A/N sorry it takes so long to update! Oh, and by it's not going to be guy save girl thing, I mean that Tenten going to kick a** and Neji is going to do basically nothing

Chapter 12

With Tenten (before Neji shows up)

"Yes! I'm free! And I probably shouldn't have shouted that." I ask glancing back at Yajuu shaking his head.

"No, that was really stupid." Says a female voice behind me.

"You know, you could have let me have at least one minute of freedom." I say while getting into battle position. Where are my sharp, pointy, shiny and most importantly deadly weapons when I need them? "You're Yajuus owner right?"

"Why would you want to know if that useless fur ball belongs to me?"

"Err, curiosity?"

"Curiosity killed the cat." Haruka replies with a smirk.

"And satisfaction brought it back." I respond holding back a grin.

"Yes, I'm its owner. See, this stone on this bracelet here proves it." She says holding up her arm.

"I'm afraid that I'm going to have to take that."

"Ha! Like you'd be able to!"

"Come and get me and we'll find out."

"Okay, but when you're tied up again don't be surprised of course you're probably used to that."

"What do you mean?"

"You're the prodigy's maid aren't you?"

"So what?"

"He's known for his cruelty to maids especially his personnel maids even the Hyuuga think so, but I guess he's been feeling nice lately since your bones aren't broken. Most of maids go crazy and try to run away. If they're lucky they end up going to the hospital in comas."


"How about we finish this oh so enjoyable conversation and start already."

"Fine! But first, Yajuu release!"

A cloud of smoke shrouds Yajuu only to quickly clear except for a haze emanating off of it, revealing a ferocious black beast about double the size of a tiger. Showing off its sharp canine-like teeth as it growls angrily at its current master. Its neon eyes now glowing as it turns its head toward Tenten.

So that's why she was so confident. I thought it was weird that a person who couldn't even tell that they had been under a genjutsu was so confident.

Tenten quickly grabs the only weapons around: two rocks, a stick and some rope before her opponent realizes that she's yelling about how Yajuu's going to beat Tenten to a pulp at a tree or more likely, Yajuu, who seems to be immune to genjutsu attacks her.

"Yajuu attack!"

The weapon mistress quickly dodges to the side, jumps in the air and throws one of her rocks, knocking the bracelet off the black haired woman and onto the ledge of the cliff.

Finally releasing herself of the genjutsu, Haruka leaps toward where the bracelet fell only to have another rock hit her hand just before she grabs it.

"Ow, damn it." Haruka growls while throwing two kunai clumsily at Tenten.

The bun-haired maid dodges quickly and hurls her branch, hitting Haruka shoving her off the edge of the cliff.

Crap, I can't her die. Stupid morals.

Tenten grabs the bracelet and throws the end of the rope towards Yajuu while ordering him to get ready to pull them up.

"Hold on."

"Give me back me back my bracelet!"

"Can this please wait until we're not dangling off a cliff?"

"Why you!"


Harukas punch knocks Tenten off the rope so that she hits the cliff-side and hits her head.

Luckily Tenten was able to land on a ledge and look up to see Haruka being harshly yanked back up before she climbed down the cliff to the bottom, sat down and .closed her eyes.



I must have hit her head harder than I thought, because Mr. Monotone sounds worried.

"Yes. Are you uninjured?"

"If by uninjured my head didn't hit the cliff then no-.

A pair of arms wrap around Tenten before she falls into unconsciousness.


"Have you woken up?" Asks a cool voice.

"No." I reply stubbornly, still not moving.

"Yes, you have."

"No, I haven't."

"Yes, you have."

"Lee, I'm asleep let me stay that way or do you want me to pin you to the wall again?"

"I'm not Lee, you've never pinned me the wall and you are awake."

Not Lee? Can't be Naruto I've pinned him to the wall at least a hundred times so that means….

"Neji!" I exclaimed sitting up. Of course I immediately regret it since my head starts throbbing.

"Close. Sir Neji."

"My head hurts. What happened?"

"You fainted when you reached the bottom of the cliff."

"What about Yajuu?"

"The big black beast?"


"It knocked out the rogue and wrote, in the dirt that it would bring her to the others then come and meet up with you."

"I see. I'll be awake in one hour."

"You're awake now and we must hurry since we will already be late returning to the compound."

"My head hurts and I'm tired. Can't we wait one hour? Please?"


"What are going to do if I do fall asleep then?"

Suddenly I remember what the rogue said earlier and flinch.

"Then I'll," I start but then I see her flinch like I've seen many other maids do. Is she starting to break? I can't let that happen. "I'll carry you."

"Fine then! Go ahead!"

"When I said go ahead I didn't think that you would actually carry me."

"But I said I would."

"I know I heard you. I guess I just didn't take you seriously."

"But I'm always serious."

"I figured that out a while ago?"

"Then why would you think that I wasn't serious? Logically, according to you I would be serious."

"Logic? What are you a Vulcan?"

"Yes Tenten, that's it exactly. I'm a Vulcan however the ears didn't look good on me so I decided to change them."

"Ha ha ha ha, Wow! The Sir Neji Hyuuga just made a joke and said my name. This should go down in history!"


"And it all goes down the drain with a single word."

This would be nice, if my heart wasn't pounding so much.

"Sir Neji, can we set up camp now?"


"Really? Finally?"




"But what?"

"Well, I was in hurry so I only brought one sleeping bag."


"Unfortunately, you're going to have to sleep without one."

"But I'll freeze and you're strong and young plus I'm wounded!"

"You're strong and young too. Besides you are the maid."

"Oh yeah, that's right." Tenten said absentmindedly.

"You forgot?"

"No, I just haven't thought about for a while Sir Neji."

"Help me set up."

In the tent just before they fall asleep

Neji lay all nice and warm in the sleeping bag while Tenten lay freezing right beside him.

"Today wasn't actually that bad. You're ok to with when I'm actually allowed to talk to you and you talk back. Good night Sir Neji." Damn it, even if Neji is gorgeous, I can't let myself fall for him.

Just before Tenten falls asleep she feels herself getting pulled under warm covers with her head against his chest.

Too late.


next morning

"Ugh" Tenten sighs while sitting up and stretching then get out of the sleeping bag.

Where is Neji?

Luckily her question is soon answered as she walks outside to him and a now small once again Yajuu staring or rather examining each other.

"Tenten, wasn't he larger before?"

"Yes, I'm not quite sure how the big small thing works."

"Are you going to be staying with Tenten?"

I no leave new master bun-hair guard her, serve her

"Looks like he's staying with you."

"What, is there no rule against maids having unknown animals?"

"There probably is somewhere but if I say it's ok it's ok."

"Cool. But why would you let him stay?"

"I'd prefer not to have to deal with him, especially if he becomes large again."


"Let's get moving."