Kamen Rider Decade X Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

By: Phinal Phantasy

Chapter 13—Return from Darkness

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Bold Italics: Advent Deck

THE STORY SO FAR: Yuusuke had just regained consciousness in the hospital after his dramatic battle against Xaviax's Riders. However the friends that kept a constant vigil over him had little time to celebrate as Len and Kase returned from Ventara, barely able to move. The others were shocked to learn that it was Kit who was responsible for putting them in such bad shape. Worried for everyone's safety, Natsumi suggested everyone retreat to her home for now as Kit doesn't know about it.

Meanwhile Kaitou arrives at Xaviax's fortress bringing Tsukasa's unconscious body before the villain, exchanging him for the mysterious treasure he was after. Xaviax had pulled one card from the deck of the mysterious suspended Rider Wrath's deck and gave it to Kaitou. Believing that Kaitou wouldn't be able to make use of it on his own, Xaviax attempted to sway the rogue Rider to join his forces, but he declined and promptly left. As he did, Tsukasa's body vanished, proving that Xaviax traded a valuable card for a fake. Enraged he assigns Albert to hunt Kaitou down and then assigns James to locate Kit so that he can destroy the real Tsukasa.

The real Tsukasa wakes up after his grueling battle against Kaitou, finding his DecaDriver and RideBooker intact, waiting for him along with a note from Kaitou informing him of the recent developments and indicating that the rogue Rider was done with this world and already moved on to the next one. Kaitou had also managed to retrieve Tsukasa's motorcycle and left it waiting for him. Tsukasa decides to also head to the Hikari Photo Studio to recover and figure out his next move.

Finally Kit manages to head to the hospital, thinking he could finish off Len and Kase, but found that they as well as Yuusuke and the others had already left, frustrating him further. It is then that James arrives and brings him back to Xaviax's fortress. Xaviax is pleased that Kit has done well against his former friends as Onyx. He is unaware that the two heroic Riders are still alive and at large, but he does offer to restore Kit's father in exchange for defeating Decade and Kit quickly agrees, feeling that Decade will be an easy target at this point.

Tsukasa had finally arrived at the Hikari Photo Studio still somewhat nursing the wounds he had from the previous battle. He also saw a van parked out in front of it and wondered who else is visiting the shop. He walked in and almost ran into Jii-san who was carrying a tray of coffee.

[Jii-san!] Tsukasa called out in surprise, [sorry didn't mean to almost crash into you]

[Tsukasa-kun,] Jii-san replied, [Thank God you're back, a lot has happened,] he began, [the others are all here already.]

[Everyone's safe then?] Tsukasa asked with worry.

Jii sighed, [Go in and see for yourself,] he replied as he followed Tsukasa to the main room where Yuusuke, Natsumi, Maya, and Trent were all gathered around Len, and Kase, each of them lying on a futon with some bandages covering some obvious wounds.

[Everyone…] Tsukasa said announcing his presence to his friends.

[Tsukasa-kun!] Natsumi ran over to him, [It's terrible! Kit-kun has…has…]

[Has joined Xaviax,] Len finished spitting the overlord's name like a curse.

[So what Kaitou said was true then…] Tsukasa looked down in thought, [And looks like he's become very dangerous as a result,] he added noting the injuries on his friends.

[No kidding,] Kase replied, [It's hard to believe that after all Xaviax put Kit through he'd betray us like that.]

[That's why I don't believe it!] Yuusuke protested, [And you two shouldn't either!] he scolded the Ventaran Riders, [There's got to be something else going on here. Some outside influence…]

[Like what?] Maya asked

[Well…his armor turned black, never saw that happen to any Rider before,] Len offered.

[Did you say it turned black!] Tsukasa was suddenly at Len's side.

[Yeah, his armor looked just like you'd expect Dragon Knight to look otherwise, but it looked like his armor went dark side when he did,] Len replied.

[Kaitou didn't mention that…maybe Yuusuke's right, there's got to be an outside influence on Kit and I think I know what it is.]

[What?] Trent asked softly.

