Soulmate Chpt 1 - The Discovery

A/N: This intro is really short. Sorry. They'll be longer eventually. xD;

"Some people say that part of the reason why twins are so close is because they're sharing two parts of the same soul. Rin might not have half of my soul... But she definitely has half of my heart.

I'm not sure when I realized that I was in love with my own twin sister. Maybe I've always been in love with her, and never really knew it until now. For years, I've denied my feelings. My mind has always told me that these urges were wrong and unnatural, that society would never understand. My mind has always told me that I can never reveal my heart to her, that we could never live a normal life together. We could never have a normal relationship together. My heart tells me that I cannot live without her.... My mind tells me I cannot live with her, either.

She might not even reciprocate my feelings. She might not feel anything for me other than sisterly love.

For now... There's nothing I can do."

Rin was in shock. Kneeling on the floor of her brother's room, she clutched Len's diary like a life preserver. Hands shaking, she flipped through the pages. His handwriting was small and neat, unlike her untidy, non-consistent scrawl. The diary was filled with her twin's confessions, with his thoughts and feelings. Rin had never realized that Len worried so much about her. There were pages about how he worried she would fail her college exams, pages about how he worried that she didn't eat enough, pages about how he worried she'd hate him or worse if he ever told her his feelings. Slowly, she closed the book and set it down on the floor.

When she had walked into Len's room half an hour ago, Rin had only been looking for a comic book she had lent to him last week. She had noticed the corner of his diary sticking out from underneath the mattress as she had bent over to puruse his bookshelves. When she read the words "PRIVATE - PLEASE KEEP OUT" emblazoned across the cover, she had gleefully started turning pages, hoping to find out something embarrassing, something to tease him about later.

She had never expected to find his love confessions. She had never expected that Len's protectiveness and kindness towards her might have stemmed from anything but brotherly instinct. When Len stopped being the stereotypical annoying little brother, and started acting his age, she just thought he'd grown up. She had never expected to find out that he had developed a romantic interest in her.

And Rin had never expected that she might be developing an interest in him, as well.

For months, Rin's thoughts about Len had been less than innocent. But she had attributed it to loneliness and sexual tension. After all, she'd finally broken up with Kaito last winter, and hadn't gotten laid since. It was summer now, and it wasn't surprising that she'd had dirty thoughts about the only attractive male around... Even if he was her brother. She had tried to push away her thoughts, but they kept hovering at the back of her mind. She told herself that it was wrong to think that way about her twin, even if she had no intention of ever revealing it. However, maybe her feelings really were something more than sexual tension.

Sighing, she stood up and flopped backwards onto Len's bed. The shock had worn off, but now there was a splotchy red blush rising in her cheeks. She glanced at Len's alarm clock. It was already 7:30 pm.... Len would be home from his part time job any minute. She should probably get out of his room, but.... Rin rolled over onto her side, her face pressed against his pillow. It smelled somewhat musky, with a slight, barely-noticeable hint of something citrus-y.

Should I tell him? Rin's brow furrowed. She felt a pang of guilt for reading his diary. What if he gets mad at me? Rin always hated it whenever she and Len fought, though they rarely stayed angry for more than a day or so. However, Rin couldn't imagine looking at her brother the way she did before, ever again. She had to say something about it, she couldn't just pretend it hadn't happened.

"Rin? What are you doing in my room?" A tenor voice rang out, making Rin jump.

".....Is that my diary?"