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Mistress Slytherin

Blaise cursed Severus Snape with every foul word he knew as he paced in front of the fire place. Sirius was now somewhere in the ministry fighting with the rest of the Order of the Phoenix and Blaise couldn't help. Why? Because of that damned curse Snape had cast on him! Suddenly his heart seized in his chest.

"No." He whispered dropping to his knees his hands shaking violently as shock swept through him followed by wave after wave of panic and overwhelming agony. "NOOOO!" He shouted into the empty house. Anger followed swiftly burning through him like an unstoppable flame. Without a care he pulled out a hand full of floo powder, tossed it into the fire place and strode in with a shout. "Ministry of Magic!"

Harry stared wide eyed at the veil. Sirius. His godfather. The only hope he had at a home. He fought against Remus who held him back with a force that belonged to the werewolf within despite the tears that coursed down his cheeks.

"Fuck." His head snapped to the side as the deadly tendrils of magic began filling the room. Death eaters looked decidedly worried and where spells had flashed through the room only moments before an ominous silence reigned. Doors slammed against walls with such force that cracks were formed startling every one. Harry watched as Blaise Zabini entered the room looking every bit the vampire he was red eyes glowing and white teeth glinting dangerously.

"Shit." He heard Remus mutter. "His mate." Just like that death eaters' wands flew from their hands landing in the palm of the enraged Vampire with a smack. Bella, Harry noticed smugly, was shaking violently. What happened next was something that would go down in history- one by one death eaters simply imploded, spraying blood all over the room while Aurors and Order members watched in fear and awe. Power filled the room swirling about them with a force that had only been seen in Dumbledore. A gasp distracted Blaise just as the last death eater was spattered across the floor. Red eyes met blue as the dark lord entered followed shortly by a harried looking Dumbledore.

"Blaise." The dark lord whispered upon realizing that his followers had been destroyed. Blaise looked at him with calm eyes.

"Voldemort." Blaise whispered reaching a hand out to the dark lord. Voldemort looked at the hand suspiciously before stepping forward and taking it.

"What is this?" He questioned the vampire who smiled slightly in return.

"No one can have you but me." Blaise said darkly. Voldemort quirked an eyebrow and moved closer wrapping his arms around Blaise.

"A bit possessive aren't we?" the dark lord said lowly. Blaise buried his face into the dark lord's neck and met green eyes.

"Perhaps." He whispered.

"No!" Remus shouted but before any one could move green light soared through the air hitting Voldemort in the back. Blaise smiled into the dull red eyes and dropped the dark lord onto the blood stained floor.

"Blaise!" Dumbledore shouted. Blaise turned and smiled at him.

"You know professor…that information I gave you?" Recognition filled the headmaster's eyes.

"Yes." The old wizard said. Blaise tilted his head to the side and grinned.

"You didn't think that warning other clans was the only thing I did while I was gone did you?" He said with a smirk. The headmaster's eyes flickered.

"You destroyed them then?" He asked. Blaise nodded his head.

"He won't be coming back again." He promised.

"But the prophesy." Blaise shook his head.

"We make our own destinies headmaster." He said quietly. "Harry killed Voldemort because I can't survive without Sirius." The headmaster paled and took a step back.

"A-And you?" He whispered. Blaise smiled.

"Good bye." Blaise said before confidently striding directly through the veil following Sirius into death.