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When He First Met Her

It was nearly a month since Luke had seen that woman, Lorelai, Miss Patty called her. He was starting to forget about the beautiful woman with the wise-child eyes, but something about her made it impossible to forget her. Maybe her eyes, or her hair, or her smile.

Now all Luke could think about was her and he was suppose to take everyone's orders. The diner was packed as it was rush hour. It did the diner good to have all the attention, but sometimes they didn't have enough people to do it all. It tired Luke and the staff out pretty quickly.

Luke faintly heard a bell ding, announcing the arrival of another customer, but he paid no mind to it, trying to fill the order of the person in front of him.

He felt a tapping on his shoulder and a voice quickly followed it.

"Coffee, please!" It was a woman's voice and not one he knew, so he cocked his head, his eyes never leaving the notepad, and told her to be seated and he would get to her soon enough.

He moved around the tables and chairs and people and was bothered to find out that she was right behind him. She rambled on and on about god knows what, but he caught onto a few words and phrases, like caffeine and her need for it, how she'd die without it and some guy named Rory.

And this woman frustrated him to no end. "You are so annoying!"

"When's your birthday?" she asked suddenly and was acutely aware of the entire diner watching them.

Luke spun around to look at the infuriating woman and his breath caught. It was Lorelai. The same woman from outside the diner. The same woman who was out with Mia and Sookie a few weeks ago. She was much prettier up close.

A little smile pulled at the corner of her lips, her eyes twinkled with mischief, though Luke didn't see that.

"What?" he asked, trying not to jumble his words.

"I said, when's your birthday?" She had her hands on her hips, left foot slightly sticking out, tapping impatiently. He rolled his eyes.

"I'm not tellin' you." He told her and walked away, but she followed him again, telling him how he shouldn't be embarrassed because he probably wasn't that much older than her.

And she kept going and going and going and going, that he turned so abruptly that she almost ran into him.

"November 14th." He grumbled. She grinned and turned, ripping the paper out of Taylor's hands. Ignoring his protests, she flipped through it, looking for something. Finally finding it, she took a pen that was lying on the table and wrote something on the newspaper. After she was finished, she pulled a rectangular section from the paper handed it to him.

"Read it." He looked at her unsure if he should or not.

"Go ahead." She insisted. He looked down at the paper.

It was part of the horoscopes.

His was scribbled out and under Scorpio, it read:

"You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she'll go away." He looked back up at her to see her holding out a mug with a smile on her face. With a sigh, he poured her a cup.

She took a sip and utter delight befell her features.

"This is great." She started for the door and before she walked out the door, she turned and said,

"Hey, you should put that in your wallet. Might bring you some good luck." And she was gone.

Luke looked down at the slip of paper and chuckled. Maybe he would.

The End

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