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After Edward Leaves In New Moon, Bella becomes Depressed, Angela convinces Bella To go on a Teen Dating Website , after lots of pestering she trys it out, and finds comfort to a boy she meets there.


10 rules to online dating


Bella's POV

"You…don't…want me?"


I was awoken by my sobs and cries. I crumpled down into my covers and cried silently into my pillow. He didn't want me.

It had been a month that had happened and I was still heart-broken. All the times he said he loved me and then suddenly he didn't want me anymore.

A knock on my bedroom door broke me from my thoughts.

"Dad?" I asked trying to keep the lingering hysteria from my voice.

"Does it sound like your dad to you?" A female voice called through the door. I recognised it as Angela. Someone who hadn't ignored me during my zombie period.

"Just a second." I shouted back. I grabbed a wet wipe using it to wipe away any traces of tears or sleep. It wasn't any use getting changed so I just sprayed myself with some body spray and ran a brush through my hair as quickly as possible.

"Come in." I called. The door opened and Angela came in with a worried expression on her face.

"Hi Angela." I greeted her.

"Bella," She sighed. "I'm worried about you. Your so confined now and you're here but you are never fully here, always faraway. Zombie like. So…" She paused for dramatic effect. "I'm here to sign you up for American teens online chat." She cheered.

"I don't know Ange, what if some creepy middle aged man talks to me?" I wasn't really fit to deal with online stalkers.

"It's really safe and it is just for people to chat as friends, not a dating site."

"I really don't think it is a good idea."

"Please…" Who knew Angela could pout like puppy? My resolve was quickly melting.

"Fine."I sighed and she smiled victoriously.

She led me to my computer which I recently got upgraded.

I sat down reluctantly and turned it on.

Angela took over from there.


"LivingInTheTwilight?" It sounded like a question.

"Why that name?"

"I feel like I'm living in the twilight, I thought even you should be able to figure that one out." I explined

"Okay, hobbies?" She asked.

"Reading, moping, acting like a zombie." I half-joked.

She, once again, sighed and typed reading into the appropriate box that would show up on my profile.

It went on like that for fifteen minutes until she left me to it. Within a short half hour I had a chat request from SurferDude11.

I reluctantly clicked accept.

SurferDude11: Hi

LivingInTheTwilight: Hi

This is going to be awkward, I thought to myself.


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