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~~~~~~The Next Morning~~~~~~

Kouga slowly awoke to a phenomenal sensation; warm and wet lips sucking on his morning wood. As a devilish tongue ran along his length, a pair of blue eyes opened to see a thick, hard cock above him, a nestle of silver hair around it letting him know it was Inutaisho that it belonged to.

Reaching up, he put a hand on the dog's hip and pulled him down, opening his mouth to take the head of Inutaisho's cock in. Sucking on the thick organ, he slipped the beast further into his mouth as the dog's hips lowered, pushing his big cock in.

This was the way to wake up, Kouga realized, sucking on his alpha male's overly generous endowment while said alpha displayed his immense oral skills on him. It was a delightful overload of his senses, and as a soon to be submitted beta, it was nice just having the older dog atop him, covering his body with his own.

Though, nice as Inutaisho's body felt, his tongue work was second to none, and within minutes the already morning aroused Kouga was nearing his completion. Feeling the ookami's balls contract, and feeling the thick organ in his mouth starting to pulse a bit, Inutaisho pulled his mouth from Kouga's tan flesh just in time, leaving him from his completion.

In reaction, the wolf demon pulled his mouth from Inutaisho's, the dog cock resting against his cheek as he looked up at the dog, desperately wanting to complete in the inu's warm, slick mouth. He wanted to load the dog demon's mouth with a big load of his cum, to have the alpha inu swallow him down.

"What exactly are you doing Kouga? Did I tell you to stop ookami?" Inutaisho asked, a wicked grin on his face.

"You, but I was… sorry sir."

"That's my little cub."

Inutaisho smiled as Kouga started sucking on his dick once again, he himself just moving a hand up to hold the base of Kouga's fully engorged shaft. He wasn't going to let the ookami off, not yet anyway, and so just played idly with the hard cock whilst his own was treated like royalty.

He himself lasted a few short minutes longer and he felt his peak coming. Though, unlike Kouga, his organ was not released and like the alpha he was, Inutaisho came and fired his load into Kouga's awaiting mouth. Filling the ookami's face with his creamy essence, the dog demon waited for Kouga to clean him off with his tongue before he pulled his dick free and moved to face Sesshomaru, who was holding a still sleeping Inuyasha.

"Morning pup, how did you sleep?"

"Very good master, though not as good as you apparently." Sesshomaru dryly alluded to the dog's excellent wake-up method.

"Indeed, though you do have your little brother in your arms, you could figure out something between the two of you, no?"

"Perhaps, though you know as well as I do master, that I cannot get out of this belt without your keys."

"No, you cannot. And I love that fact, so very much Sesshomaru." Inutaisho leaned over at that, reaching around his sleeping hanyou son and kissing his full demon boy. He let one hand reach across to gently stroke a hip marking as he did, knowing well how sensitive the magenta stripes adorning his son's body were.

"Not to interrupt your moment there sir, but may I finish myself off?" Kouga asked, rolling over to spoon up behind the alpha inu.

"No my little wolf. If you have to relieve yourself you may go do that now, but I don't want you jerking off."

"Yes, sir." Kouga reluctantly slid from the bed, his still hard cock bobbing against his thigh as he stood. He did actually need to piss, and it was causing his dick to stand at full attention, in addition to Inutaisho having left him on the edge of his climax minutes earlier.

As the wolf slipped into the bathroom, remembering to leave the door open and to sit down, per Inutaisho's earlier instructions, Inuyasha's golden eyes opened. The ongoing conversation, and the feel of what he found was his sire huddling up to him had served to gently awaken him, and quickly he realized his own morning erection, tugging idly at the cuffs on his wrists, wishing he could stroke the proud organ that had spent two weeks pent up in its steel prison.

"Good morning little puppy." Inutaisho leaned in and kissed the young hanyou, cradling the boy to his chest while Sesshomaru held him from behind. Sitting up in bed, the older dog stretched his arms out before getting up to retrieve the chastity belt he'd removed from Inuyasha the night before.

"Morning, master." Inuyasha spoke as he rested back against his big brother. Feeling the full inu encircling him, he wished Sesshomaru would reach down, pull the ring off of him and stroke him to completion. But, he knew it wasn't going to happen, their sire wouldn't allow it, no matter how horny he was, or how proudly his young adolescent boner was sticking out into the air.

