Kamen Rider Decade X Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

By: Phinal Phantasy

Chapter 14—Strength in Numbers

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[Brackets: Spoken in Japanese]

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Bold Italics: Advent Deck

THE STORY SO FAR: Tsukasa had returned to the Hikari Photo Studio after his battle against DiEnd to find Kase and Len recovering there from a vicious battle of their own. He was surprised to find out it was Kit who injured them so severely. When he heard from Len that Kit's armor had turned as dark as the man himself, he figured that Narutaki was the one behind Kit's sudden changes and promised everyone that he would go find Kit himself and bring him back to the way he was before. After henshining to Decade, Tsukasa used the power of Ryuki to battle against Onyx, showing Kit that the power of darkness didn't make him superior and forced Kit to recall the words of his father that the ends don't justify the means. Horrified by the realization that the power of darkness had corrupted him and led him to attack those who would be his friends and allies, he expelled the power of darkness which reformed into Ryuga. Kit once again donned the mantle of Dragon Knight and destroyed Ryuga himself. Spear and Strike observed this whole battle hidden away and left to report to Xaviax.

Len and Kase had just gotten up from the couches they were lying down on this whole time, their caretakers of Maya, Trent, Natsumi, Yuusuke, and Jii-san finally agreeing that they have rested enough to at least get on their feet. The two Ventaran Riders began doing some stretching exercises to try to prepare themselves for the next battle when it would happen while Jii-san left the room to get some more to drink. Occasionally one of the two of them would look over towards the nearest window or mirror in the room to see if there's any sign of Tsukasa.

[I know you're worried about them,] Kase said to her boyfriend.

[I hope Tsukasa can bring Kit back to us...he's a good kid, really,] Len replied.

[Have faith in Tsukasa-kun,] Yuusuke smiled at them, joining in their exercises, [I know he'll get Kit-kun back.]

[Yuusuke's right,] Maya nodded, [We just all need to be patient.]

[You know, I feel somewhat responsible for what happened,] Len admitted, [I took it on myself to train Kit as a Rider and make sure he didn't go down a bad road but it still happened.]

[It wasn't Kit-kun's fault, I'm sure,] Natsumi interjected, [Narutaki...he has unusual abilities and has incredible powers of persuasion...it's his fault.]

[Still...] Len looked down.

[You know...right now you're reminding me of Nolan,] Kase said with a smile.

[Who's that?] Trent asked.

[The Rider who trained me,] Len replied, smiling at Kase, [being compared with him really is high praise. I hope that I can be as good as Nolan...someday.] Just then everyone heard the sound of motorcycles pulling up to the side of the building as Jii-san came back with coffee, [Looks like I made it just in time,] he said with a smile, setting down the platter on a central table, there was enough coffee for everyone to have some.

[Hello everyone, we're back,] Tsukasa announced as he entered his home. Instantly all eyes were on him.

[How'd it go?] Len asked, [Did you find Kit?]

[I'm a man of my word,] Tsukasa replied and gestured behind the door where Kit entered in slowly, [Here's our man as promised.]

[Hello everyone...whoa...this is weird,] Kit commented on the fact that when he entered, he was suddenly fluently speaking Japanese.

[It took some getting used to, but it's not a bad thing,] Maya replied walking up to her friend and taking him by the hand, smiling, leading him to the others, [Glad to see you're okay.]

[Yeah welcome back, you had us worried for a while man,] Trent added with a grin.

[Thanks...I'm sorry I worried you,] Kit replied looking down as he sat and took one of the cups of coffee along with the others.

[So, how are you feeling?] Len asked Kit. Kit looked up from his cup at both Len and Kase and saw the bandages that were still showing and immediately his eyes went wide.

[Horrible, that's what I'm feeling,] Kit said.

[What do you remember?] Kase asked.

[Everything...] Kit replied, clenching his free fist, [After what I did to you guys, I don't expect you to forgive me, but for what it's worth, I truly am sorry. All you wanted to do was help me and I turned on you...worse...I nearly Vented you. I was such a fool.]

[The important thing is you finally realized your foolishness and you overcame it,] Tsukasa said, [It took some doing I'll admit and fighting against Onyx was pretty difficult.]

[How'd you defeat him?] Kase asked.

[I didn't defeat him, Kit did,] Tsukasa said, [I just helped him realize that it was the power of darkness that was his true enemy, not us.]

[What really did it was reminding me why I became a Rider in the first place. To save my father. He wouldn't have approved of the way I was acting either,] Kit added. Then he looked to his injured friends, [So what happens now?]

