A/N: Wrote this for a meme for playthedamncard on LJ. Recycled here for your amusement. One shot, not that great blah blah blah

She leans over the railing of the ship and gazes out over at the horizon. The sun is beginning to set, it's dimmering glow leaving an orange hue on the surface of the ocean; and almost mirror image broken by the fierce waves. The gentle but loud hum and vibration of the ship drowns out her own thoughts, reducing them to a slight whisper in even her own mind:

We'll be there soon... Domino City.

A man walks towards her from the doors leading to the upper deck where she stands.
"Miss," he says flatly,"An hour until arrival at the port."

An hour...

"Thank you," she answers back to him. A grunt of recognition, and then he leaves.

She looks down the hull of the ship, her mind beginning to wander, lost within the crashing waves below. Suddenly an impluse, no, a need to do so leads her hands to her neck. She slides her fingers through her hair and feels the clasp of the necklace against the bone of her spine. Her most important cargo, more valued than what was being held in the hold beneath her feet, the lukewarm feel of the metal enticing her touch.

She moves her thumb over the clasp of the necklace in slight 'curiosity', indeed, it had been a while since she'd taken it off, and she tells herself this as her left thumb and forefinger grasp the other end of the necklace and her thumb slides downward quickly - the necklace unhinging and a weight being lifted from her neck with a reassuring click. A thin smile crosses her lips, but for what purpose, she couldn't be sure. She parts her hands away from her neck, the respective ends of the golden necklace following with them, firmly grasped by her fingertips.

The vibrating sound of the ship then becomes louder, and a force shifts her body to the right abruptly. Instinct takes hold of her right hand as it shoots out to grab the railing, letting go at the same time as her left hand of the precious jewelry previously contained within their grasp.


Ishizu Ishtar gasped and leaned far over the railing to watch helplessly, shock welling up from within her, as the Millennium Necklace was dragged further beneath the surface of the ocean by the reckless current, until it was nothing more than a glimmer reflecting the sun's rays, and then, invisible to the darkness.

Her lower lip quivered, in shock and horror of what she'd done, and her mind could find no words to describe it except for...