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Mega Man Star Force:

The Dark Order

Chapter 8: The Real Scourge of Life

Everyone was in silence. No one could hear any sound, except from the wind flowing around them. Solo, who was Rogue in that moment, couldn't believe that his brother, Sorian, was really there. The nightmare had just begun, and the worst didn't started...

"..." Rogue couldn't talk.

"What happened, brother? Why are you scared? It's because you remember that event, right?"

"Murian Worst Catastrophies. Chapter 3: The First Tribe War of Mu. How couldn't I forget it? IF YOU WAS THE ONE WHO STARTED IT!"



"What do you mean by that, Solo?" Mega Man asked.

"Sorian and I were created as Mu Protectors. The Burai Tribe was the kingdom of all Mu. The other tribes Zerker, Saurian and Ninja tried constantly to destroy us, but Sorian and I stopped them, with the help of the Burai Army, of course. Since the 3 Tribes created the OOPArts, the destruction of towns in Mu was common. The Burai King tried to form a peace era with them, and it worked. But Sorian was not happy with that. He was convinced that Burai needed to be the supreme kingdom, so he, with some of his loyal soldiers, attacked the 4 tribes, focusing in Burai more. He killed the King, and was my duty to stop him. I almost died, but I won the battle. Sorian was exiled by the Judges of Mu. I was put in cryogenic state, because I almost died, and the Murian Medicines couldn't cure me. The last thing I remembered was that Mu was in reconstruction process. Many years passed until the cryogenic machine desactivated. When I saw Mu, it was destroyed. Completely destroyed. I decided to create, with all my power, a spacial rift to go to another land, because Mu was destroyed. I arrived here, to this dimension, and I met Dr. Vega. You know the rest of the story..."

"Stop of talking. Let's take this fight serious!" Scourge said as he vanished.

"What? Where did he go?" Acid Ace asked.

"I know where he is, but he is no fool. He disappeared because he knows that I want something…" Rogue said, only to continue his sentence. "...don't interfere in this. I will take care of him."

"Solo! What are you saying! We're a team!" Mega Man said.

"Yeah, dude. We are here to defeat them together!" Taurus Fire said.

"Even if we are a team, this fight is only mine. I'm the only one who can stop Sorian's wrath. You will die if you fight with him. I know his fighting skills, and that's the only advantage I have. So please, stay out of this one" Rogue said.

"But Solo... if you say that he is so powerful, you could get hurt fighting him!" Queen Ophiuca said.

"Are you worried about me, Luna?" Rogue asked.

"...NO! It's just that..." Queen Ophiuca replied blushing.

"Thanks for that, I suppose..." Rogue said. "Ok. To leave it clear, just don't interfere in my battle with Sorian..."

"Okay...I understand. But even if you try to stop me, I will help you if you are in danger..." Mega Man said.

"...I don't think I would need help...but if you insist..." Rogue said, drawing his Laplace Blade.

"You're ready brother?" Scourge reappeared, drawing his broadsword.

"I'm ready. LET'S FINISH THIS!" Rogue yelled as he vanished.

"Hpmh..." Scourge smiled as he vanished too.

"What? Where are they?" Taurus Fire asked.

"Maybe they want to fight alone. Since Sorian left, we have to take care of Shade and Rose" Acid Ace said.

"I don't think so, Satella-guy! Go, my precious viruses!" Shade released a great amount of viruses, which went directly to the WAZA warriors.

"EM Wave Change! Shade Stelar! On Air!"

"EM Wave Change...Rose Strumm...On Air..."

After that, they both transformed into the evil Dark Mega Man and Heartless Note!

"This is the plan. Ken and I will take care of Shade. Sonia and Mina take care of Rose, and the others take care of the viruses. Let's go!" Mega Man said as everyone separated in his orders.

"Time to finish this, BROTHER!" Dark Mega Man yelled as he drew his Dark Sword.

"This time you are right, SHADE!" Mega Man yelled as he charged his Mega Buster.

"DON'T FORGET ME, SHADE!" Kaiser Synchrolance yelled as he drew his Kaiser Sword.