[I'll admit it'll take a while for us to fully recover, but we're back on our feet now and ready to strike back at Xaviax and his forces. What I want to know is, will you still fight by our side?] Len asked.

[You still want me with you after what happened?] Kit asked surprised.

[Of course I do,] Len replied, [We all do, right everyone?]

[It will be great working together with you again,] Yuusuke said, offering his hand.

[It took a lot of effort to bring you back, I hoped you wouldn't waste your second chance,] Tsukasa added, [You're starting to realize what it means to be a Rider.]

Kase however put her cup down and stood up, [I'm sorry Kit, I still don't think I can trust you again quite yet,] she then got up from the table and walked away.

[Kase, wait up!] Len called after his lover and stood up to follow but turned to Kit, [She just needs some time, I'm sure she'll forgive you eventually.]

[We may not have the time to wait for that,] Tsukasa pointed out, [the battles against Xaviax have gotten more and more intense since we've come here and now that his forces have dwindled and Kit's back on our side, he may get desperate and more dangerous than ever.]


Meanwhile, back at Xaviax's fortress, James and Albert just arrived through the portal to report to their master who was standing by Narutaki as well.

"Ah welcome back boys," Xaviax greeted with his usual somewhat friendly-seeming tone, "Albert did you ever find that backstabbing DiEnd?"

"No sir," Albert replied nervously, "There hasn't been a sign of him at all. He may really have gone for good..."

"For his sake and yours he better," Xaviax replied, "However, I am more concerned about what just happened with Onyx...James...didn't I send you to recruit him?"

"Well general..." James began to sweat nervously.

"James, James, James," Xaviax walked over to his right hand man and put a hand on his shoulder, "I thought I told you to go recruit him for us, he was going to be a big help for all of us, remember? But do you know what I just saw?"

"Onyx and Decade battling," James replied.

"Yes but..." Xaviax gave both James and Albert a very dangerous glare, "I witnessed the whole battle and Decade managed to get Onyx to go back to being Dragon Knight, being our enemy!" Suddenly both evil Riders were being suspended by their master's telekinesis their hands instinctively going towards their throats as they struggled to breathe, "And all you two did was stand there and watch when you should've helped end the battle quickly before Kit had another change of heart. Albert I can probably expect that from, but James, you've never been this incompetent!" Xaviax roared as his true form showed itself.

"Please...general..." James begged.

"Let me...take out...the dragon..." Albert said.

"I'll give the two of you one last chance," Xaviax said releasing them and they dropped like bricks on the ground, coughing and struggling to get up, "With Dragon Knight against us again, and Decade and his friend still alive, we still have a fight on our hands...also I'm not 100% convinced that Wing Knight and Siren are out of the picture after all so to make sure no mistakes will happen, I'll go myself."

"It looks like it may be time for my backup plan as well," Narutaki added, the clacking creature in the shadows becoming more and more energetic.

"Your plan to turn Kit Taylor to our side failed Narutaki, but this secondary plan still has merit...however I'm modifying it too," Xaviax replied gesturing to the still form of another Rider in a state of suspended animation, "Time to reveal my last Rider and with his help, I know we'll succeed. One more thing...James!"

"Yes general," James replied, sweating a little but otherwise looking composed.

"I'm willing to forgive your recent blunder as you've done so well for me before...I have a gift I've been planning to give to you as a reward for your loyalty, see to it that you use it to bring us victory," Xaviax replied handing an small bundle to his Rider, "I think you'll love the effect."

"Thank you sir. I promise, I won't let you down this time," James said with a breath of relief.

"Now that all the pieces are gathered, it's time to set the board up," Xaviax grinned to himself.


Kase looked over the city scape in silence from the roof of a tall building, the wind from the high altitude blowing through her hair. Len smiled to himself as he approached his girlfriend, she always looked lovely to him, but especially with the wind enhancing the beauty of her hair. "I thought I'd find you here," he said, "you always like high places like this."

"Took you a while to catch up though," Kase replied looking back towards him as he approached.

"So I took a moment to talk to Kit before I left, I know you're still mad at him, he hurt us, I get that..."

"Do you?" Kase interrupted sharply.

"Look, I was injured more but I can forgive him, why can't you?"

"It's because he hurt you more, don't you get it?" Kase replied, "Not only physically but emotionally. You trusted him, trained him, befriended him, and he turned on you. It's just like what happened with Adam all over again!" Len got closer to Kase and simply wrapped his arms around her.

