Kamen Rider Decade X Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

By: Phinal Phantasy

Chapter 1--Arrival in a New World

(A/N: Hello everyone. Recently I've been on a Kamen Rider high, watching both the awesome Japanese series Decade and the US's new Kamen Rider, Dragon Knight, which is based on Ryuki. As the main point of Decade is that he can travel to different universes, I thought it'd be fun if he met our version of a Kamen Rider and this story was born. Oh there is also a special cameo in this opening chapter too. This story is slightly AU for both series taking place in between episodes 19 and 20 of Decade and 20 and 21 of Dragon Knight.)

(Disclaimer: I don't own Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, or any of the characters appearing in this story. I'm just having fun with them.)

[Brackets] = characters speaking in Japanese

"Quotation Marks" = characters speaking in English

"BOLD ALL CAPS" = Decade's Decadriver

Tsukasa had just returned to the Hikari Studio photo shop with his friends Yuusuke and Natsumi. He had just helped the new generation of Kamen Riders in Hibiki World along with their mentors to defeat a large and powerful crab monster, using of all things, the power of music. It had to be one of the most unusual adventures Tsukasa had since becoming Kamen Rider Decade, but, he admitted to himself, it was probably the most fun he's had in a while.

[So now that we're done with this world, what's next?] Natsumi asked.

[I don't know, this was the last world and all of my cards are back to normal,] Tsukasa replied.

[Then that should mean the worlds were all saved!] Yuusuke smiled, [You can save Natsumi-chan's world now.]

[Right. We need to celebrate with a commemorative photo,] Jii-san smiled. The others nodded their agreement and gathered together as their elderly friend tried to move the backdrop.

[Is something wrong?] Kivaara asked, flapping nearby.

[Just need…to pull harder!] Jii-san replied, yanking on the chain and another backdrop fell down and glowed, [What the?] Jii-san asked.

[Oooh, the dragon background from Ryuki World!] Yuusuke grinned, [Nice choice, Jii-san. Especially since we really didn't get to do much in that world.]

[Take a closer look at that image,] Tsukasa noted, [It's different than Ryuki World's image.]

[I don't see it,] Yuusuke said shaking his head.

[No, Tsukasa-kun's right,] Natsumi said, [It's actually a mirror image of the original image that was used as the backdrop from Ryuki World.]

[So does this mean we're back in Ryuki World?] Tsukasa asked out loud, [Or are we somewhere different?]

[Only one way to find out…let's go outside and look!] Yuusuke suggested brightly. He opened the door and stepped outside, "Well at the very least we're not in the same place we were when we were in Ryuki World last…"

[Yuusuke what did you just say?] Natsumi asked.

"Huh? What are you?...Wait I'm speaking English…fluently!" Yuusuke said and then walked back into the studio, [I swear I'm not that good at…English…]

[This is definitely not the same as when we were in Ryuki World,] Tsukasa concluded, [Let me see if it was a fluke.] He stepped to just outside the door, "Okay testing…wow. I'm doing it too, without even thinking like it's my first language." He took a longer look around, "This is odd. We're definitely in the United States instead of Japan. The license plates on the cars here confirm it." He pointed to a parked car with a California plate.

"Really!" Kivaara just flew outside the studio, "I've never been outside Japan before! This is so cool!" she said like a fangirl.

"We travel to different worlds and you're fascinated by being in another country?" Natsumi also stepped out and looked at the strange bat with amusement.

"But no matter what world we go to, it's still Japan. This is definitely new for me. I think I'll take a look around," Kivaara said, "I'll catch you guys later!" she said cheerfully and flew off.

"Be careful Kivaara," Yuusuke waved after her, and then he noticed Tsukasa taking a look at his outfit. It largely remained unchanged except for an ID card clipped to his jacket. Removing it, he read out loud "Press Pass…WayAboveTopSecret(dot)com?" he wondered, "Apparently you work for a news website?"

"What a weird name for a website," Tsukasa said taking the ID back and putting it on his jacket, "But I have to assume that this job will help me figure out what the Riders are like in this world and what I have to do here."

"Let's try to find a cybercafé or library or something to look up that website you work for," Natsumi suggested.

