( it's about 7 in the morning Kate walks into Mikes Apartment and walks over to where Mike is sleeping at his desk)

"Mike wake up" she says leaning down to his head level

He doesn't respond she leans in closer "Mike"

He rolls over groggy and opens his eyes "Huh"

"Hey sleep head" laying her head down on the table next to his

Mike leans up into his chair and runs his fingers through his hair "hey how was your trip" he gets up and walks over towards his bed motioning Kate to join him she comes over and sits down "it was ok I guess I missed you though" Mike leans in "well I missed you to" they lean in to kiss when Ben and Luke run in Ben screams out "hey Kate" her and Mike pull away from each other "Hey Ben" Luke walks over "Did you get our test graded" Mike stands up "Uh yea there right there on the desk" Ben walks over and picks up his test "I passed" Mike looks at him "Ben you made a C" Ben looks at him and smiles "But I made a C+" Him and Luke start to walk out they hear luck talking from down stairs "Hey who spilt water on mine" Mike starts to get up and run out the door after him "Uh Luke that's not wat… oh he'll live" walks back over to the bed and leans in agine to kiss Kate when Chrissie comes in with a piece of paper "Mike" Mike and Kate pull away from each other agine "Yes Chrissie" Christy walks over and sits down in the middle of them "Can you check and see if I spelled couch right" Mike takes the paper from her "You spell couch c-o-u-c-h Christy not c-o-a-c-h" Christy grabs her paper back "Thanks mike…by the way your breath stinks" Mike breathes in his hand and holds it up to his nose "oh my breath dose stink" Kate gives him a look "Mike maybe I should come back later you look tired" Mike starts to lay back on his bed "yea I was up pretty late grading papers" Kate smiles at him "being a teacher is hard isn't it" Mike starts to close his eyes "Yea" Kate bends over and kisses him on the cheek "How about you and me have dinner tonight say around 8" Mike gives her a smile "sounds great"