"Here we go, let's get you belted up and we can all go get some breakfast." Inutaisho had found the belt and made short work of securing the belt loosely around Inuyasha's frame as he opened the pod and worked Inuyasha's dick into it, after removing the cock ring with some coercing of Inuyasha's erected member.

With the ring off, Inutaisho strapped the boy's dick inside the pod, closed it over, tightened it and locked it. Quickly, he strapped the belt and pod together, and tightened the belt up. All the padlocks went in and were secured, and Inuyasha's hands were safe to be un-cuffed, not that Inutaisho did.

"Alright, let's get you two downstairs. Turn around for a second though Sess, I'm gonna pull your plug. I have a new one for you two that I'll get out after breakfast."

"Yes, master." Sesshomaru turned around and Inutaisho made good on his promise, gripping the plug in Sesshomaru's anus and gently pulling it free. Setting it aside, he helped Inuyasha out of bed and gave Sesshomaru the key to his catheter as Kouga returned from the bathroom. Inutaisho's two boys quickly relieved themselves, as did the older inu, and the group of four made their way down to kitchen.

"Mind waiting a bit for breakfast or do you guys want something quick now?" Inutaisho asked, his interest in cooking piqued as it often did. For a long time he'd been largely kitchen illiterate, but once he'd learned to cook it was something he found himself almost addicted to, thankfully his demon body sucked down the rich by products of his obsession with no side effect.

"I could wait a bit, master." Sesshomaru replied, Inuyasha agreeing with him. Kouga had no objections either as Inutaisho started a pot of coffee brewing, and so the dog set about making up something fresh. Grabbing a large bowl out, he checked the pantry and found everything he needed for an apple cranberry cobbler and began to combine the numerous ingredients together to bake.

"There should be something decent to watch on TV. Why don't you guys go find something, I'll get this in the oven and be out in a few minutes."

The other three found something on demand and queued it up while Inutaisho mixed the cobbler ingredients together. He poured them into a baking pan, and covered it with a quick crumb mixture before putting it into the oven to bake.

Checking on the coffee, he found the pot to be finished brewing and turned the machine off, stopping the coffee from burning, before he retrieved a couple of new butt plugs he'd picked up from Prestige Dominance the night before.

Grabbing a small tube of lubricant, he checked the batteries on the two plugs, both vibrating, and walked into the living room, where he found his three boys sitting waiting for him.

"Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, mounting position boys."

Inuyasha and his older brother did as told, moving to the ground in front of Inutaisho and turning away from him. Putting their chests and arms down, they thrust their butts up, though not far enough in Inuyasha's case, as far as Inutaisho was concerned.

"Inuyasha, get that butt further out boy. You should be trying to entice your master to mount you, I want to see that rear of yours thrust out and up, your hole ready for me to fill."

"Yes master."

"That's a good boy." Satisfied with Inuyasha's position, Inutaisho slicked both the hanyou's and Sesshomaru's rear with the tube of lubricant he'd brought, before applying a light coating to the two plugs he'd brought. They weren't that big for the two demons to take, smaller than what he normally made them wear anyway, and so the two were slid home with little difficulty.

"Now let's just turn these on and voila." Inutaisho switched both of the plugs on, turning a small dial at the base of them to activate the motors. While he had plenty of vibrators on hand, and many vibrating plugs, Inutaisho's newest acquisitions were fairly special. They vibrated slower, at a lower frequency, but had more powerful motors than most, making them very noticeable when inside someone.

"Thank you master. Are these plugs a new product of your store?" Sesshomaru questioned, feeling his manhood trying to erect itself so disobediently as usual.

"Why in fact they are my dear Sesshomaru. Powerful aren't they?"

"Yes, master." Inuyasha answered for him, his own young penis aching inside its pod.

Inutaisho patted them both on the bottom and walked over to the nearest window, edging the curtain aside to see that the sky was one bright gray cloud, the wind knocking tree limbs to and fro. Turning away, he walked back to his boys, hopeful that he'd have Inu and Sesshomaru all day Monday.

"Looks like snow outside. I have to say, I doubt you'll be going to school tomorrow little Inu."

"That would be awesome, master." Inuyasha added the last bit, still fighting not to blush every time he addressed his father and alpha with said honorary.