"It's Adam you really can't forgive isn't it?" Len said, more of a statement than a question, holding Kase close, "They may look identical but they are as different from each other as any of our other old friends are from their counterparts here. Don't take your anger against Adam out on Kit. Kit saw his mistake and is willing to make up for it, Adam didn't. Besides Adam isn't even an issue anymore, we haven't seen him in forever. Tsukasa is right about Kit, he's learning what it means to be a Rider but he's not quite there yet, he needs our help and we also need his help to fight Xaviax. It's the fate of both our worlds now that's in the balance and the only way we'll win is together."

"You really are a good friend to him you know that?" Kase replied, "I just hope he does. Okay I'll give him a chance...because it's you that's asking," she blushed.

"That's all I ask," Len replied giving her a soft kiss before releasing her, resting his forehead against hers. The tender moment was interrupted by a loud ringing in both their minds.

"Oh no...Something's happening in Ventara," Kase said, "And it feels big. Let's go back to the others."

"No time," Len replied, "Kit's still with them, he'll sense it and tell them for us. We need to get to Ventara now to make sure whatever's there doesn't make it here." They then rushed down the flight of stairs leading them back down to the main floor of the building they were in and mounted their motorcycles racing towards the glass doors of a nearby building and shimmered their way into Ventara. As soon as they emerged, their senses directed them towards the trouble...an army of Xaviax's minions all ready to rush towards various exits to Earth.

"This is bad, we need to stop them," Kase said.

"There's too many," Len replied, "We'll just have to hold out until Kit comes and brings the others."

"Sounds like a plan. Let's go!" the two Riders drew their Advent Decks and thrust them in front of themselves.

"Kamen Rider!" they both called out. White and dark blue energy rings circled the two heroes forming their armor and Kamen Riders Siren and Wing Knight were ready for action. They each revved up their bikes and rushed their way to get around the horde of enemies heading towards the nearest reflective surfaces. As they rode by they each drew their swords and rushed a column of minions slashing at them as they passed before stopping in front of their enemies' goal, dismounting from their bikes.

"Xaviax wants to go to Earth, he'll have to get past us," Siren announced as she drew an advent card.

"Guard Vent!"

Siren's shield appeared and she took it in her right hand as a large pair of large shuriken came at her from the minions. She managed to block one with her shield and gracefully dodge the other before charging herself into a group of enemies.

"Sword Vent!" Wing Knight's sword was replaced by the lance he favored in tougher battles and pierced his way through several enemies of his own, as well as knocking an enemy shuriken into the body of another. He cut his way through three more enemies, but for every one he took down more were ready to replace them. Siren was having similar troubles as she slashed her way through the large group of minions they threatened to overwhelm her with sheer numbers.

"We have to pull back, keep fighting defensively as long as possible," she said.

"Right. I have another idea, let's stop them from reaching these mirrors," Wing Knight replied drawing another card.

"Nasty Vent!" Suddenly Darkwing flew in and released a powerful sonic scream at the enemies disorienting them but the main target was the mirrors behind them, shattering them, making sure the way to Earth was blocked.

"Now while they're still recovering!" Wing Knight shouted.

"Attack Vent!"

"Attack Vent!"

Suddenly both Blancwing and Darkwing rushed towards the groups of enemies knocking down and destroying several while their contracted Riders continued to slash their way through more attempting to bring their numbers down more.

"Did that help any?" Len looked around, as more enemies came in to fill the gaps where their comrades fell, "Damn...will there be an end to this?"

"We still have a few more tricks up our sleeve," Siren replied, "I've been meaning to get something for you," she said and was about to draw a card when the sound of another Advent Deck being activated went off.

"Attack Vent!" Siren was separated from Wing Knight as Venosnaker rushed between them and the Advent Beast sprayed a cone of acidic venom towards the female Rider as it whipped its tail at her lover.

"What the hell?" Wing Knight looked to see Strike with his staff pointed at them.

"Looks like the rumors of your demise were greatly exaggerated," the evil Rider commented as the minions made room for him to move towards the heroic Riders "Let's remedy that!" he activated another card as he rushed towards Siren.

"Sword Vent!" the weapon modeled after Venosnaker's tail appeared in Strike's hand as he slashed at her, the heroic Rider brought up her shield to block it as Wing Knight recovered from his surprise and prepared to come to his lover's aid, but several minions rushed in as well preventing Wing Knight from reaching her.

"Oh no Wing Knight," Strike mocked as he dodged a counter attack by Siren, "Xaviax has a special surprise just for you, you'll get your turn."

