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The Knight Captain on Weathertop

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In the Realm of the King of Shadows…







Darren Kell, former member of the West Harbour Militia, Weapon Master, Member of the Neverwinter Nine, and Knight Captain of Crossroad Keep looked back to see his two friends arguing behind him as well as Elanee, Sand, Casavir, Zhjaeve and Ammon Jerro were already moving as quickly as they could. He looked back and there was Elanee behind him, running as fast as she could, her Elven Ceremonial Armour protecting her well without weighing her down.

He hoped that they would soon find a way out of this death trap that was now falling down on top of them all, they had lost too many things and people dear to them to let themselves be buried here in this Undead ruin of the ancient Illefarn Empire that spawned the Guardian who through touching the corruption of the Dark Weave of Magic in the Realms had become the King of Shadows that threatened to destroy all life despite the twisted yet sound logic behind it's actions.

Their last ditch gamble worked and they had struck deep in the heart of the King of Shadows' empire and had finally slain the Shadow Reavers as well as the King of Shadows himself. However, they had to deal with other matters, Bishop who had betrayed them back in Crossroad Keep had sided with Black Garius along with Qara who thought they held her back from using her full power due to them being jealous, the Blade Golem nearly fell into Bishop's own use due to taking the control phrases from Grobnar before and even Neeshka had been possessed by a geas spell by Garius, thankfully they had won as Grobnar had a set of overrides and took control of the Golem and Neeshka had revolted and freed herself from the geas. They slew Garius and then the King of Shadow's avatars and finally the former Guardian of Illefarn itself using the Sword of Gith and the Ritual of Purification.

The mission was a success...but they never realized that the only power that held the ancient ruins in place was the power of the King of Shadows itself and soon the place began to fall apart right on top of them. This made them run to find a portal that would be able to lead them out of this now collapsing ruin before they were buried here forever, none of them were in the mood to wind up buried deeply in the very lair of their enemies and the foe that they all have shed their blood to defeat.

As they ran through the ruins to try and find a way out, they looked to see the very stones of this place beginning to rot and turn into sand and dust before their very eyes, showing them that the place was indeed falling apart. Casavir turned to the others as he and Zhjaeve were running ahead, as he spotted what appeared to be a room of some sort that seemed to be stable ahead of them.


The others nodded and kept on going as best they could, but that was then they heard a cry.


Darren turned and quickly saw Elanee with her right arm broken at the shoulder, judging by the way it moved, she had been hit by a chunk of rock from the sealing and yet another was about to hit her. He was quick to react as he turned around and rushed back to save her, he was not going to lose her to this nightmarish place, they had been through so much together that he would rather die with her than live without her by his side. He turned to the others and shouted his orders.


The others did as he asked as he turned back and quickly rushed to Elanee, they had already lost Shandra before and had lost both their allied Blade Golem and Grobnar who vainly tried to save it and was crushed as Ammon had told him as he looked for any sign of the bard, he was not going to lose Elanee to that very same fate no matter what happened next.

Darren managed to grab Elanee and pull her away from the falling chunk that nearly crushed her, the two lovers moved quickly as well to reach the others. The Wood Elf was in pain but tried to focus on getting away, the sight of his elven friend and lover in pain tore at the Knight Captain but he knew that they still had a chance that they could not afford to waste, there had to be a way out of this place....but since the ruins had been surrounded by the dark taint of the King of Shadows before his fall by their hands they had no idea if there was a way out from here, they could only hope that there was a path out of the crumbling fortress.

As soon as they turned to the spot where the others had been running to, they were able to reach the room and as soon as they were inside, he lay Elanee down gently as she moaned in pain, he then turned the Zhjaeve and the Githzerai cleric nodded as she could see that Elanee was in deep pain and needed healing.

"Know that I will tend to her wounds Kalach-Cha, but we must find an escape soon or it will be for nothing."

Ammon nodded.

"The Githzerai is right, but we have no idea where this fortress is or how far the exit from it might be."

Khelgar groaned at that.

"This is not going to be good...."

That was when Sand took out a scroll and began to chant a spell for a portal. Darren was surprised and wondered what Sand was up to until he spotted the scroll and found it to be containing a spell from the Tome of Iltkazar, apparently Sand had gotten the spell before giving the Tome to Aldanon. He had to give Sand credit for that and showed it as he spoke to Sand.

"You thought ahead yet again Sand."

Sand smiled a bit and replied.

"Yes, I usually do, though this might take a while to work on. This spell makes a portal to the other side, though I'm hoping it's a way out."

Ammon Jerro however replied.

"Do what you can Wizard and do it quickly, we may have stability here in this room now…but not for long."

Sand nodded as he tried his best to speak out the full translation of the words of the spell and soon a portal began to form, the effort took a great deal out of the Moon Elf Wizard but he knew that it was the only option that they all had, he could have taken a Golem form to escape with the others, but there was no telling what would happen to the others behind him, and with the place falling apart as it was, things were not looking good. As much as he valued his own life, he had developed a deep friendship with the Knight Captain and was not going to abandon him to this fate.

