"I can do it!"

A brunette teenage girl with a pink jacket said. Pulling her Evoker from her holster then soon after brining the gun-like object to her face, with the barrel pointed at her forehead. After pulling the trigger a faded image of her Persona, Lo appeared above her head. A Gust of wind appeared under there opponents, Shadows they call it. The shadows soon turned to dust as a result of the powerful wind attack.

"That was a close one" The brunette said, while giving a thumbs up.

After a handful of more battles, The SEES soon encountered there biggest threat. The Reaper.

"No you can't defeat it! Run!"

"Damn it shut the hell up Fuuka." Naoto Shirogane remarked at Fuuka's bad voice acting.

"I've beat Persona 3 like 10 times, you think im going to lose?" Naoto said while getting in a more confront-able position. She started to hit the X button on her PSP Go.

The battle was intense, Naoto was drenched in sweat from the epic battle. The bizarre figure shot his two guns in the air in a rapid fashion. A bright square bordered around the SEES members. Seconds later, three of them, Yukari Takeba, Akihiko Senada, and Junpei Lori were on the ground, unconscious. All left standing was the female protagonist. Named 'Naoto Seta.'

"Lucky Bastard."

She wiping the sweat from her forehead. She used a balm of life on Yukari, Hoping her 243 Hit points would last another devastating attack by the reaper. The reaper again shot in the air. The words 'Life Drain' appeared appeared on her screen.

"Life Drain? HA! Like that will kill me!"

Moments later 'Naoto Seta' Was on the ground, unconscious. No not unconscious. Dead. Naoto starred at her PSP Go with disbelief in her eyes. Sweat rolling down her face. She stayed in the same position for seconds, but it my as well been hours.

"We'll that's Persona 3 for ya." She said with a sigh. She set her PSP on a small dresser near her Bed. Broken PSP's were scattered around her room. All if then from rage of dying in Persona 3. Luckily she's been able to accept the frustration, leaving those dark day's behind her. She easily fell into a blissful sleep.

Naoto and a Grey haired teen stood beside each other. Mile's and miles of flowers surrounding them. A beautiful orange sun began to set behind the teens. "Souji....." Naoto said affectionately. Slowly stroking her hand down his face. "I love you...." "I Love you too Naoto..." Souji said. He leaned toward Naoto for a passionate kiss. Lips inchs apart, Naoto braced for the happiest moment of her li-


"Ms. Shirgogane there's is someone at the door is asking for you, she goes by the name of "Yukiko Amagi." Naoto starred at her butler with fury in her eyes. This is one of the many times he has interrupted her fantasies. Naoto shook off her remaining thoughts, then remembering her plans for today.

"Tell her I'll be right out."

"Yes Master" The butler bowed to his superior. He then left the room.

Naoto put on her armor and her school cloths. She then hooked her gun holster to her belt. After loading the gun she positioned her gun inside her holster.

"Hello Naoto" Naoto was greeted by a smile from her comrade Yukiko.

"Hello Amagi-senpai. Shall we be off?" Yukiko gave a nod and twosome began there walk to Junes.


The investigation team stood before a arched entry, leading to the inside of heaven.

"Ok, Here's the plan for today..."

Naoto began to stare into the dreamy eyes of there leader.

"Hey Naoto?"

'I wish I could confess my love to him...'


'I can't believe he's Amagi-san....'

"Earth to Naoto please some in."

"What does he see in her!?! I'm better in every way possible!!!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Souji said while giving her a irritated tone. Everyone else looking at her with confusion and concern.

Naoto blushed when finally realizing she was thinking the last part aloud. "Huh, oh it's nothing. We should be going now right?"

"Right, let's save Nanako!"


"Amagidyne!" Yukiko smashed the card in front of her forcefully with her fan. A faint image of her persona floated above her. A great deal of fire burned emerged from under a shadow. The creature turned to ash.


Yukiko fell into one of her trademark laughing fits. Rolling on the floor, tears forming in her eyes.

'Hmph, how could Souji fall of such immature girl, soon though he'll realize how much-'

Naoto's thoughts were ceased by the sight of there leader on the ground tickling the hysterical Yukiko.

"Tickle Tickle" Souji said while laughing nearly as much as Yukiko

'*Sigh* Why can't he have that kind of fun with me? Does he think laughing a lot is cool or something?'

A brief flashback of Yukari taking her Gun-Like object and using it to summon her persona

'That's it! Smashing these cards are so poor way to summoning a persona. Souji will think I'm so cool if I shoot myself to summon my persona!'

The team soon came up to a mysterious chest.

"Senpai, I sense a strong shadow in that chest."

Souji quickly examined the chest

"We should lea-, wait Naoto what are you doing!!!"

Naoto was just opened the chest, eager to show of her new persona summoning skills. The shadow who jumped out, was none other then. The reaper.

"Shit Nao-, Ugh whatever Rise get us the hell out of here!!!"

"Hold on, let me show you a new trick I learned!" Naoto grabbed her gun the pointed it at her temple.

"Naoto what the fu-"



A/N This is my first Fic on the site. Got the idea from seeing crazy P3 cosplay. One of them looking like Naoto. The fact she had a gun made it most logical to use her. I am also aware how OC Naoto is. Naoto saying "Shut the hell up"? Nope. Did this in like 30 minutes. I think I did pretty ok for that time.

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