"Don't be so sure little pup. You may get off from school, but you are never off from serving your master's sadistic desires, are you?" Inutaisho leaned into his boy, letting a finger up Inuyasha's neck to rest under his chin.

"No master."

"Very good my little pup. Now, go fetch us some coffee Inuyasha, you know how I take it."

With that Inutaisho rested back onto the couch with Kouga, who he promptly made sit on the floor in front of him, between his legs. Sesshomaru was commanded up onto the couch, facing away from Inutaisho, his rear upturned and out in a mounting position, allowing the older dog to keep an eye on his son's plugged anus.

As Inuyasha got out a small tray and four coffee mugs, he tried desperately not to beg for his orgasm early. Steadying his hands, he poured the hot black liquid whilst the new plug vibrated away in his rear, making his young prick stand at attention inside its locked enclosure, where he was helpless to satisfy his need.

~~~~~~Two Hours Later~~~~~~

With a final swallow, Inuyasha set his fork down, stomach overloaded with the delicious treat his father had whipped up for them. After a few cups of coffee, he'd gone through a half dozen servings of the devilishly good cobbler his father had made fresh, along with the homemade whipped cream topping it.

Now, he was simply ready for a long nap, well, save for his ass and his dick, which were both going nuts thanks to the vibrating butt plug still inside him. Though, after washing the group's dishes and drying them, Inuyasha found his father behind him, gently grasping and pulling the plug free.

"Oh thank you alpha."

"This one has you all kinds of horny doesn't it pup?"

"Yes, master."

"What would you say if I made you wear one like this to school pup? Going all day with it buzzing away inside you."

"You'd make me wear that thing to school?" Inuyasha asked in horror, even though his dick wept precum at the thought.

"Oh no, I'd never let you wear anything this small to school again."

"You consider that small, master?" Inuyasha questioned. While it was certainly smaller than the monsters that had been shoved up his butt through the week, Inuyasha suspected that vibrating one was still too big to fit comfortably in someone like Miroku for example.

"For public wear, it definitely is. When you are here, at home, safe with your master and alpha male, this is fine. It's enough to keep you horny, and it keeps something up your butt. But, for outside wear, to school, this is definitely too small.

There are plenty of demons and humans alike there who desire you I'm sure, and would love to call themselves your alpha. And that is why you stay plugged, so that with every step you take, with every time you try and sit, and generally every move you make you are reminded of just who you belong to."

"Yes-yes master." Inuyasha blushed at that, hugging his father. The way the older dog said it made Inuyasha feel weak in the knees. His sire saw him as a prize catch, one he was proud to show as his own and one he fiercely defended; concerned that other alphas might try and snatch him away.

"Don't worry though pup, the large and extra-large models will be out soon. Those you can wear to school. But for now, how about I let you and your big brother have sex with each other?"

"Really? That would be awesome master!" Indeed, Sesshomaru's attention was peaked at that as well, as Kouga gently eased the vibrating plug from his friend's ass, turning it off and setting it on the coffee table.

"You two most certainly can. Why don't you go find a good movie to watch on demand and Kouga, I need you to grab a few blankets and pillows out of that closet over there and lay out a little bed for these two. I will get you guys ready for your little rendezvous."

Inuyasha hurried to comply, thinking their sire might actually let them have sex for the first time in over two weeks. Finding a good movie, 'No Country For Old Men', one of his favorites actually, he put it on and paused it while Kouga laid a couple of blankets and a comforter on the floor in front of the couch and tossed a couple of pillows down as well. Sesshomaru moved down onto their temporary bedding as Inutaisho returned.

The half-demon's expectations soon changed and fell however, as he saw his sire had not returned with any keys. Rather, he was holding a very large, cream colored dildo. It was extremely long, way over a foot in length, and as Inuyasha realized, it had a head on each end. Blushing, Inuyasha suddenly realized what his father had in mind when he was allowing them to have sex with each other.

"Face away from each other boys."

"Y-yes master." Inuyasha blushed as he and Sesshomaru faced away from each other. Standing between them, Inutaisho lubed the twenty inch long, double ended dildo and placed one end to Sesshomaru's rear.

"Relax yourself pup."

"Yes, master." Sesshomaru forced his anus to relax and accept the thick invader as his sire eased the bulbous head in. It slid in with a wet pop, and the older full inu slid a good ten inches of it into his older boy. Then, he pressed the other end to Inuyasha's rear and held it there.

"Go ahead Sesshomaru, enter your baby brother."

"Yes master."

Kouga felt his cock nearly explode as Sesshomaru backed up, easing the other end of the thick dildo into Inuyasha's ass. It slid into the hanyou and inch after inch was eased into the youngest dog demon until he and Sesshomaru were touching, roughly ten inches of fake cock in each of them.

"That's a good couple of boys. Here, take a little ride on each other my pups." Inutaisho slid them apart a bit, and grasped the middle of the dildo, prompting the two boys to start rocking back and forth on the ends of the dildo.

They rode it like he wanted, humping each other via the two headed phallus. It was a crazy thought, to think that they both were feeling the same thing, enjoying the frustrating pleasure of having the thick, bulbous intruder in their rears, knowing that their beloved sibling was on the dildo's other end.

After a minute, Inutaisho pulled his hand away, letting the two fuck each other just by synchronizing their humping, pulling away and pushing back onto it at the same time, their butts meeting as they swallowed up the monster cock.

"That's very good boys. Now, we can get back to humping later. For the moment, why don't you two lie down together; the dildo is flexible so you two can hold each other with it still inside you both."

"Yes master."

The two did as told, sliding down the dildo till their butts were pressed together, then moving onto their sides, turning to face each other. Laying together, Sesshomaru's arms went around Inuyasha as Inutaisho threw a comforter over them. Between them, the dildo was bent in half, one half in each of them.

Infuriating as the phallus was inside him, Sesshomaru was actually damn glad to have it. The thought that his baby brother was filled, connected to him, his rear impaled on a thick cock made Sesshomaru happy, even if it wasn't his cock that was filling the hanyou.

Meanwhile, Inutaisho slid one of the vibrating plugs into his own rear, the other into Kouga's. Turning them both on, his to a low setting, Kouga's to a medium one, the dog demon sat down on the couch and pulled Kouga onto his lap, having the wolf settle back against him while they watched the movie. All in all, it wasn't a bad way to spend a cold, dreary Sunday as far as Inutaisho was concerned.