Elanee was able to finally get up and Darren was relieved as she spoke to him.

"Thank you....for coming back for me."

"I'll never leave you behind, you know that Elanee."

"I know..."

Sand then shouted.

"The portal is ready! Hurry!"

Casavir spoke seriously as he was worried about where the portal might lead..

"Do we have any idea where this might take us?"

Neeshka replied seriously.

"Anywhere is better than here you know!"

"I'm with Neeshka on this one!"

Khelgar replied at that as the dwarf monk took his first steps to the portal and that was enough for all of them as they all entered the portal knowing that they had little choice on the matter itself. As they stepped through it Elanee spoke to her beloved who she had watched since he was a young boy growing up to be the man before her.

"No matter what happens Darren I love you and if we are separated I want you to know that I will find you....no matter what, I will find you."

Darren smiled at that.

"I know."

The two finally stepped through the portal in time as the last remains of the Illefarn Empire fell behind them.


Darren tried to look for the others in the swirling mass of light as he walked through the portal itself, but all he saw was a rainbow of colours and images, images that made no sense to him and there he heard the voice of an elven woman speaking about something of great importance.

"The world is changed...."

"I feel it in the Water."

"I feel it in the Earth."

"I smell it in the Air."

"Much that once was....is lost. For none now live to remember it."

He watched as a great fire burned before him, a pair of thongs that he recognized as those used by blacksmiths lifting what appeared to be small melting cup, the contents were no doubt metal and as he watched the images play out as the metal was forced into a mold for what appeared to be a ring, the elven woman spoke once more.

"It began with the forging of the Great Rings."

He saw three hands there, one was no doubt female and all three were elven. The rings had a diamond, a sapphire, and a ruby in them beautiful rings and though they were images, he could see that they had great power in them. He saw a beautiful blonde Elven female and two other elven men and he could see that all three of them were beings of great power.

"Three were given to the Elves, immortal, wisest, and fairest of all beings."

The images changed and before the Knight Captain were seven other rings on a stone table, then seven hands reached out to take those rings, he looked to see the faces of dwarves, all of regal and royal bearing as well as skill as they raised their hands with the rings in their grasp..

"Seven to the Dwarf Lords, great miners and craftsmen of the Mountain Halls."

He then saw nine men, every last one of them Human, each holding a ring as well, he could see that they each were kings and lords of great power and standing among men.

"And Nine...nine rings were given to the race of Men, who above all else, desire power."

He looked to see a land that he could tell was not Faerun though it had been some time since he looked at any maps back in Crossroad Keep.

"For within these rings was the strength and power to govern each race..."

Darren had no idea why he was seeing this but something compelled him to look closely at this.

"But they were all of them....deceived....for another ring was made."

The image changed to a land surrounded by mountains, and he felt something there, something vile and evil, he looked at the Sword of Gith that he had in his hand and saw the weapon glow deeply, something about this troubled Darren but he looked to see this image clearly. He saw a blasted wasteland and a volcano unleashing fell fire and ash.

"In the land of Mordor...in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron, forged in secret a master ring to control all others."

Darren looked at a figure dressed in evil looking armour, carrying with him an aura of pure evil as well as terror, he face hidden well by a mask of steel, forged to resemble the face of evil itself, the figure was surrounded in fire and smoke while in the very heart of the volcano seemingly unharmed by the hellish place he was in, this was enough to tell Darren that the being before him was not human.

He saw the ring in flame and there on it were words that made no sense to him, he listened to the elven woman as she continued her tale. As the being known as Sauron moved his fist which had the ring in it as it glowed in power

"And into this ring, he poured his cruelty, his malice, and his will to dominate all life....One ring to rule them..."

The images changed as he saw creatures resembling Orcs of some kind ravaging through the lands, evil Men wielding weapons of war attacking villages and towns, killing all who opposed them and enslaving those who couldn't fight back, the people before them screaming in fear, terror, and desperation while others were slain in their attempts to escape, the Weapon Master, who had long loved all that was good and just clenched his fists on his weapons at the sight of such cruelty.

"One by one, the Free Peoples of Middle Earth fell to the power of the Ring...but there were some who resisted."

He watched as an army of men dressed in plate and chainmail armour along with elves who were dressed in a very unique form of plate armour, carrying weapons that he didn't quite recognize but could tell were of elven make as they marched towards the massive volcano called Mount Doom in Mordor.

"A last Alliance of Men and Elves marched against the armies of Mordor and on the slopes of Mount Doom, they fought for the freedom Middle Earth."

Darren watched as the hideous Orcs were shot at by the men who had archers in their ranks, many fell but even more charged at the men and elves, the elves readied their shields and he spotted one who despite the dirt and grime was an elf of great power and standing just by the look of him, and he seemed to be an elf of great stature as he commanded their archers to unleash their arrows unafraid as some of the arrows flew past him.

The arrows cut down more of the Orcs as the two armies clashed in a bloody melee, men and elves fought side by side in battle against the Orcs and then he spotted the Elf general fighting bravely while another Elf armed with a powerful spear fought well alongside a man of royal bearing, bravery and skill, carrying a sword that glowed like it was on fire and light. Another man who was also of royal bearing fought well alongside his fellow Men and the allied Elves.

