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I got this idea from Untitled story.

Tenten, the tomboy, the archer, the blacksmith, the fighter, the perfect shot, the stubborn, or even the let's take a break now, yes, that's me, for how much longer I can't say. I'm going to be a maid at the Hyuuga compound, the Hyuuga are famous for being strict, cruel and very picky about everything. Right now, right before I leave, I remember my life. Oh gosh I'm starting to think like a drama queen.

First when I was 4 I found out I was abandoned at the Konoha orphanage when I was 1 without even a last name.

The Konoha orphanage was overall good. They treated everyone good; they made sure we were "happy". They taught us everything we needed to know about the normal world, the ninja world and even the rogue world, I think they do that so they don't feel guilty when they we turn 16 and get stuck in the Hyuuga maid world, if we don't get adopted.

Wow, never realized how simple my life appears or maybe plain is a better word, after all as far as looks go I have plain brown hair tied up in two plain buns with matching plain hazel eyes. The only unique thing about me is my aim that is perfect. Not that it will be useful when I'm a maid.

On the bright side the first week doesn't involve being a maid, just training to be one. I'm sure I'll survive long enough to escape it though, (yes, I do plan on beating the odds and escaping it) it shouldn't to impossible unless I become a personal maid. What are the chances of that! Even though I don't know what I'll do after I escapeā€¦

Besides I'll have help from my friends from here who went to become guards there last month, Naruto and Lee. I've missed them a lot since they are my only friends.

"Tenten, they don't like maids who are late before their training even starts!"

"Coming!" Off I go to the first day of hell.

When I got to the freakishly gigantic, ominous and kind of creepy compound the first thing thought in my mind, I am so going to lost like a zillion times! Wonder if they have maps and maybe a compa...

"Tenten! You are the youthful new maid! Wow, it's seems like I saw you just yesterday at the orphanage! I have been sent here to escort you to the maid wing."

Leave it to Lee to be happy here. Hey since when did he get that bowl haircut, say youthful and wear spandex, GREEN spandex? He'll probably tell me about it on the way to the maid wing since it looks like a long walk. (The place is HUGE remember)

On the way to my room Lee told me about his new role model Gai, (Ha I was right!) the head guard and how he was his personal apprentice. He also said that Lady Hinata had taken a shine to Naruto and made him her personal guard.

"Tenten this is where the maid wing starts, guards are not permitted past here. Maid 56 or Riku should meet you on the other side and she'll also be your teacher the first week. Bye." And with a sorry smile on his face he ran off.

So in to the maid compound I went....and almost feinted. This is saying a lot since I've never feinted before in my life.

They're all lifeless, with lots of bruises and cuts, wearing the traditional lolita maid outfit! AKA black mini dress with aprons that are frilly except with the Hyuuga maid symbol on them somewhere. (The same symbol that is on Neji's forehead in the manga) So much for surviving long enough to escape, if I have to wear that, I'll commit suicide! Well if Lee or Naruto doesn't stop me.

"Hello, you must be the new maid; I'm the Head Maid, Maid 1,"

I decide to take a good look at her so I can recognize her later, she's older than the other maids, short light brown hair, green eyes that unlike everyone else's that are lifeless, are motherly and warming, a little on the plump side and her dress reaches her knees. Lucky her.

"Due to unforeseen circumstances I'm sorry to tell you that you will only have three full days of training, the rest you will have to complete on your own time since you will be Sir Neji's new personal maid. That is why I am going to train you for the first 2 days. You are only called maid 94 from now on with the exception of me, a few guards and maids, and maybe a Hyuuga if he or she really, really likes you though that rarely happens. Now please follow me. It's ok if you call me by my name, Kimiko miss?"


"Tenten. Do you have a map or something of this place? My sense of direction is terrible in buildings." I said and gave her meek smile.

"There are a couple maps but I'm sure I can do something. Your room is right here. I'll be back in a couple minutes with the things you will need"

Crap! Wait did she just say maid 94, there's no way they could get that many maids from the orphanage if all the boys are guards, or even have a need for that many! The one thing I didn't want to become more than a Hyuuga maid was a personal maid! I am so screwed! Well at least Kimiko seems nice, but somehow I think she's one of the few nice people I'm going to meet here.

My room is plain, just a bed, closet, alarm clock, bared window, a small table with a pillow to sit on and a door leading to small bathroom.

"Tenten, here is your uniform, your spare uniform, and list of things you need to know for tomorrow and a map I found. If you leave your room, wear your uniform and do not leave the maid wing without permission, visiting with other maids is allowed. If you do not follow these terms and a Hyuuga sees you, will be punished by them, they rarely only give warnings, so please don't." She said obviously worried at the thought of Hyuuga punishment. Something we agree on.