"It's time to rock, ROSE!" Harp Note yelled.

"It's time to you to PERISH!" Heartless Note yelled.

"Hawk Raider is ready for ACTION!" Hawk Raider yelled.

Then everyone got separated. As Geo planned, he and Ken had to fight Shade. Sonia and Mina against Rose and the others were going to delete the viruses. As this fight was about to start, the battle of Solo and Sorian continued in another place...


"Rocket Knuckle!" Rogue shouted, as he unleashed his powerful rain of fist.

"You silly. Murian Barrier!" Scourge said, as a giant barrier appeared in front of him, making Rogue's knuckles disappear.

"Damn it..." Rogue said, as he took a deep breath to calm down.

"I don't want to hurt you, brother. Just surrender and maybe Dr. Jak will be gentle with you...maybe you can unite to us and create the Dark Empire!" Scourge said.

"Never!" Rogue yelled.

"That's disappointing. I thought you would see the reality of prosperity, but I was wrong. That thinking makes you a parasite in my new empire. Parasites must be erased from existence" Scourge said as he charged a powerful attack at his hand.

"What is that?" Rogue asked.

"A TRUE ATTACK!" Scourge yelled, as his punch charged at the fullest. "HADES' PUNISHMENT!"

"Oh no! ROGUE BREAK!" Rogue replied the attack, only to create a massive explosion.

After the smoke disappeared, Rogue was with some injuries, especially in his arm. Meanwhile, Scourge had some injuries in his chest, but they weren't as painful as Rogue's ones...

"Ahhh..." Rogue said, trying to not fell to the floor.

"I have to admit that your attack was powerful, but I can see that my attack was even more. Your injuries are the evidence..." Scourge said.

"...Shut up... I'm just starting!" Rogue yelled. "ROGUE BREAK!"

He used his attack again, destroying things which were at the range of the attack. Scourge tried to evade it, but it was too late...

"HAHA! Take that, fool!" Rogue yelled.

"Ughhh...very well. Since you want to play that way..." Scourge said, giving Rogue an evil smile.

"...The real fight is just starting..." Rogue thought.


"DARK SLASH!" Dark Mega Man yelled, using his Dark Sword to slash Mega Man.

"Battle Card! Wide Sword!" Mega Man yelled, clashing his Wide Sword with his brother's sword.

"Hehehe! Not bad at all!" Dark Mega Man said with an evil smile.

"Don't think you won the battle already!" Kaiser Synchrolance yelled, drawing his Kaiser Sword. "KAISER SLASH!"

"ARGHHHH!" Dark Mega Man yelled, hitting the floor. "Good. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL MY POWER! AHHHHHH!"

Dark Mega Man yelled to the sky, as a dark aura surrounded him, making him stronger and increasing his EM Waves at high levels...

"Geo, this doesn't look good!" Omega-Xis said.

"You're right! Shade's power is increasing, and that is bad for us!" Mega Man said.

"Geo! Use Kaiser's power! Maybe you can handle him that way!" Kaiser Synchrolance yelled.

"Right!" Mega Man yelled as he drew a special Battle Card.


After the Hunter VG program said that, Mega Man started to be covered by a green aura, only showing his silhouette through the aura. After a minute, the aura disappeared, unleashing the power that Mega Man used in his fight with Kaiser Synchrolance. Now he was Kaiser Mega Man!

(HollowKU: If you don't remember, Geo used accidentally Kaiser's power to fight Kaiser Synchrolance in Chapter 4 of this fic.)

"Let's get serious!" Kaiser MM yelled.

"I'll be always serious while I FIGHT YOU!" Dark Mega Man yelled.

"Okay, KAISER CLAW!" Kaiser MM drew some claws in his hands, and charged against his brother.

"DARK SLASH!" Dark Mega Man yelled, and charged at his brother.

When they made contact, a huge explosion was produced. A great amount of smoke was unleashed because of the explosion. When the smoke disappeared, Kaiser MM returned to his original form, and Dark Mega Man returned to human form, revealing a injured Shade.

