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Mistress Slytherin

"Mum, Dad- please tell me this is a joke." Ron said eyes wide face unnaturally pale. His parents looked at each other with equal looks of worry- it was after all the first he had spoken in an hour. But really, could anyone blame him? What kind of bloke eagerly anticipating breakfast (which is a very important meal) wouldn't freeze at the bottom of the stairs and gape like a fish at the sight of one of his enemies calmly sipping tea? Really! Despite his stomach's growling Ron found that he couldn't moveā€¦the idea was, was, j-just impossible!

"Ron sit down and get your breakfast." His mother said solving the problem the way she seemed to solve all problems- by feeding people. Obediently though hesitantly he edged towards his seat and sat down and shoved a sausage into his mouth simply to give himself something to do. Moments later Ron heard the floo flare to life and watched in awe as headmaster Dumbledore entered the room. He became increasingly aware of the fact that he was still in his threadbare pajamas.

"Ah good morning Mr. Weasley!" The eccentric headmaster chirped.

"Ah! Albus!" His mother fretted smoothing out her wrinkled apron. "Can I get you some tea?" She worried. The headmaster's eyes twinkled merrily.

"That would be wonderful Molly!" He sang. Ron watched as a hand settled on Blaise Zabini's shoulder which immediately stiffened.

"Headmaster." The boy said with barley concealed distaste unaware that he had set his cup down just a bit too hard. The headmaster chose to remain oblivious.

"How are you?" He asked his tone asking more than what his words suggested.

"Fine headmaster." The Italian boy hissed through his clenched teeth. "Have you found them?" He demanded. Ron scowled. How dare he talk to the headmaster like that! Dumbledore sighed and removed his hand as he sat down on one of the crude wooden chairs accepting a steaming cup of tea from a rather flustered Molly Weasley. A long silence filled the room making Ron nervous as he watched the Slytherin's shoulders slowly sag. "So their dead." Blaise said sounding choked. The headmaster slowly nodded his head.

"Oh dear!" Molly said immediately going into what the twins had so fondly termed 'mother-mode' rushing over and attempting to hug Blaise. Blaise hissed and jumped out of his chair putting distance between them.

"Don't touch me!" He shouted his eyes glinting angrily. Dumbledore sighed into his tea cup.

"Now Mr. Zabini," He chided. "She was only trying-"

"To help?" The Slytherin growled angrily shaking his head before storming out the back door. The headmaster's shoulders sagged and Molly silently wiped tears away with her apron. Ron looked at them confusedly just as Pig flew through the window and tumbled onto his plate. He scowled at the bird absently untying the news paper from the fluttering creatures' limb only to freeze at the headline.

Zabini Family Found Dead! Sole Survivor in hiding!

Ron blinked owlishly at the news paper for a moment before promptly falling out of his chair in a dead faint.