10 rules for online dating.

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Chapter two – Rule Two – Never Send Pictures of Yourself.

Bella POV.

I awoke with a start as I heard Charlie's car leave the drive.

It was Monday morning; reluctant to do anything I sat up and groaned.

After he had left I couldn't be bothered doing anything, but there was some what of a positive energy was buzzing around me that morning.

I left my bed and trotted downstairs, grabbed two granola bars, as I was hungry. I got a glass down from the cupboard, and poured a glass of milk.

As I put the milk back, I laughed, the pot noodles were still in the fridge.

I ran my fingers through my hair, picked up my items and ran back upstairs.

Placed my glass on the side, and started munching at the granola bars, I turned on my laptop.

And sat waiting for its response, after a lazy five minuets it decided to work.

I logged on and got an immediate response from EatSleepWrite: Morning Kaitlyn.


I was about to tell her that my name was Bella, but then remembered, and continued talking to her.

LivingInTheTwilight: Morning Amy

EatSleepWrite: How are you?

LivingInTheTwilight: I'm alright thanks and you?

EatSleepWrite: I'm abit tired stayed up half the night writing.

LivingInTheTwilight: Wow I think I would have just collapsed!

EatSleepWrite: Lol, I do it a lot though, so it doesn't bother me.

LivingInTheTwilight: Lol, so what you doing today?

EatSleepWrite: Attempting to wake my friend up, she slept here last night, she sleeps like she's dead.

LivingInTheTwilight: Haha! X

EatSleepWrite: It would be easier to stab her to be honest!

LivingInTheTwilight: Lol, that's nice.

EatSleepWrite: I no but still : L

LivingInTheTwilight: Lol, anyway I better go.

EatSleepWrite: See ya.

I exited the convocation, and looked to see if anyone else was online, just to my luck MountainLion had just sighed on.

MountainLion: Morning Kaitlyn x

LivingInTheTwilight: Morning Matt x

MountainLion: How are you? X

LivingInTheTwilight: I am abit nervous, actually test at school, and I don't think I will do that well.

MountainLion: Of course you will, you have all of my luck with you! x

LivingInTheTwilight: Thank you, but I think I will need more than luck, I suck at calculus!

MountainLion: Lol, you remind me of someone.

LivingInTheTwilight: Is that a good thing?

MountainLion: Yes, yes it is.

LivingInTheTwilight: Well good, anyway I better go get ready I don't wanna be late! X

MountainLion: Good luck, kaitlyn, you will do just fine.

LivingInTheTwilight: Thank you!

MountainLion: Bye! X

LivingInTheTwilight: Bye bye x

I signed off and sat back on my chair, I looked in the mirror and smiled, I felt good about myself.

I found out a t-shirt that I hadn't worn in a while.

It was purple with a sliver heart near the hem, it fitted my shape perfectly.

Then I found some bootleg jeans that where at the bottom of my wardrobe.

I stared at myself for a moment or two; I had a good feeling about today.

I ran down the stairs and grabbed my bag and keys and set off for school.

As I pulled up to the parking lot at school, I saw some familiar faces around me, Jessica and Mike, they were laughing, looking like they were having so much fun.

In a way, I missed them a loud tapping sound disrupted me from my thoughts.

I looked to my right, and startled myself as I saw Angela knocking on my car window.

"Oh hey Ange" I said opening my door.

"Well hello captain daydream" She joked.

I laughed, "Hey, what's up?"

"Oh nothing, anything happen on the website?"

I think she has completely forgotten the name of it because she keeps saying 'the website' in stead of the name, and even I have forgotten it now.

"Oh urm no" I mumble and carry on collecting my books up.

"Sorry what?" she asked me.

The bell rang and saved me from deep convosation with Ange.

"Nothing gotta go" I grabbed my bags and headed to first period.

First lesson went through a blast but I couldn't help thinking about mountain lion all through the lesson, staring at the clock I could just imagine are convosations.

The day passed rather quickly, and I think I passed the calculus test, but only thinking about Mountain Lion.

I got home as fast as I could.

Ran upstairs and logged onto the website.

As soon as I got on I had a friend request ignored it, and went to look who was online.

I smiled.

Yes. He's online.

MountainLion: How'd it go?

A box popped up on the screen.

LivingInTheTwilight: What?

MountainLion: The test...

LivingInTheTwilight: Oh right... yeah I think I passed.

MountainLion: Oh that's good then.

LivingInTheTwilight: Suppose so.

MountainLion: *LOL*

LivingInTheTwilight: So how was your day?

MountainLion: Fine, had an amazing lunch (:

LivingInTheTwilight: *LOL* sounds good

MountainLion: Lol yeah, yeah it was.

LivingInTheTwilight: Great, well urm I gotta go.

MountainLion: Okay, well bye.

LivingInTheTwilight: bye.

I quickly exited the convosation to attend to the friend request I had.

The request was from DodgeBallDude: I hesitated to except, as the name kinda freaked me out.

I decided to except and started the convosation.

DodgeBallDude: Hey There

LivingInTheTwilight: Hey

DodgeBallDude: So, got any pictures of yourself?

I had completely forgotten the rules for talking to people you don't know.

LivingInTheTwilight: Urm, I have some pictures from a holiday, last year.

DodgeBallDude: Cool, send them to me.

I stupidly didn't realise what I was doing, and sent him a picture of me and my friend, in bikinis.


I suddenly thought.

LivingInTheTwilight: Urm there you go?

DodgeBallDude: Sweet, dude your hot, wanna meet up sometime?

LivingInTheTwilight: No, not really.

DodgeBallDude: Damn, why not?

LivingInTheTwilight: Cause' you're a pervert, and I shouldn't of sent those pictures... Delete them.

DodgeBallDude: No I'm not gunna delete them.

I found myself screaming at the laptop screen.

"Delete them you selfish idiot!"

I calmed myself down and typed at the screen again.

LivingInTheTwilight: I've got to go, but just for the record you are a selfish idiot.

DodgeBallDude: Whatever.

"Yeah, just keep telling yourself that" I said under my breath.

"Bell's?" I heard shouting from downstairs.

"Up here dad" I shouted back.

"What do you want for dinner


"Well what do you want for dinner, I'm making it"

He looked at me blankly.

"Urm whatever there is...?"

"Sure, steak?"

"Sounds good, Bells I got to go down to the station, will be back later"

"Okay, bye"

"Bye" he shouted as he shut the door on his way out.

DodgeBallDude was a creeper so I deleted him rather quickly.

As soon as I blocked him another box popped up.

A friend request from ShortAndSweet.

ShortAndSweet: Hey?

LivingInTheTwilight: Hey urm whats your name?

ShortAndSweet: Lacey, and yours?

LivingInTheTwilight: Kaitlyn.

ShortAndSweet: Pretty

LivingInTheTwilight: Thanks yours too.

ShortAndSweet: Np, anytime (:

LivingInTheTwilight: Sorry, I gotta go make dinner.

ShortAndSweet: No worries, speak to you soon.

LivingInTheTwilight: Thanks, bye Lacey (:

ShortAndSweet: Bye Kaitlyn.

I logged off and trotted downstairs, to make dinner.


The next day went past rather slowly; I heard nothing from MountainLion at all.

Even though I didn't no who he was, or known him long.

I was slightly worried.



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