"HAHAHAHA! Good job brother! You're even more powerful than last time! I like that. I like to fight with you because you are a good opponent! However, next time I will return with more powers, and with a new ally. Hehehe! All depends on Sorian's battle! See ya!" Shade laughed as he vanished.

"What did he mean with a new ally? And that all depended of Solo's battle?" Mega Man thought. "Oh no! Shade will take Solo as his new slave! We have to save him"

"Mina and the others are busy right now, so it depends to us now! Let's go!" Kaiser Synchrolance said, jumping to the Wave Road.

"Okay!" Mega Man yelled, following Ken in order to find Solo. "Solo, just wait, we're heading there. For the rest, I hope you can handle your battles..."

Mega Man thought that while heading to the battle of Solo, hoping that Shade doesn't arrive before them to control Solo. In a building near from there, Shade smiled, because his plan worked on Mega Man and Kaiser Synchrolance...

"Hehehe! That fools fell in my trap! Now I'm free to caught Hawk Raider!" Shade laughed but he stopped after seeing his injuries. "Maybe I should relax a bit and then I will catch Hawk Raider..."


"HAWK SCREAM!" Hawk Raider screamed, unleashing a powerful attack heading to Heartless Note.

"NOTES OF DESPAIR!" Heartless Note yelled, releasing the powerful attack that hit with Hawk's attack.


"Arghhhhh!" Both Hawk Raider and Heartless Note yelled in pain.

"Mina!" Harp Note yelled, heading where Hawk Raider was. "Are you okay?"

"Don't worry. I'm fine, but she won't be..." Hawk Raider said angry, looking at Heartless Note.

"You fool! My power can't be weaker than yours!" Heartless Note yelled. "IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO DIE!"

As she screamed, a dark blue aura covered her, and then an evil smile appeared in his face, revealing that she has transformed into her Berserk Mode.

(HollowKU: The first time Rose used her berserk mode was in Chapter 5 after Solo insulted her, saying that she was dating Shade.)


"Crazy girl! Sonia, we have to handle this before she kills us!" Hawk Raider said.

"Okay! Let's attack!" Harp Note yelled.

"SCREAM OF PAIN!" Berserk HN yelled.

"SHOCK NOTE! FORTISSIMO!" Harp Note yelled.

"HAWK EXPLOSION!" Hawk Raider unleashed her most powerful attack.


As the smoke disappeared, Heartless Note remained in her Wave Form, but she was very injured to continue the battle. She was again defeated by Hawk Raider, but also by her counterpart Sonia...

"Damn it...ughhh...why I...I was defeated again...I'm a foolish, thinking...that I'm the strongest..." Heartless Note said, as she collapsed into the floor.

"She's horrible. Her need for fight is too dangerous... we're lucky we defeated her. I wonder why always villains get stronger after every battle." Hawk Raider said to Harp Note.

"Yeahhh..." Harp Note replied.

"Did you defeat Rose?" Someone asked.

"That voice!" Harp Note said, as she looked at the mysterious person, who revealed to be Shade.

"I knew it! You're Shade, right? You are that bastard that killed Ken's parents?" Hawk Raider yelled angry.

"That's me, girl! Or should I call you Hawk Raider?" Shade said as he was going to laugh.

"You bastard! DIE!" Hawk Raider yelled as she summoned her Hawk Katars, dashing where Shade was.

"Hehehe! FOOL GIRL, YOU FELL IN MY TRAP!" Shade laughed as he drew a buster-like weapon. "YOU'RE GONNA BE MY SLAVE!" he shouted as he shot the buster, and the shot hit Hawk Raider.

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Hawk Raider yelled in pain, putting her hands at her head.

"What did you do to her?" Harp Note asked angry.

"To put it easy Sonia, in only seconds your dear Hawk Raider will be under my control! Hehehe!" Shade laughed.

"...Lord Shade..." Hawk Raider said.

"Finally, the process finished!" Shade said.

"What do you need from me, master..." Hawk Raider said.

"Just follow me, and bring my dear Rose with you..." Shade said.

"As you wish, my master..." Hawk Raider said, picking up Heartless Note.

