Ch 1.

Nami was up on deck laying in the shade of her milkan tree looking at a map trying to decide the next course of action. The crew had just hit a hard storm that had managed to rock them off course. She glanced at her Post and then back ather map. Sanji walked out with a drink in hand for her.

"Here you go my dear Nami-san!"

"Thank you Sanji-kun," she said with a smile. She took a drink, set it down, and went back to her mapping.

All of a sudden from the crow's nest Usopp called out "Laaand!!"

"What?! No, that's not right!" She jumped up and checked her map again; there was no island.

"What's wrong Nee-chan?" Franky asked walking up.

"There's not supposed to be an island for miles."

He took a look at the map she had stretched out.

"Wow your right…" he said in disbelief blinking a few times.

"Really!!?!?" Luffy exclaimed overhearing the two, "So cool - a mystery island!"

Usopp cowered, " I have a sudden case of 'can't go on the island disease'."

"USOPP!!" the whole crew shouted exasperated

"Chopper, you sure there's no cure for him?" Zoro asked.

"No…sadly," Chopper said hanging his head.

Robin chuckled overhearing their conversation.

"YOSH! Let's GO!" Luffy called out excited as ever. Nami hit him horizontally on the head and his neck stretched out before snapping back into place - he never lost his grin.

"LUFFY! We can't go rushing into an island like this! It's not even on the map!" She yelled, but she knew no matter what she said he was going to go through with it as he'd already made up his mind. Why do I even try?

"Don't worry Nami-swan I will protect you and Robin-chan!" Sanji said in love-love mode.

They docked the ship in the only dock they had, not only was it big but it was also empty. Luffy was first one off, immediately jumping over theside once they had their allowances.

"Luffy!" Nami called out trying to stop him, but to no avail. He was already long gone.

Sanji then soon departed to get supplies for food, Robin and Chopper went wandering together as did Franky and Usopp, and Zoro slept while he kept watch on the ship Nami got off and went in the direction Luffy had taken off to go make sure he didn't get lost or hurt.

The Island had only a small village that seemed to be on edge about them being there. However, they were not hostile for the most part though the village consisted mostly of drunkards and local soldiers. The females seemed to be either very young or married and it was also a poorer community. Walking down the street, Sanji was heckled by a few people but nothing to be alarmed about. He was smoking a cigarette and quite calm about it.

He stopped by afish stand which looked like it had seen better days manned by a scrawny older man who, by the scars he wore, had a rough life and asked for their best ones. When the man brought out a bundle of salmon and tuna, he inspected every single one, finally picking out four - two of each.

"80 beri," he said showing a little bit of appreciation.

"Really? Such a bargain," Sanji said paying the man and continuing on his way. People sped by quickly here on foot nonstop. It's like they've never heard of a break before, Sanji thought.

All of a sudden he heard a woman cry out desperately.

"He has my child!!"

Sanji turned just in time to see a man running with a struggling small child. Sanji, being Sanji, instantlydropped his things and ran after the man. A few streets later he finally had him cornered in a small alleyway.

"Hand over the girl." Sanji said to the man, voice stern.

"Never!" the man said as he held a knife to the small girls throat. She looked about 7 years of age and she was shaking in fear looking at Sanji with pleading eyes.

"You don't want to do that." Sanji said menacingly.

"Why not?"

Sanji gave him a swift kick to the side of his head. "That's why."

The man went flying into the wall as his grasp on the girl was lost and the knife was dropped. The small girl ran to Sanji with arms open and Sanji knelt down to pick her up. "Everything's going to be ok," he soothed her.

"Damn you!" the man yelled.

"Hmm?" Sanji said turning, "Your still alive?"

The man's eyes had a crazed look. He had stringy brown hair, he had tanned skin from the sun, he had enough muscle that it looked like he could toss a guy Sanji's size atleast a few feet in the air.

"I will find you… and you're going to regret the day you ever sailed into this town. I know who you are; you're Black Leg Sanji and your whole crew must be here." He let out a menacing laugh, "And the Mugiwaras have a very nice selection."

Sanji ignored the threat and walked off carrying the little girl. What selection? Sanji thought as he helped to look for the girl's mother.

"Momma!" the small girl yelled about 30 minutes later as she jumped out of Sanji's arms and ran to her mother.

The mother scooped her daughter up in her arms and walked up to Sanji.

"Thank you sir," she said with tears, "I thought I had lost her for sure."

"No need to thank me ma'am." He said with a smile and he walked off feeling very satisfied… that was however until he saw all his stuff trampled in the dirt; then he fumed.

Nami meantimewas wondering around trying to find Luffy. She had checked all the restaurants and he wasn't anywhere to be seen… meat market! she suddenly thought and started to run over. Sure enough, there he was munching on meat.

"Luffy!" she shouted jogging over.

"MMM!" he managed with a mouthful. He swallowed his food and waved at her with a big grin. When she finally reached him she stood there with her hands on her hips tapping her foot.

"Luffy, do you ever think of anything else other than meat?"


"Like what?"

"Don't worry about it!" he said smiling wide. He offered her a piece of meat and after contemplating for a few moments she gratefully took it and began eating. Why not, I am hungry…

"Thanks Luffy."

"No problem!" he said ripping into his.

After they had finished their meal they cleaned up - Nami doing most of it - and they walked around browsing all the shops, stopping here or there to window shop, Nami would go shopping tomorrow.

She's one good pick all right, the guy from earlier thought as he spied on Nami from around the corner of a building. He let out a slight chuckle, "He will be very pleased with her and it will teach that damn pirate not to mess with me!" He spied for a bit longer before getting up and fading into the shadows…he had some planning to do.