[Since Len and Kase have never seen this Dark Rider before, I'm sure Narutaki got his hands on Kit and pushed him over the edge. But perhaps we can get him back,] Tsukasa said.

[Great, let's get to it then,] Len said trying to get up.

[Not so fast there,] Maya said gently holding him down, [You're still injured, and so are you Kase so don't think about getting up.]

[Wasn't thinking anything of the sort,] Kase smirked through her obvious lie as she laid back down.

[I'll take care of it,] Tsukasa offered, [I'll bring him back kicking and screaming if I have to,] he smirked.

[Well don't bother trying to talk him down, that didn't work for us,] Len said disappointed in himself.

[Some intentions can only be conveyed through battle,] Tsukasa replied.

[I'll tag along,] Yuusuke offered.

[Not this time…I have a hunch this is something I have to take care of alone, though I am glad to see you're back in the game,] Tsukasa replied, [Don't worry, once Kit is back with us, we'll all have a chance to get at Xaviax and his Riders.]

[Okay, but remember, Kit defeated the two of us and you've already acknowledged our own skill. Be careful,] Kase told him.

[I will, but I won't promise he'll come back unscratched,] Tsukasa replied as he departed the Hikari Photo Studio and mounted his bike.

[Wait…] Maya called out but it was too late.

[Don't worry Maya-chan,] Natsumi smiled at her, [Tsukasa merely means he's going to do whatever it takes to bring him back. Believe in him and also believe in Kit-kun…that's the best thing we all can do at this point.]


Tsukasa had driven through the nearest reflective surface to enter Ventara, knowing that it would set off any of the Riders' senses. Deciding to make his presence more obvious though, he drove back out and then back in at several points really setting off the alarms in the Riders' minds. When he next entered from the Ventara side he saw that Kit had entered as well from another glass door and pulled up alongside him.

"What are you trying to do? Get Xaviax's Riders on your case, or just give me and my friends a major migraine," Kit complained.

"That depends," Tsukasa said dismounting from Machine Decader, "Your friends…are they lying in pain and anger from betrayal, or are your real friends hiding in Xaviax's fortress like the cowards they are?"

"Then I guess there's no need to pretend anymore," Kit replied dismounting from his own bike, "So they survived, I'll have to fix that, after I'm done with you that is." He then held out his Advent Deck in front of him and red electricity circled his waist.

"Kamen Rider!" he called out and a red energy sphere surrounded him with bright concentric rings spinning slowly forming his usual armor as Dragon Knight.

"So, where's this Dark Rider I heard about," Tsukasa said as he put his Decadriver around his waist and put in his own henshin card in.

"Oh don't worry, you'll get to meet him…Hen…shin…" Kit said darkly as three dark silhouettes converged around him

"Henshin!" Tsukasa countered by quickly activating his own transformation.

"KAMEN RIDE: DECADE!" As the symbols of the nine previous main Riders surrounded him, becoming silhouettes of his Rider form, and converged around him forming his armor, Kit was again surrounded by an energy sphere, this one dark, making the colors of the Dragon Knight armor just as dark.

"Kamen Rider…Onyx," the Dark Rider announced himself.

"So…you're this world's version of Ryuga now," Decade noted, "Definitely no need to go easy on you then!" he said as he drew his RideBooker in sword mode and went on the attack.

"Sword Vent!" Onyx dodged Decade's initial slash in time to reach up and grab his own weapon and used the curved blade as a counter attack slashing at him several times forcing the heroic Rider back, "I took out Wing Knight and Siren. What makes you think you stand a chance?" Onyx said mockingly.

"You're mistaken, they haven't been taken out yet, and besides I've fought both of them already and seen the way you fight. If they lost it was because they were holding back," Decade retorted.

"Oh believe me I'm not the same rookie you saw earlier, I'm much stronger now," Onyx replied activating one of his Advent cards.

"Attack Vent!" Just as Decade was about to approach Onyx again, Dragblacker rushed out of the nearest window and breathed dark fire on him then bit down on him and with a swing of his head, sent him flying. Decade landed with a grunt.