"Victory was near...."

Darren saw then that the leaders of the Men and Elves, along with their followers began to back away as the elven woman spoke.

"But the power of the Ring...could not be undone."

He then saw the being of evil known as Sauron had arrived in the field carrying a mace of some sort, he forced the Men and Elves back, even his own Orcs seemed to back away from their own lord. Without hesitation, the Dark Lord attacked the Men and Elves, his mace literally sending numbers of them flying this way and that, and Darren had no doubt that those Men and Elves were dead.

He saw the older man attack but he too was knocked aside, smashing hard into the rocks as he dropped his sword, his helm aside and the look of death on his face. He saw the younger man rush to the dead man's side, taking off his helm in pain and grief.

"It was in this moment, when all hope had faded...that Isildur son of the King took up his father's sword."

Darren watched as Sauron stood above the king and Isildur ready to end it, Isildur turned to take his father's weapon but Sauron broke it with his armoured boot, leaving only a broken blade as he reached to no doubt crush Isildur with his hands, the prince was undaunted and with the broken sword, sliced at Sauron, the evil being backed away as he roared in pain as his fingers were sliced off by the sword. The finger with the ring on it fell before Isildur and he looked to see Sauron's armour glow, the wind came alive as if being sucked into the glowing form of the Dark Lord, everyone backed away to hold their ground until the explosion of light followed, knocking many back.

Darren watched as the empty armoured shell of Sauron fell to the ground along with his helm that still bellowed smoke..

"Sauron...The Enemy of the Free Peoples of Middle Earth was defeated."

Darren felt elated to know that, but he watched as Isildur took into his hand the ring as the finger of Sauron crumbled in his hands. The ring glowed at that touch and Darren became worried.

"The Ring passed to Isildur, who had this one chance to destroy evil forever..."

Darren watched in shock and horror as the images showed Isildur and his forces leaving on a road in the woods...with the ring of Sauron in a chain on Isildur's armour.

"But the hearts of Men, are easily corrupted...and the Ring of Power has a will of it's own."

The Weapon Master watched as a large Orc force attacked the group completely by surprise one knocking Isildur off his horse and as Isildur watched his men being cut down by the Orcs he took the ring and vanished away from sight, as the chaos continued before Darren's eyes he saw Isildur run from the battle into the river, but then the King became visible, much to the man's horror as he tried to reach it, only to have several Orcs fire arrows into him, killing him as he floated through the water, his blood flowing out.

"It betrayed Isildur...to his death."

The ring fell into the river and was now lost in the undergrowth as the elven woman spoke.

"And some things that should not have been forgotten were now lost. History became legend, legend became myth...and for two and a half thousand years, the Ring passed out of all knowledge."

Darren watched as the ring appeared before him, just as a hand grabbed it from the bottom.

"Until, when chance came, it ensnared a new bearer."

He looked to see the hand become dirty and vile to the look and he heard a voice that made him grip the Sword of Gith in anger..


The images showed deep mountains covered in mist as the elven woman spoke some more.

"The ring came to the creature Gollum, who took it deep into the tunnels of the Misty Mountains, and there, it consumed him."

He looked to see a pit filled with the skeleton of rodents and fish and a pool of water, he watched as a hunched over form of someone nearly naked was speaking in the same vile tone he heard before.

"It came to me....My Life, My Love, My Own, My Precious...."

The being looked about, hearing a noise of some sort, as soon as it was assured that it was nothing the broken creature spoke once more, making Darren both pity and hate the creature for holding such an evil thing and treating it like a gift from the Gods.

"The ring brought Gollum unnatural long life, for five hundred years it poisoned his mind. And in the gloom of Gollum's cave, it waited..."

Darren watched as the lands grew dark and covered in mist.

"Darkness crept back into the forest of the world...rumour grew of a shadow in the East, whispers of a nameless fear...And the Ring of Power perceived that it's time had now come..."

Darren watched as the ring fell down the stones, it's sound echoing the return of something evil.

"It abandoned Gollum...but something happened then that the Ring did not intend..."

The ring was there and was taken by yet another hand, only this time, Darren saw that the hand belonged to a Halfling who appeared to be wearing simple clothes.

"It was picked up....by the most unlikely creature imaginable...Bilbo Baggins of the Shire."

Darren listened as Bilbo spoke.

"What's this....a Ring?"

Bildo backed away as he hard a powerful cry of despair that Darren recognized as that of Gollum himself.


Darren looked at Bilbo as he pocketed the Ring as the woman spoke.

"For the time will soon come, that Hobbits will shape the fortunes of all."

Darren watched as the images faded and to his utter surprise he saw three figures walking towards him, one was an old man who was blind and had one hand cut off while carrying a sword in the left with a war-hammer on his belt, the other was a man who was covered in cuts, slashes, boils, scabs and wearing a loin cloth with his hands wrapped by red cord, he had a kind face and a hairy body, and he moved in great pain as well as his limbs appeared broken. The other was man wearing full plate armour and carrying a great sword on his shoulder.

