The upbeat sounds of some kind of jazz-like music could be heard travelling through the air. Walking through the circular doors revealed a small white room, in the centre of which was a cubed room with transparent walls. Inside was some strange looking pod, like a bed out of a science fiction move, a small white toilet and a table. On the table was a single cup and a radio that was clearly the source of music. Around to the right of the cube was a glowing blue circle on the wall, which showed… the inside of the cube?

It was a portal.

Stepping closer to the portal, another sound could be heard under the music. Muffled sobs. Low mutterings. Spoken with a broken voice that held so much despair that it could thaw the coldest heart.

"She said not to listen to it… the companion cube doesn't talk…"

Moving close enough to peer through the portal only made the mumblings sound louder.

"But it did talk to me… It was my friend… It screamed when I threw it into hell…"

If someone dared to step through the portal the would come into view of the person mumbling to themselves. Dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit, long dark hair hanging over their face, which was buried in their knees as their arms cradled them, rocking back and forth, making the strange spring heels attached to their legs squeak from the movement.

"I killed my friend… all in the name of cake… but there is no cake…"

The young woman continued rocking back and forth, her pace getting faster, as if continuing to move allowed her to hold on to what was left of her sanity. If what was left was at all worth saving. Still, she whispered to herself, never daring to move, never looking up to see an audience.

"The cake is a lie…"

To her there was nothing left. She had not escaped and had lost everything. Even with a chance to once again go through the tests, to once again wield the portal gun, she did not move.

"No cake…"

What was the point of going through that psychological terror, just to meet the artificial madness that waited? The burn scar along her left arm was proof enough that she had already been through far too much.

"No cake…"