~~~~~~A Few Hours Later~~~~~~

Kouga sat tied to a chair, stark naked with his wrists and elbows bound to the chair arms; his thighs, shins, and ankles bound to the chair as well. A cock ring had been coerced around his cock and balls, and the vibrator was still inside him, cranked up to a high level.

The ookami watched as Inutaisho slipped a ball gag into his mouth, feeling it being pulled tight behind him before a padlock was clicked shut through the buckle in the back. Then, a satin blindfold was slipped over his eyes and all was dark.

"Alright boys, now before we consider letting you two off, I want to see you both practice getting your alpha males off. I want you two to work together and practice your oral skills on Kouga. Suck that big wolf cock, worship his full balls, use your tongues, whatever feels natural to you both."

"How will we now if we're doing something really right, master?" Inuyasha questioned, a blush on his face, though he did want to know how better to please. Though he seemed to have some natural skill, he hadn't had any real training to speak of regarding oral.

"Well, with that cock ring on Kouga he won't be cumming anytime soon. So, just experiment. With that vibrator getting him good and horny, I'm sure he'll be communicating what he likes in no time." Inutaisho instructed as he gently stroked the wolf, feeling a thick bead of precum leaking down his shaft.

"Yes, master."

"Good boys."

Inutaisho headed for the kitchen, getting their dinner started early while the two boys moved to the bound ookami. Both of their heads between his legs, they decided upon who would start with what, and so Sesshomaru began to suckle on Kouga's length while Inuyasha began to lick and suck on the wolf's balls.

Kouga moaned lightly at the feel of two tongues upon his groin, the two dog demons lathering his cock with their saliva. It was a brutal contrast, Sesshomaru's experienced tongue worshipping his cock while Inuyasha's virginal yet instinctual one massaged his balls timidly though excitedly. It was a tag team that made him want to blow his load, yet the tight cock ring had him captive and helpless.

The wolf shifted in his bonds as his foreskin was fully retracted, the dog peeling his skin back to attack his dark, sensitive crown with vigor. He tried to thrust up into the warm mouth but he was tied tight, and very much immobile.