He recognized them well enough as he was a worshipper of the three Gods before him...

"Tyr...Torm, Ilmater..."

The Weapon master was in awe as the three Gods walked before him and placed their hands on his chest, just where the shard of the Sword of Gith was, he felt a slight burning sensation and then he saw great light and he then heard a trio of voices called to him as the light blinded him as the burning faded..

"Go now, loyal son of the Triad.."


In the valley…

(By the Gods…this feels like the time I tried to beat Khelgar in that drinking contest back in Uncle Duncan's place in Neverwinter's Docks District…only worse.)

Darren shook his head a bit and opened his eyes, the Weapon Master tried to get the lights out of his eyes, recalling the shocking meeting of the three Gods he worshipped as a young man back in his time in West Harbour. The young red haired youth always worshipped the House of the Triad and the Gods who formed it, the Blind God of Tyr, the Loyal Fury Torm, and The Broken God Ilmater. This faith was something that struck him as somewhat different in his village as many preferred to worship the Goddess Chauntea but they couldn't deny him that he was very much a man who followed the virtues of his chosen patron Gods well and to the letter.

He had no idea why he saw the three Gods that he worshipped all his life before him, and he watched as all three of three of them placed their hands on his chest, namely the place where the last shard of the Sword of Gith was, he recalled this brief burning pain and then nothing but blinding light…and now here he was in what appeared to be a valley of some sort in the middle of the night. He recalled all he had seen and wondered what was going on.

As soon as he was assured that he was very much alive, he looked at the area and couldn't help but try and figure out what happened and where was he.

(Did Sand's spell work?)

(Where are we?)

(Where are the others?!)

Darren tried to find any trace of his friends and his beloved, there seemed no sign of them at all, for a brief moment, the young warrior felt despair in his heart as he worried that maybe the spell had failed at some point and the others were lost to him, perhaps forever, but he placed that aside and knew that he must have faith in his friends and comrades. With that in mind, he managed to get himself to his feet and began to check his things.

His Red Dragon Armour was with him along with his Luck Stone, his Gauntlets of Ogre Power, the Belt of Storm Giant Strength, his Boots of Elven Kind, his Ring of Regeneration, his Ring of Universal Resistance, his Watchman's Helm, his Cloak that he got from the Spider Kistrel was still with him when he lost his Knight's Cloak. He then checked his sides and to his relief, he found his potion pouch still there along with the set Lesser Magic Bags, Greater Magic Bags, and of course his prized bag of Holding was still there, along with his chosen Katana swords the first being the Sword Saint's Legacy and the Divine Fury.

He knew that by the sounds coming from his bags, the extra supplies of potions, weapons, healing kits, armour, relics, books, rings, and more that he had gained over the course of his travels were still there. At least he was not going into the unknown unprepared to say the very least and with that in mind the Weapon Master became a bit more at ease. He looked down and to his surprise, he saw the Sword of Gith there before him.

He reached down to the weapon and noted that there seemed to be something different about the Githyanki weapon that he was tied to as Zhjaeve would put it. It felt more powerful for some reason, and it seemed more whole to him. Did his Gods have something to do with this? He thought about it and decided to wait for now and placed the sword away in his Bag of Holding.

However that was not going to last long as he spotted the form of what appeared to be some sort of ancient Tower which despite not having the keen elven eyes of his love Elanee to see with, had some sort of camp fire there, he wondered if the people were sleeping when he heard a massive wailing that sounded like the cries of souls tormented.

The cries were enough to send a small wave of chills into him, whatever it was, he could tell that it was evil, he was no Paladin like his friend Casavir but he didn't need to be a Paladin to know the screams spoke of torment, suffering, and death. He knew that he had to hurry as best he could to find out what was going on at the top of the Tower, he was lucky his Watchman's Helm was able to provide him with light and Kistrel's Cloak helped him see in the dark as he rushed up the Tower.

He rushed quickly up there and then as he reached the top he spotted them, forms of men wearing black cloaks and hoods armed with blades and all of them seemed to be aiming at one young form before them, the form appeared to be in deep pain as Darren took a closer look to find out just who and what those being were closing in on. He was surprised to see a Halfling of all things, dressed in simple clothes, he spotted a short sword there and no doubt was the unfortunate creature's weapon.

The Halfling was in great pain and clutching his shoulder, no doubt he had been stabbed by them. Darren could tell that they were not human and were no doubt Undead, he had fought so many of the Undead summoned by the Shadow Reavers as well as the other Undead threats that moved in his home plane. These appeared to be different somehow yet the same. He reached into one of his pouches and knew that he would have something for those bastards.


Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Took, and Samwise Gamgee tried to get themselves back into action to save Frodo, but they were no match for the Ring Wraiths and were running out of time as the Undead beings closed in on Frodo, They had hoped to get some rest while they were there at Weathertop while Aragorn had gone off to scout the land and keep watch, but not before giving them weapons to defend themselves. The three silently cursed their bad luck at this and wished they had not done what they did. They had cooked a nightly meal of bacon, potatoes, tomatoes and herbs, courtesy of Sam, Frodo woke up and was shocked and wanted know what they were doing, they told him and Sam offered a plate to his master and close friend, Frodo however tried to turn off the fire, It was then that the Ring Wraiths found them.

