paper. Sam looked up, with a victorious look in her eyes.

"I fucking knew it!"


"It's a receipt for hair dye. I could tell that she wasn't natural." Determined, Sam kept going through the junk, it was a pretty big purse. Sam found some lip balm (cherry), cough drops, a small ball of yarn, and a bottle of Tylenol.

Carly just kept watching, until Sam broke into another smile. "You have got to be shitting me. Breaking Dawn. What the hell was wrong with her." Carly stifled a laugh. Freddie was still gazing at her hair and twisting it in his hands, captivated. Sam chucked the book towards the bathroom, hard.

Sam had pretty much emptied the contents, and Sam stuck her hand deep inside searching for anything missed, and pulled what must be the last item in the bag up onto the table. Instantly her and Carly's eyes opened wide. It even drew Freddie's attention when he saw Carly become alarmed. It was a strip of condoms.

"Woah Nelly! Freddork the dark horse. I never would have though you would have been the first out of us all."

Carly narrowed her eyes, "Freddie, did you forget to tell me something?", Carly sweetly questioned Freddie, who just shuffled his feet and looked around the room. "I mean, I wouldn't have minded, we all tell each other everything, that's what friends are for right Freddie?" Carly had made Freddie blush on more than one occasion by describing some of her activities, and Carly expected Freddie to reciprocate.

"I didn't do anything with her. I barely got to kiss her, let alone something that would require one of those. You know everything I know." Freddie denied, and he was being truthful. Freddie had always told her what little juicy details he had, and also answered Carly's (and even Sam's) questions honestly. Sometimes they needed an second opinion, or had a question that could only be answered by some their own age, even if Spencer was really good and listening and helping them all out.

"Well good. Now we can all have our first time together." Carly said it nonchalantly, and Freddie wasn't quite sure he understood.

Freddie stammered out something resembling him asking for clarification.

Sam spoke across the table, "What Benson? Scared you can't satisfy 2 girls at the same time?"

Freddie rubbed his neck with a hand, then said "Well, I mean. Maybe. I could try. I'd probably need 20 minutes between... are you two serious?" His hand reached back over to his face, scratching his nose a few times, as his glance shot between Sam and Carly, looking for any indication as to if they were in fact serious.

"You are so cute when you are confused. Of course I'm serious Freddie, we have done pretty much everything together for years, Me, You and Sam. Why would this be any different? I asked Spencer about it, and he said that as long as we were safe and careful, that it should be a very enjoyable experience."

"You asked Spencer about it?" Freddie was sick to his stomach at the thought of asking his own mother about anything like that.

"I talk to Spencer about a lot of things. I think you should as well, he could really help you. He doesn't have all those hot girls staying in his room at night for no reason." Carly explained matter-of-factly. "You know him, he's a cool guy. He just wants me to be happy and safe."

"Ah sure. Won't Spencer get mad when I ask him for.. well, sex tips to use on his little sister?" Carly just nodded no. Spencer had decided long ago that it would be far better for it to be with Freddie, who would be gentle and loving, than some asshole boyfriend who just wanted to get into her pants before he dumped Carly, leaving Spencer to deal with the consequences. "Sam you are okay with this? You aren't gonna fall in love with me or anything? Try to steal me away?"

"I don't trust anyone else. You know what happens with my mother. I don't want it to be with some random dude, who takes advantage of me when I'm wasted at a party, who I won't even remember the next morning. I don't want to be like her. There is no chance I'm going to try and steal you." Sam's mom couldn't remember the last 5 guys, let alone her first 5.

Freddie was touched, glad that Sam had revealed that to him. "Okay. I'll do it. When?"

"I'm thinking 4 or 5 months. I want you all to myself for a while anyway, and we need to make sure you are ready and able to get the job done. I would be embarrassed if you couldn't perform. I'm thinking we will need to practice together, just you and me, a few hours a week, once after we do the rehearsal for the web-show, and then again after we finish filming the live show. That's not to much for you is it?"

"Oh no, why would I possibly want to spend time alone with you Carly." Freddie was being blatantly sarcastic, and waving his hands up and down in the air in mock horror. "I'm willing to make the sacrifice. I just want to make you happy. And you too I guess Puckett." Freddie was not sarcastic anymore.

Carly hugged Freddie and bopped him on the nose. "I know you will. Just make sure you ask Spencer for help as well. I can deal with your mother, so don't worry about that." Carly stayed attached to the crook of his neck, Freddie massaging her hair, until Sam spoke up.

"Just don't act too lovey-dovey in front of me, it'll make me puke." Freddie didn't think he'd ever understand Sam.

"You know Carly, I just realized something. I may have stole her purse, but you stole the dead girl's boyfriend. Also, I'm hungry." Sam got up and wandered off, deciding to either find someone to order from, or just steal whatever food was left lying around.

"I guess I did." Carly sat there, thinking about what she had done. Carly looked over at Freddie, hoping he wouldn't think less of her. Freddie was staring back, lost in her dark brown eyes.

"Fuck it. Sabrina was a bitch anyway." Freddie finally spoke up strongly, then he wrapped his arms around Carly, leaned in and kissed her soft lips. Carly kissed back lightly a few seconds, then stuck her tongue down his throat. As they darted, Freddie's hand was stroking her side up and down, until it landed on Carly's shoulder. Frustrated, Carly grabbed his hand, then positioned the hand under her shirt.

Freddie clearly understood what was expected of him, and squeezed and played with Carly through her bra, which to Freddie felt frilly, lacy, and very girly, making her moan softly, was able to keep kissing her, and used his free hand to stroke the back of her neck, all at the same time. Freddie was very good at multitasking when it really mattered. Freddie finally ran out of air, and broke contact, with a mile wide smile, from the kiss, being allowed to feel Carly up, and the prospect of more feeling up to come in the future.

"Wow, that's further than I ever got with Sabrina." Freddie reflected his new experience, and sat there with a pleased, goofy grin on his face.

Carly giggled as Freddie tickled her side, then she pulled Freddie towards her to kiss him again.

And they lived happily ever after.

AN: Sabrina isn't an OC, although she has not appeared on the show with any lines, she is the tall chick who bumps Freddie at the club in iTwins. Parts of this story are based on Internet speculation, talking about her being a recurring love interest in Season 4, and if that happened, everyone would hate her. So I'm writing a death-fic.

Story is not "serious" or meant to be in very in-character. I could easily have done it "seriously" without killing someone, but where is the fun in that?

I have 2 questions to ask of people of this chapter itself, I added 2 parts of the chapter to increase it's length, and want people's opinions of them:

Was the introduction of the diner too detailed? What are your thoughts on the Crediam conversation?

Finally, I thank SquishyCool, who kinda helped me out with this in a manner of speaking.