When I began this, it would have gone two ways. This is the idea that I had originally, but I might be typing up and posting the alternate direction that it could have gone in. This one was more angsty, my other version will be a bit more of a romance.

Inferior Existence

Sayu didn't have a brother complex, not really. They did say "keep your enemies closer" after all. And maybe, just maybe, they weren't so different after all.

When her parents had her diagnosed, they were told she had an unhealthy attachment to her brother, a brother complex. She didn't though, and she was the only one that knew it. "Keep your friend's close, and keep your enemies closer," after all.

The first time she came face-to-face with the mastermind behind her kidnapping it was directly after she was blinded by the light of a TV behind her, and her eyes couldn't make out anything. She only heard his voice, the rough voice of a male, and she knew she'd never forget that voice.

"Aww," he'd taunted, "poor little Sayu is crying?"

She was. Hot tears were rolling down her checks. She was afraid. "Who gave… you permission to call me… by my first name?" she chocked out.

"Alright," he said in the same sarcastic, mocking tone, "Yagami-san. You know, if I call you that, I'm more likely to kill you." He stressed the word 'kill', and Sayu felt a shiver of terror race through her. "Your brother is Kira. Just the name Yagami makes me fume."

He eyes widened in shock, and the tears just couldn't stop. Sure, her brother would fit the criteria to be Kira, and she knew that something in his eyes had changed after the first couple of Kira killings; a childlike innocence was no longer there.

By the time she could see again, her captor was gone. She was alone, hungry and dirty in a dark, cold room. She began to tremble.

The next time she'd met him she learned his name. "Mello," he'd said plainly. "It's only fair you know my name when I know yours."

His attitude was no longer mocking, and she couldn't hear his sneer in his tone. She'd nodded, and looked up to him, Mello, from her spot on the dirty floor. He was in the shadows and she couldn't see his face. In his hands though, she noticed he was holding a bar of chocolate. Before she could inquire though, he took a bite and chewed it. Then she had thought that he was her polar opposite. Different in every way there was. She was kind and caring. He was cold and spiteful.

"This isn't personal, Sayu." She didn't correct his usage of her name this time. "Heck, it's not even your precious brother's fault. Blame Near." He shut his mouth quickly, obviously having said too much.


"Never you mind!" he shook it off, and crouched down to her level. "Look, Sayu, I'm going to apologize for all this, okay."

He hurried out as fast as he could.

She didn't feel any less broken.

He just left her with more to think about, and she sat there, motionless in the dark. She'd already cried herself out.

The last time she saw him was before she was sent off to my father. "I just have to beat him," Mello had explained in so little words, yet they said everything.

It was the tone she'd used when speaking about Light so many times before. Hatred and spite, hidden behind awe and wonder.

Mello just wanted to beat him, that Near person, I mean. He just wanted to come out on top for once, to be able to shine and say, "Hey, I won."

And as he blindfolded her for transport she realized that maybe they weren't so different after all.