They tried to defend each other as best they could, but the Ring Wraiths tossed them aside and were now about to attack Frodo after their apparent leader stabbed Frodo on the shoulder even after Frodo used the One Ring to avoid them. They wished they could so something, but how could they fight beings who were already dead and were more skilled then they were?

It was then that they spotted three flying vials of glowing white liquid flying towards the Ring Wraiths they were wondering just what they were when the vials landed and exploded in a display of light that seemed gentle to their eyes and didn't harm them. However they were shocked to see the Ring Wraith recoil and cry out in pain, as if the light burned them deeply, but what kind of liquid was it that seemed to scare even the Ring Wraiths?

It was then that a voice cried out and it wasn't Aragorn's voice.


The Hobbits turned and were stunned to see a man wearing red armour, a cloak, and carrying what appeared to be a glowing silver sword with jagged edges in both his hands. The man wore a helm and some sort of cloak, a pair of sheathed swords on his waist and several bags around his waist as well. The man charged right at the Ring Wraiths, much to the shock of the Hobbits as they had no idea who he was or why he was here along with why he was helping them of all people. They were also amazed by the weapon he had in both hands, it seemed like it was made of pure silver somehow yet as soon as the man struck at the Ring Wraiths the weapon became a shimmering solid mass of liquid silver….it was beautiful and amazing to behold.

Darren readied himself, tossing the vials of Holy Water first to force the Wraiths back and then engage them in close combat.

The Ring Wraiths managed to recover, but they were quickly assaulted by the new arrival with his massive weapon, this attack from the unexpected arrival scattered the group of Ring Wraiths and forced them to back away from their quarry. One Ring Wraith was suddenly slashed by the new attacker and screeched in horrifying pain as one of it's limbs were sliced off by the shimmering blade and forced it back in pain.

The other Ring Wraiths, including the one who stabbed Frodo converged on the red armoured man who fought them off, blocking their sword strikes with his own shimmering blade with great skill. They were unaware that the Hobbits had another guarding them and they couldn't help but stare at the weapon the man wielded, this was no ordinary weapon before them they could feel the power in the sword and they were wary.

Darren wielded the Silver Sword of Gith before him in both hands, as much as he wanted to use his katanas against them as both the Sword Saint's Legacy and the Divine Fury were able to hold their own against the Undead in a pitched battle he was not going to risk it and summoned the Silver Sword to battle and it seemed to be the right choice, it was the only weapon that slew the King of Shadows and it was able to hold it's own against these new Undead. He had little time to train with the Silver Sword of Gith but that certainly didn't mean it was a difficult weapon to master.

He evaded a deadly slash to his head by one Ring Wraith and quickly attacked in response, forcing his foe back as he then blocked a powerful stab to his side by another Ring Wraith and slashed them, he watched them carefully as he knew that even with the Red Dragon Armour on as well as his Ring of Universal Resistance, he couldn't take any risks with these new Undead. He looked at the wounded Halfling and he could see that he was in great pain, sparing a glance at the three Halflings, he shouted to them.

"See to your friend you three! I'll hold them off!"

That was enough to get Sam, Merry, and Pip into action as they rushed to Frodo's side. One Ring Wraith tried to attack but Darren came in and blocked their path as he challenged them.

"You shall not pass you Undead scum! I will send back to the Nine Hells if you take another step further!"

The Ring Wraiths roared in anger at that threat and closed in, Darren readied his sword but then he spotted movement and sure enough he spotted another man join the fray, he was apparently dressed in light leathers and carrying a long sword as well as a torch. The dark haired man threw himself at the Ring Wraiths and fought with consummate skill, making the Weapon Master see that he was an ally and not a threat. He wasted no time and charged deep into the ranks of the Ring Wraiths.

The two fought well and from what he could see of the new arrival's style he could see shades of Ranger training there in his movements, reminding the Knight Captain of his former ally turned enemy Bishop, Darren could tell that the man however was not the same as the traitorous Ranger as he seemed to fight with a noble spirit, similar to his own friend Casavir. He placed those thoughts aside for now as they both focused on the Ring Wraiths, it was not long before the Ring Wraiths began to retreat, no doubt due to facing two attackers at once, he then spotted the Ranger take aim and toss the torch at one of the Ring Wraiths and striking the Undead dead centre in the face with the torch's burning head. He was impressed at that as he had never seen that done before in his life.

(Even Neeshka was never that good with throwing knives; this Ranger's got some good skills.)

Darren followed the Ring Wraiths and as soon as he was assured that they were gone, he relaxed and placed aside the Silver Sword of Gith and had the sword back in his Bag of Holding, however, his battle trained senses warned him of danger and he quickly grabbed one of his katana swords, namely the Sword Saint Legacy and quickly turned to have his sword right at the Ranger's chest while the Ranger's own sword was at his throat and his armoured fore-arm ready to move to block the sword as his right hand held the sword in a one handed grip..

