"Wait, you want us to come at you with the intent to kill?"

'Well, that idea goes out the window.' Kakashi thought to himself. He had expected Sakura to say that, not Naruto.


"Then I want that in writing, one copy for each us, and another copy for yourself before we continue." Naruto stated beligerantly.

Kakashi's lone eye blinked. This was not going how he expected at all. "Well…"

"Actually, make that five copies. I want one delivered and approved by the Old Man before we begin." Naruto nodded, mostly to himself.

"Naruto, I don't think you need this…" Kakashi started to say.

Naruto stared at him, remembering things from years ago. "Yes I do 'Dog Face'. I ain't getting killed by others if something goes wrong and you can't stop a killing blow."

Ah. Now Kakashi knew what was bothering Naruto. "Fine. I will draw it up."

Naruto grinned, "I'll also deliver it. No way I'm going to let something interfere if you mess up."

Sasuke was getting annoyed at the blond, as was Sakura, but he did have a point. If this teacher was not good enough, and they injured, or killed him, then they would be in trouble. "Just get this over with, Dobe."

"Ok. Ok. Geeez Teme, you're anxious for blood." Naruto replied.

It was afternoon by the time Naruto arrived back with the approval from the Hokage. Unfortunately for Kakashi's plans, he'd had to feed the two the bento's he was keeping back. His carefully planned day was already down the toilet, and he was trying to think up of a plan to replace the 'lunch option' of the test.

Finally ready, Kakashi said, "Begin!"

As Sasuke and Sakura jumped away, Naruto shot his hands forward towards Kakashi and a loud bang was heard. The two other Genin turned back, just in time to see Kakashi crumble to the ground. Naruto grabbed both bells and said, "It's amazing what you can do with a pipe, an explosive tag, and some stones, isn't it?"