After a few minutes, the two switched, Sesshomaru's sinful tongue going to work on the ookami's sensitive orbs while a shy, somewhat timid though hopelessly eager tongue running up the underside of his length. Kouga grunted in frustration as the two serviced his bound member, eagerly attacking his painfully hard cock, knowing he couldn't reach his completion.

"That's great otouto, try polishing the head of his dick with your tongue. And you can try humming along his length, the feelings are exquisite, and it is something our sire greatly enjoys."

"Thanks aniki." Kouga heard the two talking and sure enough the hanyou was soon swirling his young tongue around the wolf's exposed head, and when the boy started humming down his length the ookami nearly screamed.

The pleasurable torture continued on for a few minutes longer. And then, when it couldn't get any worse, when Kouga's straining organ could get no harder, no thicker or longer in its engorged state, Inutaisho returned to them, dinner cooking at a low heat and no longer requiring his immediate attention.

"Aww, that's great puppies. You two are doing a wonderful job, just look at how needy the little wolf is. Here, let me give you guys a few pointers. First off, you two try kissing each other through his dick. Make out with either side of his cock like you were kissing each other.

"Yes, master." The two responded as they each began to kiss and suck and lick at the same spot on either side of Kouga's shaft, their tongues touching each other every few seconds. That made the wolf howl, even blindfolded he could picture what the two gorgeous dogs looked like kissing each other from either side of his painfully hard dick.

"Good boys, now take turns swirling your tongues over his head. Especially go around the rim of his head and over his frenulum. And try doing it with your tongue piercings, the ball rubbing against his sensitive crown will drive him absolutely mad."

As the two set to work, practicing their father's instructions, Kouga willed himself not to start begging around the gag, or start crying from the overstimulation. Something Inutaisho took note of, overjoyed at the sight of the beautiful ookami tugging at his restraints, trying to thrust up into the mouths of his boys.

~~~~~~A While Later~~~~~~

"Alright now Kouga, we need to tame this little beast of yours. So come on boy, get it soft for me." Inutaisho spoke as he pressed a rag full of ice to Kouga's member, using the cold to encourage a bit of shrinkage in the wolf.

The wolf mumbled and tried to get away from the cold grip on his member, but he did eventually start to wilt just a bit, and with some tugging the cock ring was gradually worked off of his dick. Getting his balls back out of the ring also aided in the wolf going flaccid, and within a couple of minutes his erection was at rest.

"That's a good wolf. Now, let's just get you locked up into a cage so you don't fiddle with this thing." Kouga felt some sort of ring being worked back around his member, and a sinking feeling settled in his stomach.

The ring was put together, some sort of pin worked through it, and Kouga moaned as his member was coerced into a tube. Sure enough, it was pulled snug and after a second of tugging Kouga heard the click of a lock. Then, the blindfold and gag were removed, and the bound wolf could finally look down at his now caged penis.

It was one of the new acrylic devices Tanaka had created, though all Kouga knew was that it looked secure and it was locked tight to his manhood, much to his chagrin. Looking back up at Inutaisho, he saw the dog's mischievous eyes and silently pleaded to have it taken off.

"Relax ookami, it isn't staying, I just want you to keep focused on the festivities tonight. Now, I'm going to take Inu and Sesshomaru here and set them up with a nice bath. I'll be back in a few minutes to untie you and you can get the room set up for tonight."

"Yes, sir."