The Knight Captain of Crossroad Keep frowned at the Ranger, he was not expecting the man to take his weapon to him and he made his dislike of the situation plain enough for the man to hear.

"What's the big idea of you pointing your sword at me Ranger?"

Aragorn glared at the man but was impressed nevertheless, he and his kin, the Rangers were able to sneak up on people when they needed to yet somehow this man, despite the red armour he wore moved with such speed and skill that was uncanny. Not to mention that glowing silver blade he used was something he, for all his long years had never heard of before.

He had been going out to scout the wilds for a safe route at early light when he heard the cry of the Ring Wraiths, he rushed to protect Frodo and the other Halflings and had arrived to see the Ring Wraiths close in on Frodo, he was about to leap in when he also saw the three vials flying and was surprised to see the Ring Wraiths recoil in pain at the explosion of light, It was then that he heard the cry and then saw the stranger attack the Ring Wraiths. He was even surprised that instead of showing fear before the most feared and powerful servants of Sauron the Deceiver the man seemed totally confident and even insulted them.

He put that aside and spoke seriously.

"Who are you stranger?"

Darren could see that the ranger was not going to relent until he gave an answer and did so.

"My name is Darren Kell, formerly of the Mere Village of West Harbour, Member of the Neverwinter Nine, and Knight-Captain of Crossroad Keep. Now that you know who I am Ranger, now it's your turn."

Aragorn decided not to take chances with the man even though he was not an enemy and replied using the name the Halflings called him most of the time.

"I am Strider, a Ranger of the North."

Darren nodded and seeing that nothing could be gained by being hostile, he pulled the Sword Saint Legacy away, Aragorn did the same but before things could get into motion, the cries of Frodo stopped them just as Sam cried out to Aragorn.


Aragorn quickly rushed to Frodo's side and began to assess the injury, Darren did the same and looked at the Halfling, he was shocked to see the Halfling dying from a simple wound, that told him well enough that the dagger might have been enchanted with some sort of curse or poisoned, this was not the first time he had heard of or seen such weapons either and he quickly rummaged through his Bags to find a Healing Kit or some Blessing Potions along with some Healing Potions.

Merry and Pip tried to do something but they were in shock at all this and were trying to get some sense into themselves, Sam looked at Frodo and could see the intense pain his Master was suffering. The Halfling gardener swore as he looked at the weapon that was dropped and pointed it to Aragorn.

"Those Wraiths stabbed Mister Frodo with this thing!!"

Aragorn picked up the dagger left behind by the Ring Wraith that stabbed Frodo, he looked at the evil weapon and swore silently as he spoke.

"He's been stabbed by a Morgul Blade…."

The weapon's blade disintegrated quickly as he dropped it and the Ranger spoke.

"Such a wound like this is beyond my skill to heal, he needs elvish medicine and quickly!"

Darren then placed aside the Healing Kit had taken out, he moved forward and spoke to the party before him.

"I'll carry him for you."

Sam was about to argue as he had no idea who this man in red armour was but he realized that they had little time on their hands. Aragorn thought so too, but he had a feeling in him that this man could be trustworthy and nodded.

"Very well Darren, we have to hurry to Rivendell to have Frodo cured!"


The group ran as fast as they could and Darren was happy that his Red Dragon Armour was not weighing him down as he carried the Halfling on his back while they moved as quickly as they could manage through the lands. The Weapon Master looked about while the others moved just as quickly as they could manage, he was lucky that he was not too tired as he carried the wounded Halfling for as long as he could while questions flew through his head.

(Where were the others?)

(Where in Faerun were they?)

(What is Rivendell?)

( What were those things that attacked the Halflings?)

These questions flew in his mind as he moved with Aragorn leading them while Sam, Merry and Pip followed behind them. The running wore him down, but he knew that now was not the time to worry about himself as he knew that this Halfling named Frodo needed aid badly. He hoped that whoever they would meet in this place called Rivendell can not only save Frodo but also answer his questions.

They moved through the lands until they had no choice but to rest in a forest, Darren set Frodo down and he felt really tired and reached into one of his Bags and took out some dried meat and a small bottle of spring water that he stored over and ate the meat and drank the water, He then took out the Divine Fury and stood guard while Sam spoke to Aragorn.

"Mister Frodo's growing cold…."

Merry was worried as well and spoke with fear and worry in his voice as well as his face.

"Is he going to die?"

Aragorn replied solemnly, he had seen this happen before in his life fighting Sauron and knew the result if they didn't cure Frodo as well as reading the histories of such weapons made by the Enemy.

"The Morgul Blade is made with dark fell magic and poison and only two Ring Wraiths carry them, the leader and his lieutenant, if we don't get him to Rivendell to be cured, Frodo will pass into the Shadow Realm and die, eventually he will become a wraith like them."

The Halflings were shocked and Sam spoke.

"But we're still days from Rivendell Strider….we'll never make it…"

Darren replied as he walked over to them as he placed his gauntleted hand on Sam's shoulder.

"Don't lose your faith yet Sam, we need to focus on the here and now….Strider, is there anything that can at least slow down the poison until we get to this place?"

