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Childhood Memories

"... Ishtar knew she had to return home. Her time in the kingdom of Anatolia had come to an end-"

"But mommy, didn't Ishtar love Prince Kale?"

"Yes... yes she did. But she didn't belong in his world. She had been sent to Hattusa to help the prince save his kingdom from the pharaoh and his ambitious queen."

"She must have been so sad to leave."

"Yes Adalade, she was. Yet she knew their love could never be."

"But why?"

"He needed a great queen, the people would never have accepted a foreigner. The gods had not deemed it for their love to exist."

"But after all they had been through together, the gods didn't stop that."

"If they had only shared simple feelings for each other then all the battles they fought would not have been won."


"She never would have risked her life to save a kingdom she didn't feel entitled to help, especially after the way they had tried to sacrifice her. But he made her feel like Hattusa was where she belonged, she would've done anything to defend his kingdom, her home."

"If it was her home why was she lea-"

"Young lady it's time for you to sleep. I'll tell you more tomorrow night," my mother tucked me in. Like every night she told me tales of the wonderful adventures of Ishtar, a young girl who appeared in ancient Turkey, or then known as Anatolia, from out of nowhere.

The girl was my idol, she was so brave. And she was just a young girl! Even though I was only seven I was determined to be just like her. I had even preplanned that I was to fall in love with a handsome prince like Kale. Even though he was the fourth prince out of eight he was in line for the throne. He saved Ishtar from the evil priestess who wanted to use her blood to curse the royal family.

Even though they hid their feelings from each other, Kale and Ishtar were deeply in love. I was determined to end up like that myself. I especially loved how they would fight side-by-side in battles. Kale wanted to keep her safe and out of harm's way yet her concern for his safety led her to risk her life to save him. Hearing these stories were the highlight of my day.

"Yuri! I need help getting Mayu and Ren to bed," my father called. Mother sighed, she kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight my little Ishtar."

"Night mommy," with that she walked out of the room and down the hall.

"Ichiro, stop harassing your sisters. Why is Adalade the only one ever in bed Satoshi?"
"Because your always telling her stories instead of getting the others set for bed before hand."

"I'm sorry, you know she's the only one who enjoys listening to them-"

"Yuri, why do they matter? They are pointless stories," it went the same way every night, silence, "I'm sorry dear but it isn't necessary to tell her stories, she's almost eight. Soon she'll be too old for them and then what will you do?"

"I'll take care of the twins, you can get Ichiro ready."

I heard my father sigh, an noise I was used to by now. Mommy wouldn't admit it but I was her favorite, she loved the Anatolian stories so much herself that she gave me a name that she thought sounded like one, Adalade, instead of the traditional Japanese name my father wanted, Ayame.

Father disapproved of her having a favorite but he never mentioned it. Sometimes I worried that they would separate and then my life would be destroyed. I had voiced my worries to mother and she merely laughed them off.

'If I left your father he would be absolutely lost without me. Plus I can't imagine my life with any other,' she would always say. Yet I could see the lie shining behind her brown eyes. She dreamed about this man everyday. Though I knew she loved father I was sure she would rather have spent forever with this man.

I felt sorry for her, I could see the adventures she had lived. All the thrills she had experienced were mirrored in the stories she told me. Though I knew they could never have been as grand as Ishtar's. Because in Japan you could only have modern adventures, but anything was possible in her Anatolian fairytale.

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