Kouga watched, still tied naked to the chair, as Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were led off to the spa room of the dog demon's estate. There, the two younger inu were taken to the large Jacuzzi tub within, which Inutaisho began to fill with hot water.

Going into the small closet next to it, Inutaisho got out a few nice oils and salts, and a bottle of bubble bath solution. Adding the aromatic and relaxing oils and salts to the water, Inutaisho ran his arm through it as the large faucets poured water into the big tub.

After a few minutes, he poured in the soap and watched it turn into a foaming mass of pleasant spelling bubbles. Removing the belt portion of Inuyasha's chastity pod, he let the two inu slip into the bath, and brought over shampoo, conditioner, and a bottle of nice body wash.

"Here you go puppies, dinner won't be ready for a while. Take all the time you guys want and enjoy each other's company, just make sure you guys get nice and clean for later."

"Yes, master." The two responded as they sunk into the warm water, though their peace was disturbed as Inutaisho set up two IV poles by the tub. Inuyasha in particular, not wanting an enema, decided to question the older dog before he got a bunch of soapy water up his butt.

"Why are we getting enemas, master?"

"Because I like putting water up your butt, that's why. Though, this one isn't a punishment enema, actually, you're gonna like this one puppy."

"Really, master?"

"Yep, this is actually a soothing mixture. Here, I'll be right back with it pup."

Sure enough, the dog demon went back into the kitchen, retrieved the pot he'd put on the stove on low heat earlier, and brought it back into the room. There, he poured it into four bags, which he hung up, two to each dog. Then, he connected the bags into two separate tubes, feeding from two bags each. The ends connected to long, thin nozzles which Inutaisho gently eased into both boys.

The tubes were long enough that the two could stay in the tub and take the enemas sitting down. To make sure the water went deep up in them, Inutaisho eased the nozzles in even further, sending some of the tube into each of them. Then, he stepped back and released the stoppers, allowing the water to begin its run into the boys.

"Now pups, you'll expel that water into a measured container, so don't think about letting any out my devious little boys. Not that you'd want to, this one is a mixture of yogurt and chamomile in warm water, which you two should find very soothing."

"Yes, master." Sesshomaru responded while Inuyasha nodded.

"Alright, I'll be back pups. Keep that water in, get yourselves nice and clean, and then we'll have dinner."

Inutaisho left the two at that. He knew from experience that the mixture going into his boy's rears was very soothing, very soft and inviting and completely different from the soap and water mixture of his punishment enemas. And so, he went back to the kitchen, checking the pasta sauce he had simmering, while Kouga sat stripped and bound nearby.

"You know wolf, I really like having you tied up like that, right where I can keep my eye on you, and keep a cage on that cock of yours."

"Yes, sir. Though if you untied me I could help you get dinner ready."

"That is true. And I suppose that big dick of yours is nice and safe in that cage. You know what, I've got dinner going, you go upstairs and get my room ready now. I'm thinking I want the two of them on all fours, facing away from the head of the bed. Can you do the knots together in a line you think?"

"No problem, sir." Kouga agreed as Inutaisho released him from the chair. Standing up, he couldn't help reaching down to grasp his locked dick, feeling his trapped erection confined by the plastic. He truly hoped it wasn't staying, he was desperately horny and it had only been on for a matter of minutes.

"Good boy, Kouga." Inutaisho couldn't help treating the full grown alpha wolf like his little boy as he pulled him in for a kiss, softly claiming the ookami for his own.