Aragorn nodded and spoke to Sam.

"There is, and we're near the borders of elven lands already so we can find it well enough, Sam, do you know the Athelas plant?"

Sam was confused by that and spoke his confusion.


"It's also known as Kingsfoil Sam."

"Kingsfoil? That's a kind of weed, I know that plant well!"

Aragorn was relieved and spoke seriously.

"That's good, we need to gather as much of it as we can, it's juices can help slow down the poison."

Sam was eager to go as Aragorn then turned to speak to Darren but the Weapon Master already knew what the Ranger had in mind.

"Don't worry, I'll keep watch until you and Sam get back Strider."


As Aragorn and Sam moved into the deeper areas of the forest, they split up to cover more ground, the Ranger managed to find a very large patch of the plant they needed into order to help slow down the poison of the Morgul Blade, he quickly took out his elven dagger and began to cut several clumps of the plant, but he quickly tensed as he felt the touch of steel on his neck.

Aragorn silently cursed himself for making such a foolish mistake, as a Ranger he was always to be on guard lest he would be ambushed, but with Frodo's life hanging in the balance, he had forgotten that rule. However he was calmed somewhat as he heard the voice.

It was elven and female….and also the voice belonged to someone he knew very well.

"What's this? A Ranger caught off his guard?"


Darren kept his focus on the guarding of the area with his Divine Fury in his hands, he moved his gaze through the lands to see just what might come out from the undergrowth that might very well be a threat. He turned to look at Frodo who was being watched over by Pip and he couldn't help but hope that Aragon and Sam hurried and found that plant that they needed to slow down the poison.

He was surprised when Merry walked up to him and spoke.

"Excuse me…."

"What is it?"

"I wanted to ask you something sir."

"Make it quick then, we have a lot of things to do."

"All right then, who are you?"

Darren looked at Merry and replied.

"The name's Darren Kell then, I was born in West Harbour, a swamp village in the Mere, I currently am a member of the Neverwinter Nine, and Knight Captain or Crossroad Keep. Is that enough to satisfy you?"

Merry thought about it and shook his head.

"Just one more question…what was that glowing sword you had before?'

Darren sighed and replied.

"It's called the Silver Sword of Gith, it's a weapon of great power and intellect…"

Merry's eyes widened at that and he spoke excitedly.

"Is it alive?!"

Darren wished he could truly answer that question, there times he felt that the sword was alive and Zhjaeve' explanations of the Silver Sword's origins were very different from most lessons, he knew that some weapons could be imbued with living energy to become sentient weapons of great power, he had heard a number of tales about such things in his youth listening to his foster father Daeghun Farlong and knew them to be true. He had no full idea of the Silver Sword's full history so he replied.

"Yes it's alive…more or less. It's truly alive when it senses the presence of the one it's master seeks to slay."

"Are you it's master?"

"Y…Yes…I and a few friends re-forged it when it was shattered long ago, we needed it as it was the only weapon able to wound and harm the King of Shadows."

"King of Shadows? Is that another name for Sauron?"

That was enough to make Darren look seriously at Pip.

"Where did you learn that name?!"

Before Merry could reply, he rushed back to check on Frodo as the wounded Halfling cried out in pain and Darren quickly heard hoof beats, telling him that there was someone coming this way on horseback, the Weapon Master had no idea of the new arrival was a friend or a foe and quickly got into position to attack the incoming threat as best he could.

However the very second he saw the approaching form, he gasped and lowered his Katana sword.


Frodo, gripped in the pain of the poison looked to the side, he eyes already taking much different hue and form, but as the darkness closed in on him, he turned and saw something else, apparently the changes allowed him to see things in ways that most people would not be able to see well.

Before him was a glowing white light in the darkness and there was a form of a horse and then a woman in white….he recognized the woman for what she was…an elf, and an elf of great power.

As Frodo looked at the elf walking towards him, he studied her features as best he could with the fading vision in his eyes. The elf had blue eyes like sapphires, long dark black as midnight hair, while raiment, a beautiful face and an air of nobility about her that spoke of great strength and will.

He focused on her words as he felt his will to live coming back to him.


Merry, Pip, and Sam were stunned as they looked at the new arrival before them while Darren sheathed the Divine Fury and looked as the female elf looked Frodo over, while the Halflings looked on at the new arrival, the Weapon Master was reminded of Elanee, there was strength in this female elf which reminded him of the elven Druidess he loved ever since meeting her, those memories and the fact that he didn't know if she was alive or dead were more than enough to force him to look away from the elf woman and focus on keeping an eye on other matters.

"Who is she?"

Sam replied.

"She's an elf…"

Aragorn arrived and quickly began to chew the Athelas he had found into a paste to place on the wound, as he did so, he was happy that the one he met was Arwen, it had been some time since he had seen her and it did his heart good that she was in good health though he worried for her with the Ring Wraiths about, he then noted something when he looked at the direction of Darren…the Ranger was surprised to see the Weapon Master seemingly avoiding to look at Arwen, almost as if he wanted not to look at her.

