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Harry Potter.

The most famous wizard in the magical world.

To muggles he is a regular boy,

To wizards he is the boy that lived.

The boy who survived the wrath of Lord Voldemort.

One so evil none dare to even speak his name.

But who is the boy that is Harry Potter?

Is he a daring hero ready to face his enemies with an iron fist?

Or is he the shy type, with a caring heart and a sympathetic character?

He walked through the halls of the great Hogwarts,

As the other students watched with a star-struck gleam in their eyes.

Of all the admiration given to him by others,

He still remained humble.

Trying to live as a normal boy would in the wonderful wizarding world.

Oh, to live in that magical world,

With spells and wands,

Flying brooms and pet owls.

One could only dream of such things.

And to meet the famous Harry Potter.

To look into the emerald green eyes,

And try not to stare at the lighting-shaped scar.

Oh, what a amazing thing that would be.

To play Quidditch,

And to walk through Diagon Alley.

And even maybe stop at Gringotts.

One could wonder if such a magnificent place exists.

What an adventure it would be,

Now it is only a dream.

But a dream shared and found in many hearts.

What a life to lead,

Having friends such as easy-going Ron, diligent Hermione, and of course,

The friendly Harry Potter.

To learn and live the magic,

That has captured us all.

Maybe it's more than a dream,

And if not maybe one day,

A dream come true.