Kitty jumped awake to find bright sunlight shining down on her. She looked around and was astonished to see she was back in the park in Warfang, but it was lush and green again. The trees were lively, and the flowers were everywhere, she could even see dragons, cheetahs, and moles walking about enjoying themselves.

What's going on? Kitty wondered. I thought Warfang was destroyed. She stood up and felt a sharp pain in one of her forepaws. She lifted her paw and looked to see a small thorn. She pulled it out then tried to set her paw down again. It still hurt but not as badly. Was it all a dream? She wondered.

Figuring the only way to find out was to explore she decided to go back to the market area and look for Spyro and the others. When she got to the market she found it more crowded then when she was there earlier. But she couldn't find her friends anywhere.

"Hey Kitty." The sudden appearance of Desa caused Kitty to give a small squeal and jump. "That seemed jumpier than usual."

"Oh Desa!" Kitty exclaimed wrapping her forelegs around the white dragon.

"Kitty; I thought you went home." Kitty looked behind Desa and saw Cynder staring at her looking concerned. Spyro, Ember, Flame, and Kid were all with her.

"I uh… I felt better, so I decided to come back." Kitty said letting go of Desa's neck. She didn't want to worry anybody by telling them that she fainted in the park.

"Well we already had lunch and now we're just walking around enjoying the day." Spyro said standing closely next to Cynder.

"That sounds like fun." Kitty said enthusiastically.

"Not really; actually it's getting really boring." Ember said. "Oh, I know, let's play a game!"

"What kind of game?" Cynder asked.

"Tag." Ember smiled. "I'll be it, so that means one of you has to catch me."

"Wait a minute." Flame interrupted. "If you're it doesn't that mean you have to tag one of-"

"Go!" Ember exclaimed running off into the crowd.

"Ember, wait for me!" Kid called following after Ember.

"Ember, that's cheating!" Flame called. "I'm gonna get you for this!" He yelled running after her.

"Come on Desa, let's go play too." Kitty said wanting to do something to distract her.

"Alright." Desa agreed. "But you should probably wake up now."

Kitty opened her eyes and found herself back in the cave, the adult Ember looking down at her. "What happened?" Kitty asked.
"You fainted after I told you that you've been missing for eighteen years." Ember said.

"I was hoping that was a dream." Kitty mumbled getting to her paws. The moment her injured paw touched the ground it began to hurt but not as badly as before. She looked down at her paw and found that the glass had been removed and that it was bandaged up. She looked around the room and saw that Bluster was back and was sitting by the adult Flame looking annoyed.

"How can this be the same dragoness you knew when eighteen years ago; she barely looks thirteen?" Bluster asked.

"Actually she was fourteen when she went missing." Ember corrected.

"That doesn't make a difference." Bluster growled. "The fact still stands that she would have to be a fully grown dragoness for any of that to make sense."

"Maybe she's just incredibly short." Flame suggested. All three dragonesses gave him a look that said "Only you can be that stupid". "It was just an idea." He muttered.

"But how could eighteen years have passed; I just saw you guys this morning, and you were only teenagers then." Kitty said s the shock faded into utter terror.

Just then Teddy rose up out of the ground next to Kitty. She just stood there quietly and protectively.

"So this is the monster friend Bluster mentioned?" Ember asked staring at Teddy curiously.

"Focus you moron!" Bluster exclaimed glaring at Ember. "What happened before you found yourself in the destroyed Warfang?" She asked Kitty.

Kitty explained the day's events to them; all the way up to where she met Flame and Bluster. "Well that sounds eventful, but it doesn't really help." Ember mumbled.

"It doesn't make any sense, how do you get a headache and then windup in the future?" Bluster asked.

"If we knew that you wouldn't have to ask." Flame grumbled. Bluster stomped down on one of Flame's forepaws with her own. "Ow, what was that for?"

"What do we do with her from here?" Bluster asked ignoring Flame.

"That's for Kid to decide." Ember said.

"Kid's here, where?" Kitty asked.

Before anyone could answer the big stone doors opened and a bunch of dragons, cheetahs, and moles came out. They all seemed not to notice Kitty or teddy as they marched out through the tunnel.

The last dragon to leave was a muscular, yellow dragon with a bronze underbelly and wing membrane. He had straight, sharp, silver horns and a single row of silver spikes that went from the top of his head down to the end of his tail where a giant amber sphere grew out. He was covered in thick scars and he had gray eyes. Unlike the other dragons though, he walked over to Ember and sat by her.

"Hey hon." Ember murmured giving the yellow dragon a peck on the cheek. "You remember Kitty right?"

"Wait don't tell me that's Kid!" Kitty exclaimed. This couldn't be the same whiny yellow dragon she knew; he looked tough to be him.

"Um, do I know you?" The yellow dragon asked.

"It's Kitty, from when we were growing up." Ember explained. From there Ember retold Kitty's story, although she added on at parts.

"That's an odd thing to believe." Kid mumbled when Ember had finished the tale.

"It's all true." Kitty promised.

"So what do we do now?" Ember asked.

"First of all we should find Kitty a place to rest, and then we can figure out the rest of this." Kid said his voice filled with authority.

"Wait, I've been gone eighteen years, what's happened while I was gone; why is Warfang destroyed; why is everybody living in a cave?" Kitty asked.

"We can explain everything later." Kid said.

"No, I want to know now." Kitty insisted.

"We're at war with Malefor." Bluster said.

"What?" Kitty gasped. "But I thought Spyro already stopped him."

"Well sixteen years ago he came back and destroyed Warfang; we've been at war ever since." Kid explained.

"Why don't Spyro and Cynder stop him like last time?" Kitty asked.

"Because Spyro's dead, and Cynder's on Malefor's side." Bluster growled.