That confused the Ranger but decided to wait for a more prudent time to speak to the Weapon Master and Knight Captain as he spoke to Arwen.

"How is he?"

Arwen shook her head and replied.

"He's fading fast, the Athelas will slow the poison down, but not for long, we need to get him to my father's only…."

Arwen's words stopped as she looked to see the other man dressed in red armour nearby, the elf woman had focused all her attention on the Halfling that she ignored the man, but now that she saw him, she wondered who the new person was and why he avoided looking at her. She spoke to him to try and find out who he was.

"Who are you?"

Darren knew that he needed to answer and quickly, he calmed himself and focused his thoughts to speak to the woman. As soon as he did so, he faced Arwen and spoke as clearly as he could, he could tell that apart from the strength there that he could see, the elf woman was no doubt of high rank, judging by the raiment she had with her as well as the specially crafted sword that she carried with her. He didn't recognize the craftsmanship of the sword she had but could tell that it was both elegant and deadly as well and if one woman carried this, then she was no doubt of royalty.

"My name is Darren Kell my Lady…."

Arwen wondered what was going on but placed that aside for the moment, she knew that Frodo's life was on a knife's edge and staying here would be a mistake. However she wanted know more about who this man was…something about him seemed different and his name seemed to be familiar to her. She then nodded to Aragorn and the two of them moved to her horse and they both spoke in the elvish tongue.

"I will take Frodo to your father, stay here with the Halflings and I will send horses and an armed escort to you."

"No Aragorn, time is against us, besides, I am a better rider than you."

"You can't ask me that….the Ring Wraiths are out there, I can't just…"

"Aragorn, you know my skill with magic and the sword, we are near the lands of my father, the magic there will protect me, I do not fear them."

Aragorn was torn by this as he looked at Arwen he feared deeply for her safety but he knew that she was right, as an elf, Arwen had a bond with animals that made her a great rider, and she always was the best in the art of horsemanship. She could get Frodo to her father faster than him. Yet he couldn't find it in himself to just let her go. However he decided to do it and Arwen nodded as she mounted her horse with Frodo in front of her as she spoke to her horse encouraging it as best she could.

The two were unaware that Darren looked at them and couldn't help but see the love between them, it reminded him yet again of the love between him and his Wild Elven Druidess and it tore at him, he had hoped to find her soon, but with all this happening, he could only hope that he could find her alive...or...

(No! I will not give up hope!! Elanee and the others have to be alive!!!)

"What are you doing?! Those Wraiths are still out there!!!!"

Sam's cry was more than enough to wake Darren out of his thoughts and he reached Sam and held the Halfling's shoulder, making the Halfling turn to him with angry eyes, he was not angry himself at the look as he understood Sam's reaction, but he knew that they had other problems and looked at Sam as he replied.

"Strider made the right decision, she is the better rider than any of us, and elves always had a tie with nature so they know how to ride well. We don't have time to worry about that for now. We have to hurry to Rivendell ourselves, if those Wraiths find us, I've got no doubt they'd torture us until we told them where Frodo is."

Sam tried to speak but Strider, or rather Aragorn nodded in agreement.

"Darren is right, come on, there's other paths to Rivendell so we should get going."

As their group moved out, Aragorn walked over to Darren and spoke in elvish to the Weapon Master.

"You speak the elvish language?"

Darren nodded, his foster father Daeghun had taught him much of the lore of the elves that he had encountered in his days to better prepare him for life beyond West harbour and while some words between the pair were lost to the young Weapon Master including the elven woman's name, he understood most of it, he also understood that Strider's true name was Aragorn but didn't say anything about it.

"Yes, my foster father Daeghun Farlong was an elven adventurer and famed Ranger as well so I know the language to some degree....I can also tell that there is history between you two."

Aragorn nodded a bit as they gathered their gear as he planned to get the others and reach Rivendell safely, though his eyes went to the path that Arwen had taken before and Darren noticed that and spoke to Aragorn.

"You're not the first human to fall in love with an elven maiden Strider, and I have no doubt you will not be the last either."

Aragorn turned sharply to him and spoke.

"How do you know that?"

"I have eyes you know...and I too am in love with an elven woman of my own...and I hope to find her soon and see if she is safe."

Aragorn was stunned by this and wanted to know more but seeing that Darren was not in the mood to talk about things such as that decided to wait for a better time or better yet in Rivendell. There were too many questions in his mind about who this stranger was and why was it he seemed different as well.

For now, they had to hurry...


To be continued...


Author's Notes:

My first ever crossover with a movie and a famous book....not too shabby actually and I hope that it will be all right for all the readers.

This was an idea I had for a while so i figured I put it into paper before I lost it, anyway, it's still in the prologue so it might not be updated yet until I finish a few more stories.

As for Darren Kell, he is a Weapon Master and uses Katana swords in battle, he also happens to be a dual wielder type of Weapon Master which is why he carries two katana swords. As for the rest of his Company, and Elanee, they are around so don't worry about it too much and as to how will the company of the Knight Captain and the Kalach-Cha be able to aid the Fellowship when the time comes, that remains to be seen in the coming chapters once I get my plans into working order.