KP: Harem Sitch

By LJ58

The young prince all but burst into his father's opulent throne room where he was visiting with several powerful sheikhs to rush to his side. His features were harried, battered, and looked very close to panic.

"Hammed," the older, bearded man smiled. "Back so soon? I thought you would be busy with your new pet I acquired for you."

"About her, father. I was thinking…. Hoping, actually, that you might take her back."

The old monarch of the desert kingdom he ruled with an iron fist frowned as he noted only then that his son looked very badly bruised, and more than a little battered. "What happened to you? Did someone….?"

Hammed put a hand to his swollen jaw, feeling every bruise, and knowing one eye was going to be black a very long time. Those were the least of his injuries he felt just then. "It was her, father. You did not give me a woman. You gave me a demon! I beg you, take her back!" Some of the other men chortled at the young prince.

"Are you saying a woman did this to you," the burly king demanded.

"Father, I'm telling you…..!"

"Forgive the intrusion, great lord," two turbaned guards in traditional garb entered just then. "We just learned that one of the women has escaped from the prince's harem. The young one you just acquired."

"Then bring her back," the older man snapped impatiently, his irritation rising even as Hammed wailed, "No! Let her go!"

"My lord," one of the guards grimaced. "She….escaped in your new stealth jet-copter. We cannot bring her back. We don't even know where she is any longer."

The king's jaw literally dropped as Hammed rasped, "Thank God!"

"What manner of creature is this woman," one of the sheiks asked curiously.

"I do not know," Hammed exclaimed in heartfelt relief that the demoness was gone. "But I never want to see a redhead again!"

"I've just the thing to cheer you up, my prince," another of the men smiled, looking to ingratiate himself. "I found the most exotic creature two days ago when we investigated a crashed aircraft of some strange, Western design. The pilot, if you can believe it, was a woman."

"Western women are willful," someone commented.

"True, but she has recovered admirably, and is in fine condition."

"She is not a redhead," Hammed asked with a shudder.

"No, no, my prince," the man assured him. "She's a brunette. But she does have the most curiously green skin."

"Well," Hammed sighed. "That doesn't sound too bad."