"Alright then," Tsukasa said, getting on his bike, "Hop on," he held out his hand for Natsumi to get on the back of his bike while Yuusuke got on his own and they took off in search of answers. After about 10 minutes of riding, the three friends found a city map at a bus stop along the side of the main road. After looking it over, they found the quickest route to a nearby cybercafé and made a beeline for it. Ten more minutes later they arrived and entered a place called "Haley's Cyberspace."

"This place looks great," Yuusuke grinned looking around.

"Glad you approve," an attractive brunette who looked to be in her late 20s or early 30s approached with a smile, "Hi I'm Haley and of course I run the place. What can I do for you?" she asked.

"We just need to use one of your computers for a few moments," Tsukasa said.

"Don't be rude Tsukasa-kun. You're supposed to buy a drink or something in a place like this when you use one of their computers," Natsumi chided.

"No need to worry about that," Haley smiled, "We're a very informal place."

"Oh, but I'm thirsty," Yuusuke said digging into his wallet, "Oh no, I hope I have dollars instead of yen," he flipped through and to his relief, a bunch of presidents he didn't really know the names of looked back at him.

"Oh so you're from out of the country!" Haley smiled, "Business or pleasure?" she asked.

"A little of both," Tsukasa smiled warmly at her, "My friends are here as tourists, but I've got a bit of work to do, but my laptop broke while it was in the luggage compartment of the plane we took to get here and as such I need a working computer to access my office's website."

"Of course. Take any computer not being used," Haley replied, "And I'll get all three of you a round of smoothies on the house," the young woman nodded and went behind her counter to get the drinks ready. Yuusuke found a free computer and gestured for his friends to join him there and gave the seat to Tsukasa.

"Tourists?!" Natsumi asked dangerously.

"Well you might as well be. You do nothing but get in trouble no matter where we go," Tsukasa replied.

"Tsukasa!" Natsumi glared at him and pressed her thumb in the side of his neck causing him to laugh uncontrollably.

"HA HA HA…Natsumikan! Cut it out! HA HA HA! I'm trying to work here."

"You're the one who's always in trouble Tsukasa-kun," Natsumi muttered as the effects of her "secret technique" wore off. Tsukasa immediately got on the internet and typed in the website WayAboveTopSecret(dot)com and found the homepage.

"Devoted to the revelation of secret conspiracies and strange phenomenon?" Tsukasa read out loud, "I work for a tabloid? How demeaning."

"Your drinks are ready!" Haley called from her counter.

"I'll get them," Yuusuke offered, "Just let me in on what you find Tsukasa-kun," he said as he left his seat.

"Hmm…" Tsukasa thought as he explored the website, "Creatures called Mirror Monsters seem to be the primary focus of this site. Apparently people have been disappearing mysteriously for the past year without a trace and the police are unable to prevent it and even deny knowledge of it…" Tsukasa clicked on a link to find more details as Yuusuke came back with their drinks and handed them out, "Thank you Yuusuke," Tsukasa said, sipping on his smoothie.

"What did you find?" Yuusuke asked, taking a drink of his own.

"Here's something interesting. Apparently there was a reporter named Maya Young who worked for this site that claimed that Kamen Riders have been fighting against the Mirror Monsters to protect the people, however she was recently debunked and fired for staging a fake monster attack," Tsukasa replied.

"There don't appear to be any photos of the Riders though," Natsumi commented while enjoying her drink.

"This seems to be the only mention of Riders on the entire site though…" Tsukasa continued to read, "Not even her former coworkers on this site seem to believe in the existence of the Kamen Riders…perhaps in this world they work in complete secret," he suggested.

"If so that will make things harder on you to figure out what we're here to do," Natsumi added.

"Why don't you look up the girl that was fired? Maybe she really did see something," Yuusuke suggested.

"Someone fired for faking evidence…she sounds suspicious but I guess she's the only lead we have," Tsukasa replied. He opened another window and looked up Maya's address, "she lives at a bookstore. I'll print out the address and some directions," he said quickly trying to finish up his smoothie.

"Tsukasa-kun that's not a good idea," Yuusuke said as Tsukasa winced in pain.

"Ow ow ow!"

"Ooh brain freeze," Haley said coming from behind them, "I know my smoothies are good, but try to pace yourself," she joked.

"It's okay, the pain is gone," Tsukasa replied, quickly closing the windows he had up and pocketing the directions to Grace's Books. He got up and reached for his wallet, "How much do I owe you."

