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It was midday and the group was making their way back to the village. Their latest trek had been long, but nonetheless fruitful.

Kagome threw the bottle containing the jewel shards (plus two) up into the air and caught it with a sideways swipe, "Two more shards for Team Inuyasha!" she cheered. The other young adults ardently shared in her elation with cheers and high-fives of good faith, even Inuyasha broke his usual brooding expression by cracking a smile.

They had been to the southernmost canyons where a hive of locust-like youkai had been swarming from village to village, consuming everything in their path. Kagome thought that was hardly out of the ordinary for a swarm of locust, until one the size of Mount Fuji emerged from the most recent wreckage and spewed a fresh coat of green acid in her direction- had Inuyasha not pulled her away, she would have been a melting pile of flesh and bones. Afterwards the miko was unharmed of course, but suddenly more willing to listen. They weren't the only one with uncertainties, the villagers had doubted any of the other ningens could take it on and didn't trust the half-breed, but like wise their tone changed when Inuyasha dispatched the smaller ones with one swipe of the Tetsusaiga. The part that took the most time was tracking the queen down. Despite her size, she'd made a comfortable nest deep within the caves, this simple search for sanctuary would prove her undoing. It took two weeks, but the group finally managed to weaken the cave walls and after retrieving the two shards in the queen's right antennae, collapsed the mountain on her.

Sighing, Kagome stretched her arms into the air, "I think this calls for a celebration, after a long bath in the hot springs, of course," she finished the sentence with a laugh.

"I agree," Miroku started, his cursed hand quickly took the opportunity to snake under Sango's hirakotsu, fondling her plump left butt cheek, "The Lady Sango will accompany me to a bath tonight,"

His modest proposal was met with a sharp smack across the face courtesy of Sango's hand, "AS IF!!!" she screeched; her angled cheeks a furious shade of red.

"Idiot," Shippo muttered, and took the brief pause as an opportunity to go into the forest and pee.

"Uhh, I was thinking more along the lines of a feast," Kagome piped in, directing the conversation into less raunchy waters. Inuyasha's interests were instantly peaked, "What kind of feast?" he asked.

Kagome reached backwards into the massive yellow bag she toted around. A minute of blind fishing produced a book with a fat, mustached man holding a cake covetedly on the cover. She flipped it opened, "This is from my Home Ec. Class," she said, assuming anyone from the Sengoku Jidai would even begin to know what she was talking about, she didn't wait for questions, "It'll take a few hours and I'll have to go home," She glanced over to see if Inuyasha would fly off the handle, but the promise of delicious food seemed to tantalizing to give up and so he didn't complain, "But I'll make a salad, buns, mashed potatoes, roasted chicken, green beans, and berry batter cupcakes,"

"That all sounds delicious," Sango breathed, voicing what was plainly the consensus of the group, "You know what? Let us help!" she added. Kagome smiled, "All right! Inuyasha and I will be back in an hour or so, from there I'll divvy up the work," Everyone nodded to seal the deal and when Shippo finally returned, resumed the trek back home.

Kagome and Inuyasha departed and returned in a fairly decent amount of time, the teen miko laid bags full of food on the table, "Good heavens child, what are all these things?" Kaede's one eye scanned the various ingredients with amazement.

Kagome just shrugged, "Ninja food," she stated simply and began to divide the tasks, "I'll work on the chicken," she started, patting a chicken carcass shrouded in a clear material, "Sango and Kaede, you can do the salad," she slid over lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, grapes, pecans, and a vile of some sort, "Just cut everything up and mix it together," the two females nodded and set to work.

Kagome then turned to Inuyasha and handed him the bag of potatoes, "Please peel these," she asked, the hanyou pouted, "Why do I have to do them?" he complained, he'd spent the day lugging the stupid, itchy sack around, now he had to peel them?

Kagome patted his shoulders, "You're the most practiced with a blade," she answered, purposely inflating his ego so he'd do the tedious task. It worked and he began fumbling the peeler across a large potato.

The teen miko handed Miroku cans of food and instructed the monk how to open and cook them before finally turning to Shippo, who was eagerly waiting his task, and it was exactly the one he wanted; the cupcakes! Kagome handed him the precise ingredients of a cupcake mix, "Mix these with-," she opened a bag, then another, then looked at the area around her, "Inuyasha, where are the berries?"

The hanyou struggled with a potato, "Beats me, near your pack?" he guessed, Kagome turned to Shippo, "Can you check? Tell me if you don't find anything," she said. The kitsune nodded and ran off.