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When He First Met Her Daughter

Lorelai come into the diner ever other day, sometimes making small talk with him and other's around her, and other times she rushed in to grab a coffee and than ran back out. Luke still didn't know that much about her, only that she loves coffee, she moved here eight years ago and that she works at the Inn.

He thanked God that barely anyone was in here today, with the exception of Kirk. Luke was tired, more than he usually was. He kept having dreams. Dreams of her. Lorelai and Rachel, Lorelai and that guy Rory, Lorelai and her coffee. No matter what he was dreaming about, she would always be in the dream.

The diner door jingled and Luke looked up.

Speak of the devil and she shall appear Luke thought to him-self.

"Hey Luke." Lorelai greeted. Luke noticed that this time around, she had a young child with her, holding her hand, who looking to be around the age of ten.

Lorelai and the little girl sat at a table and waited for Luke to make his way over to them. Walking over he made mental notes of the similarities the two shared. Same ice blue eyes, same brown hair, though the girl's was lighter, same facial structure. Maybe they were sisters? Luke thought.

"What can I get you today?" He asked when he got to the table, talking in the same monotone he took with everyone else.

"Two coffees and two burgers, no lettuces, tomatoes, pickles, or onions. That's it. Oh! And fries too!" She grinned.

"'Two coffees'?" Luke asked.

"Well, yeah, one for me and one for-" She pointed to the kid next to her.

"One for me." The little girl finished. She also held the same wisdom in her eyes that her sister did, but he shook his head.

"Look kid, I get that your sister is a java junkie, being addicted to caffeine and all, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let you just drink something that isn't good for you with out a parent's consent." Lorelai and the girl looked at each other with the same bored eyes, like they've gone through this before. They nodded at each other before looking back at look, who crossed his arms over his chest.

"Luke, her mom is here."

"Your mother is here?" He asked Lorelai. She sighed and shook her head.

"No, her mother is here. If mine was here, I'd be horrified." Luke looked so confused that the girl giggled.

"Than where is she? I see no one, but you, me, her and Kirk." Lorelai raised her hand.

"Why are you doing that?"

"Luke, this is Rory." Lorelai told him, putting her hand down after getting his attention. Luke was mentally surprised, he assumed that it was a guy that Lorelai was dating.

"Rory is my daughter, Luke." She said slowly. Both she and Rory were watching him, testing, gauging his reaction to the news. He let out a laugh.

"Very funny. You can't have a daughter, you're too young and she's too old. Her name probably isn't even Rory. That's a guy's name." Lorelai crossed her eyes and Rory rubbed her mother's arm in comfort, she than looked up at Luke.

"I am her daughter. I'm nine and she had me when she was sixteen, not that young compared to people now a days. Rory is a nickname; my real name is Lorelai Leigh Gilmore. Mom got a little vain in the delivery room, huh, Mom?" Lorelai smiled and nodded.

"Do you want to see ID's Luke? I'm serious, really. Rory is my daughter. I am her mother." Luke eyed them one more time to see if they were telling him the truth and he sighed.

"Fine, whatever." Luke poured two coffees against his beliefs.

This was one weird woman he thought.

The End

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