~~~~~~One Hour Later~~~~~~

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru stood bent over the bathtub, holes lubricated and awaiting the plugs Inutaisho gently pushed into each boy. They weren't especially large rubber plugs, and weren't vibrating, and slid into their still calm rears with ease.

Both of them were enjoying the soothing sensation the enemas had left behind. The calming mixture Inutaisho had used left them feeling slightly cool, and very comfortable inside, amazingly they'd almost been reluctant to let the water out when their sire had returned to the bath; almost.

"Alright, there we go. You two look excellent, ready for dinner?" Inutaisho spoke as he reached one hand between Inuyasha's legs to shake his chastity pod, the other between Sesshomaru's creamy thighs to pat the belt locked to his frame.

"Yes, master."

"Good boys." Grasping Sesshomaru's slave chain and clipping a lead to Inuyasha's leather collar, he led the boys to the dining room and sat them both down, Kouga already waiting, still naked and locked into the chastity cage.

Sitting down, the two inu watched as Inutaisho brought out their food. While as a master he could easily order them to get it themselves, as pack alpha it gave him a certain pride to provide for his boys, making sure their basic needs were met before he tormented his beloved pups.

And, their needs were met and then some. Digging into the pasta Inutaisho had whipped up, the two younger inu were suddenly ravenous after the soothing, filling enemas they'd just released. Even Sesshomaru, who could go weeks or months without eating at all was devouring the delicious meal.

~~~~~~Forty-Five Minutes Later~~~~~~

Setting down on Inutaisho's bed, Kouga was so, so glad to be a demon. Namely because had he been a human his stomach would have exploded long before he'd reached the delicious cannoli and ice cream desert he'd scarfed down minutes earlier.

To his left, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were tied on their hands and knees, side by side facing the foot of the bed. In front of them, Inutaisho had the keys to both their belts, including the Allan key to Inuyasha's pod. Reaching underneath his hanyou, Inutaisho undid the boy's chastity pod and opened it, unstrapping Inuyasha's member from within and pulling it free.

"There we go puppy. Now, Sesshomaru, I'm going to level with you. You've been a great boy the last few days Sesshomaru, but I'm not ready to let you cum just yet. I know you are submitted now but you are still a natural alpha, and I just don't feel like letting you release would be the smartest option right now."

Sesshomaru looked up at the dog demon, lightly flexing his bound wrists and ankles. Staring at the dog, he saw the dog's gaze, saw the compassion in his sire's eyes, but knew the older inu youkai was firm in his decision. And that made him stiffen in his belt, wishing desperately his sire had a different opinion though shamefully he agreed with the older dog.

"Yes, master."

"I know puppy, I know you're horny. I will let you make this choice though, if you want you can either stay in your belt for the night or I can take it off and have Kouga play with your member for a bit. Whichever you prefer my beautiful, though I am definitely not letting you climax either way."

"Please play with it for a bit master."

"Of course puppy."

Piece by piece, the belt and catheter were removed from Sesshomaru's body, the catheter deflated and slid out with a slight shudder from Sesshomaru as the slick tube was pulled from inside him. Once it was all off, Inutaisho took the pieces, along with Inuyasha's pod, and put them all in the tub to soak clean.

"Alright my boys, I do believe it's time to give you both some attention between your legs. It has been quite a while, a full two weeks already without either of you getting any release. I guess the question is, do we let you, little hanyou, off at that or do we keep this little guy all horned up with no mercy for a while longer?"

Inutaisho spoke as he returned to the bed, getting behind Inuyasha and giving his already hard penis a few gentle tugs, teasing the young hanyou. Said dog let out a light whimper and tried to hump the older inu's hand, though it was quickly withdrawn, leaving him without any of the much wanted stimulation his sire could give.

"You know, you've been quite a rambunctious little pup. Well intentioned of course, but I've certainly had to keep a very close eye on you. I'm not quite sure you're ready to cum just yet. What do you think about it Kouga?" Inutaisho asked as his hand once again sought out Inuyasha's penis, gently tugging and stroking at the organ.

"I don't know sir; he has been a naughty little boy at times. And he has needed a few punishments these last two weeks. But then he has certainly been trying hard. What does the little puppy think himself?"

"I…ugh, whatever you think sir. I am really horny though, sir."

"Just like a good beta pup should be." Kouga grinned as he patted Inuyasha's rear, he himself kneeling behind the well restrained Sesshomaru.

"Oh well, I suppose we'll just find out when we get to that point, huh?" Inutaisho commented rather sinisterly as he took hold of his youngest boy's erection once more. Together, he and Kouga began to stroke the two dogs, slowly, gently jerking the two off.

"You know, we should probably clean these things up, they're both precum soaked messes." Kouga joked as he let his hand glide back and forth on the film of pre-ejaculate that had filled the tube of Sesshomaru's chastity belt over the last two weeks, much of which had clung to his porcelain colored member.

"Good idea. We should probably get something to shove in these boy's butts too while we're at it. You grab a towel and some water from the bathroom and clean these two up; I'll get a couple of vibrators out for them."

"Sounds good, sir."