"Much better than when I was Dragon Knight don't you think?" Onyx said as Decade switched his weapon to gun mode.

"We'll see about that," Decade replied as he activated one of his own cards.

"ATTACK RIDE: BLAST!" His gun had produced several illusionary copies of itself but the blasts they all fired were real at the Dark Rider staggering him for a moment.

"You think you're stronger like this…let's put it to the test shall we," Decade pulled out another card and deliberately showed it to his opponent before inserting it into the Decadriver.

"You've got to be kidding me," Onyx scoffed.


"KAMEN RIDE: RYUKI!" Three silhouettes familiar to Kit converged around Decade transforming him to a Rider that looked even more familiar. "Kamen Rider Ryuki…pretty much identical to Dragon Knight in every way. Let's see if the power of darkness really is superior."

"You think copying me will help in this fight?" Onyx let out a small growl.

"You know what they say…imitation is the highest form of flattery," Decade-Ryuki replied grinning under his helmet as he activated one of his own cards.

"ATTACK RIDE: ADVENT!" As Onyx looked up in the sky, Dragredder appeared and rushed towards him.

"Whoa!" Onyx quickly activated one of his own cards.

"Guard Vent!" The two shields resembling Dragblacker's legs appeared and he held it out in front of him protecting him from Dragredder's fire, but barely. When the smoke cleared Decade-Ryuki rushed at him and delivered a roundhouse kick to his head, "That was from another friend you betrayed Kit Taylor," he said in regard to Dragredder's rage as the Dark Rider fell to the ground.

"I don't need my friends anymore…just my power!" Onyx replied placing a new card into his Visor.

"Strike Vent!" Suddenly Onyx's right hand was covered by a weapon resembling Dragblacker's head and he thrust it forward spewing dark fire at Decade-Ryuki.

"ATTACK RIDE: GUARD VENT!" as the shield resembling Dragredder's legs appeared blocking the fire and Decade-Ryuki leapt up above from where he was hiding behind it, "I can keep this up all day!" he said coming down and punching Onyx in the chest hard, forcing him back.

"So can I!" Onyx replied by doing a spin kick that took Decade-Ryuki off guard and the Dark Rider followed with a leg sweep that brought him to the ground, "Looks like I win," he said standing over him.

"Not quite," Decade-Ryuki said springing up and doing a head butt to Onyx's groin making him groan in pain as the heroic Rider got to his feet, "I heard you were supposed to be stronger in this form…what happened. I don't see that big a difference."

"That was a damn dirty trick and you know it," Onyx replied trying to get up

"Do you still think of this as a game?" Decade-Ryuki replied, back on his feet and now throwing punches, pummeling Onyx sending him to the ground, "I never promised to play fair and neither did Xaviax and his Riders. What I did promise was to bring you back to your friends…whatever it takes," Decade-Ryuki said.

"They still want me back? They're idiots," Onyx said, catching Decade-Ryuki's foot as the heroic Rider attempted to stomp down on his opponent. The Dark Rider then twisted hard and Decade-Ryuki spun his body to avoid major damage but he fell to the ground.

"After what you did to them I'd agree, but a promise is a promise," Decade-Ryuki said as he got up in a fighting stance, "So tell me Onyx, what was it you needed most again?" he asked.

Onyx replied by activating his most powerful card, "I told you…just my power!"

"Final Vent!" Onyx leapt into the air and Dragblacker circled around him and as Onyx came down in a Rider Kick, Dragblacker spewed forth black fire.

"Let's see what that power's worth then!" Decade-Ryuki activated one more of his cards to counter the incoming attack.

"FINAL ATTACK RIDE: RY-RY-RY-RYUKI!" Decade-Ryuki leapt up as Dragredder circled him and spewed fire of his own as the heroic Rider leapt up in the sky in his own Rider Kick. The two attacks clashed in midair and surprisingly they were suspended as their Advent Beasts continued their own war of fire breath.

"Just your power Onyx? Is that all you have left?" Decade-Ryuki said, "Is that the price of abandoning your friends and allies? Is it worth it? Are you winning this fight?"