"Don't worry Len I can take him!" Siren added as she blocked one of Strike's thrusts and countered with one of her own. But a group of four large shurikens from the minions were heading towards her as well, knocking her back and Strike was able to follow through with a powerful thrust of his own.

"So where's this surprise?" Wing Knight demanded as he blocked and counter attacked several minions.

"I'll leave that up to my general to reveal, in the meantime..." Strike gestured to a group of Zelles that together held a large object covered in cloth, they uncovered it to reveal a gigantic mirror made from several interlocking ones. Several minions rushed towards the large mirror to enter Earth.

"No we're too late!" Len shouted in frustration...however to everyone's surprise the small group of enemies were forced back into Ventara and a trio of motorcycles emerged.

"Sorry we're late, we tried to get to you earlier but apparently the way to Ventara we first found was sealed off, we had to wait to find another," Tsukasa said dismounting from the Machine Decader and punching out a minion before drawing his DecaDriver then dodged his way around several attacks.

"It's definitely as bad as I felt," Kit said as he dismounted his own bike and joined the melee.

"We can still win though, I'm confident of that," Yuususke grinned as he too joined in the fight. Yuusuke delivered a powerful kick to an enemy to protect Kit as he drew his Advent Deck and inserted it into his belt.

"Kamen Rider!" a pair of red energy rings appeared and shielded Kit from further attack as he transformed into Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. At the same time Tsukasa inserted his henshin card into the DecaDriver and Yuusuke's own belt appeared around his waist.

"Henshin!" both Riders called out.

"KAMEN RIDE: DECADE!" Tsukasa was surrounded by barely-visible images of his Rider form as well as the symbols representing ten different Riders which all quickly converged on him, forming his armor which was black and white for a moment, but as the details of his helmet formed, color came to his armor as well, specifically a glowing dark pink on the upper arms, shoulders, the middle of his helmet, and the sides of his legs and chest. The eyes glowed a bright green, completing the transformation and the glow was gone.

Yuusuke pressed the top of his belt buckle with his left hand and the central gem glowed and a strange pulsing sound came from it. Yuusuke put his arms down and a little away from his body and the pulsing sound increased in tempo as his Rider suit materialized in a bright flash. The three newcomers to the battle fought their way through several minions, taking many down to reach their allies. Strike, being surprised at their arrival didn't see a strong attack from Siren coming at him and was knocked to the ground as she retreated part way to meet up with the others. The five Riders continued to battle their way through the minions until they gathered together and all looked towards Strike.

"You don't stand a chance anymore. Ready to surrender yet, James?" Dragon Knight asked, but the evil Rider just laughed.

"You have no idea what you're really up against this time," he grinned under his helmet and put down the bundle Xaviax gave him earlier, revealing two other Advent Decks and drew a card from each of them.

"What the?" Kuuga looked down in confusion.

"Those belonged to Thrust and Sting!" Wing Knight exclaimed.

"Now they belong to me," Strike replied, activating one card after another as the heroic Riders attempted to rush towards him.

"Attack Vent!"

"Attack Vent!"

"Attack Vent!" As each card activated, Venosnaker, Evildiver, and Metalgelas emerged and attacked Siren, Dragon Knight, and Wing Knight, separating them from Decade and Kuuga as the Zelles separated their large mirror into three smaller ones, each of the heroic Riders that were attacked by an Advent Beast was forced into a different one. Strike had ridden on the back of Venosnaker, following his Advent Beast to wherever Siren was forced to. In addition several of the minions had broken off from the main group and followed through as well. Decade and Kuuga were left alone facing the Zelles and remaining minions.

"We'll take care of the rest of the small fry then go help the others. We can't let them reach Earth," Decade planned as he and Kuuga got back into fighting poses ready to enter the fray again. The minions all stood to opposite sides however as an maniacal laughter filled the air.

"Now what?" Kuuga muttered.

"Now comes my turn. You two don't belong in this world and have caused me a lot of trouble, so I'm personally seeing to it that the situation is rectified," Xaviax, in his human form walked calmly towards the heroic Riders.

"So, you must be Xaviax," Decade replied, "I have to say...I'm not impressed."

"You haven't impressed me much either to be honest. You could've made great additions to my forces, we could rule all worlds together, but I know that you wouldn't be smart enough to take me up on that offer...so...time to say goodbye Riders from another world!" Xaviax snapped his fingers and the remaining minions and Zelles all rushed towards Decade and Kuuga.

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