"And you know what, grab a tube of paint while you're in there, for a special occasion like this they should have their holes painted."

"Definitely, great idea sir." Kouga got off the bed, and strutted into the bathroom, as much as one could strut with their manhood locked in a plastic cage.

Quickly the wolf returned with a small bucket of warm water a couple of towels. He made quick work of wiping the two inu clean between their legs, scrubbing away the excess precum and peeling their foreskin's back to scrub both of their over sensitized heads.

Once they were clean, he dried them both and then grabbed the tube of paint, a shade of dark magenta, and carefully painted both their anuses with the stick of body color. Inutaisho returned with a couple of eight inch, vibrating dildos, and they were gently eased into the two boys and turned on, making the aroused and embarrassed dog demons even hornier than they'd been.

"There we go, that's just beautiful my little pups. You know, I think I want you two painting your holes every day as part of your morning routine from now on. It's a good reminder of just what part of your bodies you should be focused on sexually, and it looks damn good to boot."

"Thank you master." Sesshomaru made sure to obediently respond. Not that he was even hoping for a repeal of his father's earlier declaration, but if there was anything he could do to earn orgasm, he was more than interested.

"You really turn into a good boy when someone offers to jerk you off, huh Sess?"

Kouga joked as he leaned forward, capturing Sesshomaru's mouth with his own and kissing his friend. He really loved Sesshomaru, so much. While they'd never been truly intimate in their youth, for reasons unknown, the wolf was so glad they'd come together now, and he had no intention of leaving the dog ever again, had no intention in leaving any of his three beloved inu companions.

As the elder dog and the ookami began stroking the two bound inu once again, the two dogs quickly swelled to full hardness once again, cocks throbbing in the hands of Inutaisho and Kouga. It was not long before Inuyasha was twitching and shaking lightly, desperate for more of the phenomenal stimulation, Sesshomaru not far behind him.

And, both found that the hands upon them slowed as they began to approach orgasm, Inutaisho easing his youngest son's foreskin back to gently rub the head of his boy's penis, making Inuyasha whine and try to thrust into his father's hand.


"I know pup, I know you're horny."

"Are…are you going to let me, you know, cum, tonight, master?" Inuyasha worked out, embarrassed to ask his sire but desperate to know if the pleasurable torture had a rewarding end in sight.

"What do you think little puppy?" Inutaisho gently picked up stroking his young boy once again, teasing and edging the hanyou some more. He himself was on the fence; Inuyasha did deserve to cum, it had been two weeks for the young, horny teen, but then he was an evil man and the thought of keeping his boy locked for longer appealed to him as well.

"I really want to cum alpha, master."

At that, Inutaisho leaned his body over the bound half-demon, draping his larger form over his beloved boy's while he kept stroking the dog. Meanwhile, Kouga had resumed his stroking of Sesshomaru's thick, fully engorged penis.

While he knew the dog wasn't going to be allowed to cum, he still had the urge to pleasure his long-time friend, and he had to admit the dog's massive organ was warm and smooth in his hands, precum already seeping from his tip once again.

"You know Sess, as much as I love dominating you, I have to say this feels right; my dick locked up in this awful cage while this big dog cock of yours swings free and hard."

"Agreed, and I must admit it feels nice to have your warm hands on me while that wolf dick is safely caged away."

At that, Kouga gently patted the dog's balls, still stroking his friend's thick cock. He could feel the dog's engorged penis starting to slowly pulse, and knew that once again he was getting Sesshomaru close to the edge. Slowing his hand, he gave the inu youkai a chance to cool down before he began tormenting him again.

Inutaisho too was gradually slowing his movements, hoping to leave his beautiful young hanyou boy on the edge of orgasm, to string him along at the verge of his peak until he drove the boy delirious. And it was certainly working, his baby boy was panting and struggling against the ropes holding him and Sesshomaru to the bed already.

"Good boy, so horny aren't you little pup? I bet I could get you to do just about anything in exchange for jerking this little puppy dick a few more times, huh?"

"Yes, master!"

Inuyasha humped his father's hand as much as he could, but the older dog just loosened his hand grip and thus reduced the friction on his boy's member to the point of it having almost no effect. Merely a light touch teasing the hanyou's member, and thus leaving the boy just before the edge of his orgasm.

After a few moments, the delightful torture started anew, Inutaisho's hand stroking Inuyasha's length as Kouga's massaged Sesshomaru. It kept up for some time, the two of them being stroked up to the edge before being allowed to calm, before the process started again.

Eventually, Kouga took mercy on Sesshomaru, slowing and stilling his stroking of the older brother while Inutaisho edged Inuyasha one more time. As the hanyou approached his orgasm once again his sire began to stroking faster and faster, bringing him right to the edge and he jerked the boy off.

"That's my boy, you want to cum pup?" Inutaisho growled out as he brought the boy right up to his peak, one hand on Inuyasha's cock while the other grasped his boy's side.

"Please master!"

With a final stroke, Inutaisho jerked his hand up the boy's member one more time and let go, and just watched as the hanyou tugged at his restraints, a couple of tears making it down the hanyou's face as his scarlet red penis bobbed.

Oh it was a beautiful sight indeed.