"I'll take you down, then the others, then my father will be back finally!" Onyx countered.

"And tell me Kit Taylor…I don't know anything about your father…"Decade-Ryuki started.

"That's right you don't know anything!" Onyx interrupted.

"Then tell me…what would he think of you now? Would he want to be saved by a man like you who abandoned his friends, and aiding a villain like Xaviax to enslave your world as the cost of his return?" Decade-Ryuki questioned, "I already told you the meaning of my promise to our friends, what is the meaning of your promise to your father?"

"He told me…family comes first!" Onyx said, "I heard him myself."

"Him or Xaviax's twisted words from his mouth?" Decade-Ryuki countered, the heat all around them growing as a large red-and-black fireball surrounded both Riders with the force of their final attacks growing stronger trying to overwhelm the other but always keeping even, "And who's to say friends can't be family either?" he added thinking of Natsumi, Yuusuke, and Jii-san as the heat was making him burn up in his armor, "So what would your father think of you now? Answer me!"

Onyx started to breathe hard in frustration and the heat was getting to him as well. He shook his head but then remembered that there was one thing his father told him as his absolute rule. He shouted both in realization and frustration, "The ends…THE ENDS NEVER JUSTIFY THE MEANS!" as he called this out the two Advent Beasts roared one last time and there was a large explosion that sent the two Riders in opposite directions. Decade-Ryuki landed on the ground and was rolling for several feet as he was dehenshined back to his own regular form. He got up to see Onyx rolling along the ground on the opposite side of him, exhausted but still frustrated he stood up and let out an animalistic roar and his Rider form was shimmering. At first it looked like he was becoming Dragon Knight again, then it flashed to Onyx, and he went through this over and over until the three silhouettes that originally converged on his body was expelled and a red energy sphere surrounded him, when the concentric rings were done transforming the armor, Dragon Knight was back. The three silhouettes that formed his darker side as Onyx converged all on their own, becoming Ryuga once more. Decade got to his feet and drew his weapon but Dragon Knight shook his head. "This is my responsibility," he said simply and turned to Ryuga, "I don't need you anymore…so go back to the hell you came from!" he said drawing his most powerful Advent Card.

"Final Vent!" Dragon Knight leapt into the air and Dragredder circled him, even longer than usual, as if to welcome his ally back then the Advent Beast let out a stream of fire that enhanced Dragon Knight's Rider Kick as Ryuga stood up in protest.

"My power…my power helped you…don't reject it!" the Dark Rider panicked.

"Too late Ryuga," Decade smirked from his helmet as Dragon Knight's attack connected and the Dark Rider exploded in a furious fire, "As he said…you aren't needed anymore," he said as the smoke cleared and two heroic Riders stood side by side and dehenshined, exhausted from their ordeal.


"Looks like the school boy's back. So much for your precious general's new poster boy," Spear said mockingly from his vantage point next to Strike. The two evil Riders quickly arrived in Ventara sensing Tsukasa's obvious constant traveling through it, but reminded of Xaviax's orders, Strike had made sure he and Spear both held themselves back, unseen, to observe the results of this confrontation.

"He's not going to be happy…" Strike nodded his agreement.

"Well look on the bright side…I'm sure I can quit the snipe hunt for that Kaitou guy and finally get to take the dragon out…oh wait, that's my bright side…I wonder if your days are numbered now though, you were the one who brought him to Xaviax's side after all," Spear pointed out causing Strike to go pale under his helmet.

"Under…under his orders…and it was his orders that held us back. We aren't responsible for this…" Strike said, though more to convince himself than anything else.

"Well…they're both too tired to put up much of a fight now, let's say we earn some cool points back with the boss and take them out now!" Spear said getting ready to move.

"NO!" Strike protested, "We don't have any orders to do so. Acting on our own will definitely get us in deeper…" he said.

Spear shrugged, "Okay then, I'll just tell him it was your idea to back off then," he said shimmering into the window they came in from. Strike paled again and went after his unreliable comrade.

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