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The Way I Loved You

You're gone. You've left me sobbing and forever broken. You told me you didn't think you'd come back. And you didn't! Why do you have to be right? I miss you with all my heart. I don't want to get on without you! I never thought you'd leave me like this. But now you're gone. When you left me I couldn't feel. I stayed in bed all day sobbing and thinking. I thought "Why? Why did you have to leave me". I wanted you back! No, I needed you back. But now I can live on my own. I just don't want to! I wish you hadn't left me! If you hadn't we would have gotten married and had kids, I would have gone to collage. But I can't live with this anymore. If you hadn't left I would live longer, but now you're gone and I must say goodbye to the world. Losing you was the worst thing that could happen to me. And even if it was the worst thing, I'm not going to take any chances. Today is my last day in this world. Hopefully I'll end up where you are. And if not I'll find away. Like in the song love will find away? I love you Luke, and nothing can change that! Now that you're gone my world has been falling apart, and I just can't take that. You've left me all alone. You may say I'm at home right now, but I'm not. If I don't do this then I won't be home for a long time. I say this because, Luke, you are my home! Where ever you are is home! And even though I've never married, I can be happy with you! Now as I finish this letter I say for one final time as a human, Luke, I love you! I am leaving now, but first. Mother I love you, no matter how hard you have been on me. Daddy, I'll always be your little girl, I love you Daddy! And too the rest of my friends and family: I love you all too! You've helped me through everything! Thanks for always being there for me. Now I must say, Goodbye world, I'll miss you so! Tonight's the night I depart. It's been real fun! Goodbye my life, my friends, my family, my parents. I'm going home. My real home.



"I'm going home. To Luke" I thought to myself before I swallowed the pills. As I took my final breath I saw Luke and told him That I loved him in a way I could never explain, at least not now.

The End