"The smoothies are on the house for new customers, the printouts are 5 cents a page," Haley replied.

"How lucky for you," Tsukasa pulled out a $20 bill, "I don't have anything smaller," he handed it to her.

"No problem, I'll get you some change," she said going back to her counter, but the trio of friends abandoned their remaining drinks and headed out of the cybercafé towards their bikes.


"Tsukasa…are we lost?" Natsumi asked dangerously as they traveled through a thin alleyway.

"No. This is a shortcut. We're avoiding some heavy traffic by taking the alleys, trust me," Tsukasa replied. He soon had to stop as the alley connected to a main road once again but traffic was building up so it looked like it would be a minute before they can pull back onto the main road again.

"Some shortcut," Natsumi muttered.

"Try to enjoy yourself, Natsumi-chan," Yuusuke smiled, "How often do we get a free trip to another country."

"I'd have more fun if we weren't in the alleys," Natsumi replied. However, next to them, sitting in a pile of garbage, was an old but intact glass pane and none of them noticed the trio of strange creatures watching them. They were humanoid in shape with a red and black color scheme and each had a large shuriken strapped to their back. One of them seemingly reached out towards Natsumi and suddenly the creature's arm stretched out of the glass and grabbed her and was trying to pull her into the glass.

"Tsukasa!" Natsumi screamed in shock as she was grabbed. Thinking quickly, Tsukasa grabbed onto Natsumi's arms and pulled back to prevent her from getting dragged in and Yuusuke got off his bike and kicked the offending creature's arms and it retreated back inside.

"That must be those Mirror Monsters we found out about," Tsukasa concluded. He let go of Natsumi and dismounted from his bike, "Careful, they could probably pop out anywhere there's a reflective surface," he said.

"Over there!" Yuusuke shouted pointing at an apartment window above them.

"I don't see them," Natsumi shook her head, "Where are they?" suddenly five of the enemies jumped out of the window and were heading towards them. Yuusuke and Tsukasa got into fighting poses but Natsumi looked completely confused, "Guys I'm scared. I don't see them. What are you fighting?"

"What are you talking about, they're right there!" Tsukasa pointed in front of him as two of the monsters charged him, Tsukasa began a counter attack and punched one in the face and spun kicked the other one, "Yuusuke, get Natsumikan out of here and find Maya to see what she knows, I'll take care of these guys," Tsukasa got hit by a powerful kick but soon retaliated.

"Are you sure you can fight them alone?" Yuusuke asked kicking one away from his bike as Natsumi got on its back seat.

"These guys are just pests. If I can't fight them alone, there's really something wrong with me. Go," Tsukasa ordered, handing Yuusuke the directions. He stood between the Mirror Monsters and his friends while Yuusuke started his bike. Tsukasa stared intently at the Mirror Monsters, "I'll be your opponent," he said as Yuusuke and Natsumi were safely back on the road. Tsukasa pulled out his Decadriver belt buckle and placed it on the center of his waist. Instantly a belt circled around his waist holding the henshin device in place, then pulled out his Ride Booker, which contained his arsenal of cards. He pulled out the one with his symbol and picture on it and placed it inside the center of the Decadriver.

"Henshin!" Tsukasa called out

"KAMEN RIDE: DECADE!" the computer voice of his henshin device called out. Tsukasa was surrounded by barely-visible images of his Rider form as well as the symbols representing ten different Riders which all quickly converged on him, forming his armor which was black and white for a moment, but as the details of his helmet formed, color came to his armor as well, specifically a glowing dark pink on the upper arms, shoulders, the middle of his helmet, and the sides of his legs and chest. The eyes glowed a bright green, completing the transformation and the glow was gone. Tsukasa gestured to the glass pane and he and the monsters entered simultaneously, ready to fight in more open area…

(A/N: Well I hope you all like this opening chapter. Next chapter Decade gets into a battle with the Mirror Monsters but someone unexpected comes to the fight. Meanwhile Yuusuke and Natsumi meet Maya and her friend Trent to discuss what's going on in this world and some other players decide to make themselves known to each other. Oh and as for the cameo, fans of Power Rangers probably guessed, yes that was supposed to be Haley from Dino Thunder [which I don't own obviously], but there won't be any further PR cameos in this story. I just needed a cybercafé and that popped in my head so I figured I'd have fun.)