"Goodbye Sonia! And tell Geo that HE'S THE FOOLIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Shade laughed as he vanished along with Hawk Raider and Heartless Note.

After that, Acid Ace and the others arrived where Harp Note was...

"It can't be..." Harp Note kneeled and started to cry.

"Sonia! What happened?" Acid Ace asked.

"I was fighting Rose. Mina and I defeated her, but Shade arrived and used a strange buster that can take control of minds, and he used it on Mina. Now she's his slave! And I didn't do anything!" Harp Note cried.

"That's terrible. Where is she now?" Acid Ace asked.

"I don't know. She vanished after Shade took control of her mind" Harp Note replied.

"Okay. We should take care of that later. I think that Solo needs our help. I received signals from Geo and Ken that they were heading where Solo is" Acid Ace said.

"Okay. Let's go!" Harp Note said.

Then they all vanished in the Wave Road, searching for Solo, Geo and Ken...


"Time to perish, brother!" Scourge yelled, as he charged his broadsword.

"I don't think so!" Rogue charged his Laplace Sword, ready for the attack.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Scourge attacked first, hurting badly Rogue...

"ARGHHHHH!" Rogue yelled in pain.

"Time to finish this brother. I will give you one opportunity. Join us and maybe I will be good with you..." Scourge said.

"I told that I will never join you, Sorian!" Rogue yelled.

"Fool. You protect this planet that doesn't resemble anything about Mu! Maybe is because that blond girl that you call Luna, right?" Scourge asked with a smile.

"Shut up!" Rogue yelled while blushing.

"Okay. Any last words, brother?" Sorian asked.

"I have two. KAISER CLAW!" Someone yelled from behind, hitting Scourge.

"Arghhhh! Who are you?" Scourge asked angry.

"I'm Mega Man, and I will not let you harm him!" Kaiser MM yelled.

"So you're Mega Man, huh? The Destroyer of Mu? Hahahaha!" Scourge laughed.

"Geo? What are you doing here? I TELL YOU TO NOT INTERFERE IN THIS BATTLE!" Rogue yelled.

"Well, if I didn't interfere, you would be dead now..." Kaiser MM replied. "Besides, I'm not alone..."

"KAISER SLASH!" Kaiser Synchrolance attacked, hitting him.

"Arghhhh!" Scourge yelled.

"Yeahh! I'm also here to help you..." Kaiser Synchrolance replied. "Hey! This is your chance! Attack him!"

"ROGUE BREAK!" Rogue yelled, hitting his brother with all his forces...

"ARGHHHHH!" Scourge yelled in pain because of Rogue's attack.

"Finally..." Rogue said, returning to his human form. "Thanks...I suppose..."

"You don't need to thank..." Kaiser MM said.

After that, the other WAZA Warriors arrived to the battle, which over some time ago...

"Hey guys are you alright?" Acid Ace asked.

"We're fine. We have defeated Sorian..." Mega Man replied, returning to be Geo...

"You defeated them, but I will prevail..." Someone said.

"SHADE!" Geo yelled.

"Hi brother! Hehehe!" Shade said.

"Hahaha! Your plan to control Solo didn't work!" Geo said.

"HAHAHAHAHAHHA! Solo wasn't my objective! He was just a distraction to accomplish my true mission!" Shade yelled, as he smiled and continued. "Come here, my servant..."

When he said that, a mysterious figure appeared next to him. At first they didn't recognized her, but she was Mina. Shade altered her to make her more powerful. Now she had some fox ears, a fox tail, and the Dark Order symbol in her chest...

"Behold! HAWK FOX RAIDER!" Shade yelled.


"Sorry, but that is not going to happen. Hawk, take care of this foolish people. I will return to the Orion Palace with Sorian..." Shade said as he vanished.

"This is not over yet, Solo! Next time you friends won't help you!" Sorian yelled as he vanished too.

"Wait!" Geo yelled.

"STOP RIGHT THERE! My master will relax, and I will take care of you!" Hawk Fox Raider yelled.

"We don't have another option. If we want Mina back, we need to take her down!" Ace yelled.


Chapter 9: Fighting Against Bonds

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