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"I have to say, I kinda missed this place!" said Renji as the five Soul Reapers skated over the rooftops of Karakura town. The War was finally over, and the Soul Reapers who had stayed in the living world prior to the battle were allowed a few weeks of rest to recuperate and visit the friends they had made. So Rangiku, Toushiro, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Renji were all slipping through the night to their friend's houses to stay for a couple of weeks and reunite before returning to the Soul Society. Rangiku was as excited as ever, eager to see Orihime after the ordeal, as well as Rukia, who was staying with Ichigo at the time being. Ikkaku was a little disinterested but welcomed the break. Yumichika, aside from wanting to accompany his friend was determined to get some beauty rest. Renji wanted to see Ichigo and Rukia, and Captain Hitsugaya was forcibly dragged by Rangiku, or so it would seem. All of the fuss he put up would lead and normal person to believe that he was dreading the return like a trip to the dentist, but he felt a reason to go back. He didn't know why, and the small, nagging anxiousness at the return that was ever present in the back of his mind was leaving him confused.

He had little ties to this place. Sure, he counted Ichigo on a list of people with the questionable title of "friend" but not enough to leave his duties for a few weeks just to see him. So he decided that it must just be the prospect at a change in the schedule and maybe a chance to relax. Though Rangiku proclaimed him a fuddy-duddy he required at least a little "fun" to keep his head on his shoulders. Even if this "fun" meant him silently watching as the others joked and goofed off. He was perfectly content just watching, and raising his voice if someone became unbearably childish. Aside from that, "fun" to Toushiro was a spectator sport.

"Here's my stop, guys!" called Rangiku as she broke off to Orihime's house. Toushiro gave a quick "Goodbye, I'll see you in the morning," and continued on his way. Ikkaku and Yumichika broke off as well to ask Keigo for lodging. Not many people can say no to Ikkaku. They had grabbed their Gigai's on the way, thanks to Urahara. Now Renji and Toushiro made their way to Ichigo's house. Toushiro refused to stay with Rangiku and Orihime. In fact, that was one of the conditions of the trip.

As they stopped outside Ichigo's house and entered through the window of his room, Toushiro began to wonder if they should have said they were coming beforehand.



"That's Capt-"


"Hey, Ichi-"


Just then the door to Ichigo's room slammed open.


Karin stood in the doorway. Her eyed traveled from Ichigo to Renji. If she hadn't looked down she would have missed little Toushiro standing between them. When she recognized the white haired Soul Reaper, he expression of rage faded and her eyes widened.

"Oh, you're here, visiting Ichigo I guess, there's room on the couch, good night." It all came out in one high pitched sentence before the door clicked shut behind her.

Slowly, Renji leaned foreword to Ichigo and mumbled out of the corner of his mouth, "Could she see us?"


It took some convincing but it was arranged that Reji would sleep in Ichigo's room and Toushiro would take the couch in the living room. Rukia had been squeezing in with Karin and Yuzu. Everyone else, including Isshin had thankfully slept through the shouting match and the visitors took extra care at keeping quiet from then on.

The tiny, lumpy couch proved to be very uncomfortable and after many tosses and turns and even slipping off and crashing to the floor once, Toshiro decided to just lay his blankets out on the carpet and just sleep there. He had been given some of Ichigo's pajamas to wear, and they were way too large. The baggy blue flannel made him look even younger and more childish. This was not the rest he expected. He made a not to change into a more dignified outfit before Rangiku came over to visit.

He had just drifted into a light sleep when he felt a foot make contact with his chest and heard a loud thud followed by a sharply whispered "What the hell!?"

"Who's there?" he sat up, eyes searching through the darkness to see who had tripped over him. Karin's figure came into focus.

"What are you doing down here?" he asked.

"Just getting a glass of water," she whispered, "What are you doing on the floor?"

"Your couch is awful," he replied, rubbing the spot in his chest where she had practically kicked him.

"Tell me something I don't know," she said, standing up and brushing herself off. She walked to the kitchen as Toushiro rolled over and tried to fall back asleep. As she watched her glass fill, she thought of how glad she was that the darkness had concealed her blushing. She tiptoed back through the living room. She stopped to apologize when she realized that he was already asleep. She noticed he didn't look as serious or grouchy when he slept. She took a last look at him before slipping back up the stairs.