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Sept 2

Dear Diary,

Hello mister! Sasuke-teme insisted that I have waaaay too much time on my hands and suggested rudely, very rudely I tell ya, for me to start a journal! At first I was like "What?! You expect me to write in a journal!?" I was quite incredulous. But then the teme just gave me a really serious look followed by a nod. Then he walked away leaving me confused. And for whatever reason, the idea kept nagging the back of my mind for the entire day so I finally dug through my scrolls and found an empty one. I wrote Uzumaki Journal on the outside of the scroll and started writing.

Here I am now, writing. Pretty amazing huh? Didn't think that the oh-so-hyper blond idiot of the village could actually sit still and write? Well think again idiot! Just because I'm loud, hyper, jumpy, active, and stuff doesn't mean I'm illiterate of something! Anyways…

You're supposed to write down fun things that you do each day in your journal right? Well I guess I could tell you what happened today:

This morning I met up with my team like usual, and like usual the teme is already there with Sakura-chan trying to make conversation with him. I still get annoyed over how the stupid teme ignores her and treats her like nothing while I'm trying so hard to get her to like me. Stupid cold bastard.

After some waiting, Kakashi-sensei showed up and explained to us our mission of the day. Our MOTD was to help this random old farmer with his rice paddies. I groaned while Sasuke looked annoyed. Why would you own rice paddies when you can't work them yourself dammit!

Working around rice was very hard, much harder then I initially thought. We split into two groups of two, me with Sasuke-teme and Sakura-chan with sensei. Me and Sasuke worked in the northern fields farther from the farmer's lodge while the other two worked in the southern fields. I had to roll up my pants and sleeves to prevent mud from getting on them. Needless to say, mud still attached itself to them. Wading around in rice paddies is kinda fun though, I have to admit.

Half way through the day, I brought my muddy arm up and wiped futilely at the sweat collecting on my forehead. I pulled out my water canteen for the twentieth time that day and groaned, irritated. There's no water left! And there was still at least four hours of work left! I sighed and yelled out to Sasuke "I'll be right back teme I'm gonna go fetch some water!"

"Dobe, the farm house is about five miles down south."

"Oh. But…I'm thirsty!" I groaned, exasperated.

And then the teme did something I did not expect him to do. He sighed and digged out his blue canteen from his backpack and held it in front of me. I looked at the offered source of water and back up to the teme's smirking face that somehow still radiated a little kindness. I thought 'When did the teme learn to be nice?' and reached for the offered canteen of life sustaining liquid.

But just as I was starting to reach for it Sasuke retracted leaving me confused. Then he took a big gulp of water out of the canteen. I jaw-dropped.

"YOU BASTARD!" I screamed and dove for the canteen.

The result you ask? Two very muddy ninjas. We paused in our fight for the water and stared at eachother; then we both burst out laughing. I've never really heard Sasuke laugh like that. It sounded …nice. He should definitely laugh more. I'll make sure of it. Maybe being dirty finally snapped the egoist.

After our laughing fit Sasuke handed me the surprisingly still-clean canteen of water and I gratefully accepted it.

The rest of the mission went exceedingly well and we finished early. Kakashi-sensei treated us all to ramen at Ichiraku's after me and Sasuke cleaned ourselves and I glomped him in happiness. After a delightful meal of filling ramen we parted, each retiring to his/her own home, weary.

But it was really really fun.

Sasuke should definitely laugh more.

Anyways, it's getting dark outside now so I'll bid you goodnight.

Goodnight Diary!

Uzumaki Naruto

P.S. Forgive my grammar mistakes oh high and mighty Uzumaki Journal!

P.P.S. Tell me what you think of it! I hope to write in it everyday!