"Eh, esse, so you here to get a new ride, right?" Oscar asked as I walked into 6-1-9 Customs. "Yeah, whatcha got?" "We got it all. For now, being a beginner, you get limited access and only Class D cars. Such as the Neon or the Monte Carlo, all of these cars like that." Oscar answered. "What can I get for 30 grand?" I asked. "An import tuner or muscle, maybe a luxury sedan if you can convince me." Oscar said. "I'll take the Mitsubishi Eclipse then." I handed Oscar $20,000. That left me with $10,000 to tune it up. I bought some performance parts, and an aero kit. I exited the garage and looked for a fool to race.

A green Monte Carlo zoomed by me, I flashed my lights. "So dude, you wanna take me on?" The driver asked. "Yeah." I responded. The other driver revved his engine; I revved mine. We blasted off. The Monte Carlo driver crashed into a taxi. "I'm alright!" He said. I heard Oscar over the phone. "You are racing that idiot Carlos? He got no skill or nothin' esse." I realized that when he wrecked. I crossed the finish line in first, ahead of Carlos. "Heh, sweet." I said driving over the line. "Ok, take the car." Carlos said. Wait, did I just win a pink slip race? Oh well, an extra car will do well I guess. I wonder if I can take more cars that easily.

A pink Eclipse flashed headlights at me, looks like I've been challenged to a race. I lead her to the starting line. We revved engines. I blasted off in a burnout. She just drove off. "Hey kid, don't race in my turf." She told me. Whatever. I hit the Nitro through another checkpoint. I was in a good lead. I then heard sirens… crap! "Split, we'll finish this race later!" I yelled. "No way. We're finishing this now. Not sure where you come from, but here, we race until the finish." She said. Oscar called again. "If you're up against Vanessa, she hates men, especially in her turf, keep an eye out." I crossed the finish. Whew, that's enough for now… I'm heading back to Oscar's.

"Heard what you've done, esse." Oscar said. "You've got the attention of the Unbeatable Street Racers, and American Royalty Car Club. Keep racing and other clubs will want you in." These clubs sounded cool. "So Oscar, how do I join these clubs?" I asked. "Well, esse, just show up to their events in the type of car they like. The unbeatable Street Racers only drive tuners, while the American Royalty sport muscles." Yeah, I'm defiantly trying these club races later. For now, I'll tune up my cars…