"Hey Senpai!" Kanji called to the grey haired leader. Running to catch up to him.

"Oh, he-"

"Senpai I need to show you something!"

"Is something up?"

"No it just, whatever just follow me!" Kanji ran off.

"Fine! Hold on, we just left the TV world dammit!!" Souji ran to catch up with Kanji


"Where here senpai" Souji and Kanji where standing in front of a computer in the Tatsumi Textiles.

"Uh ok a computer. Want to watch porn together and wank each other off?" Souji said sarcastically.

Kanji gave him a perplexed look. "Porn? Wank each other off?"

"Ugh never mind just show me what you want to show me."

Kanji typed some keys on his keyboard. Not to long after Souji was greeted with website with elaborate

colors, grass fields and flowers in the background, and a cute white cat with a red bow on his right ear, with the words 'Hello Kitty Online' under it.

Souji's eyes widened. 'H-Hello Kitty O-Online!' He took a quick look at his keychain with a cute adorable pink kitty hanging on the side. It was his own custom Hello Kitty key chain he won from a drawing contest. A kitty he called 'Mr. Fluffycakes' or if his older friends asked about it he would say 'Hell Kitty' just to make it seem more badass then it actually was. He always felt his badassery raise whenever he told someone that name. Everyone else thought he was creepy for having a Hello Kitty keychain in his old school. No one else could understand how awesome that fucking kitty was.

Luckily no one in Inaba question's or even notices that cute key chain.

"Hey you better not think I'm weird for liking this stuff!" Kanji yelled

"Huh, oh it's um.....cool. You can express yourself however you want." Souji said while trying to hid his own interest in Hello Kitty. "Why don't you show it to me."

"You wanna see it? Great! Ok let me just-"

"Kanji! It's time for dinner!"

"Coming Mom! Sorry senpai. Gonna have to show you some other time." Kanji gave Souji a wave before entering his dinning room.

The disappointment in Souji face showed as he waved at Kanji. He left the Tatsumi Textiles to head home.


"How was everyone's day?" The Dojima family was gathered around the table for dinner.

"I went to Amada-kun's house and I gave him a-" A catchy beat was heard from the Television. Everyone at the table looked toward the source.

Beautiful colors covered the screen. Rainbows soaring through the sky. Then a little white cat with a red bow on her ear pulled a girl into a TV screen. 'How Ironic' Souji thought to himself. The world inside the TV was much more colorful then the TV world he know of. Hello Kitty statues were everywhere, girls cosplaying Hello Kitties and having fun. He twitched at the thought of cosplaying Hello Kitties, he really doesn't want to remember that Anime expo he went to one year. 'Hello Kitty Online' were the last sight of the commercial before a Junes one came on. Nanako was to stunned to even notice it.

Souji was stunned as well. Drooling from his mouth into his bowl of roman.

"Daddy can we get a computer so I can play that!" Nanako got up and sat next to her father.

"Please, please, please!" Nanako was tugging on his tie. Souji lost control and joined Nanako in her effort.

"Please!!! I will get first on the exams I promise!" Dojima gave Souji a confused look

"Why are you so interested in his 'Hello Kitty Online'?"

Souji regaining control, thinking of a excuse for his sudden outburst.

"Oh its umm....because Nanako's been a good girl lately and she deserves something nice right?" He gave a awkward and fake laugh.

"Big Bro's right! I have been a good girl! You promised me we would go somewhere for golden week before and we never did, so you owe me!"

"Oh yea that....." Uncle Dojima's expression darkened.

"Well I did just get a raise at my job....so maybe I can work something out"

"Yay!" Nanako gave her dad a big hug, practically choking him. Souji had to restrain himself from also giving his uncle a hug as well.

"Ha ha, Nanako your choking me!"

The rest of the dinner was mostly discussion about the new computer the Dojima's may acquire.

To be continued...

A/N: Yea this is basically a filter update. Couldn't even come close to my deadline. Written some time ago but never posted it. Re-edited and stuff and now's it's in this fic! Make's me sad how I literally have five idea's in my head, but I can't get any of them on paper. Hopefully I will soon.