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Winds of Change

I knew that look... the look in my mother's eyes; sadness lay there, sadness over the fact that we were fighting again. It was always there nowadays, perpetual in its goal to break me with guilt. I wouldn't break, I refused. The yelling would have continued... except that my father's face was full of pain.

Ichiro and the twins had gotten used to it, the arguments were common enough now that they all merely tried to drown us out by turning on the TV and pretending that life was sweet. Dad... didn't. He looked at us both like we were strangers; sure he and mom fought, but they never yelled. Even now, I was the one doing the yelling, she didn't have the guts to raise her voice.

"I'm gone for couple months and return to this?" the yelling had started right after he had left this past time, and it had just kept escalating. "Adalade, why on earth did you quit all your clubs?"

I looked down, genuinely ashamed, "I'm tired of the same old thing. Archery was fun until all the captains graduated and I was the only one ever getting a good score at contests anymore. I had no one to challenge me. As for everything else... I want a life, not a routine."

He sighed, "Dear, this is something we all have to tough out. You have to go through this first before you can move on in life."

There was nothing for me to say, how could I compete with that argument? "Well, maybe I would be more accepting of that concept if mom didn't try and force me into it."

"Adalade, if only you would-"

"What mom?" I couldn't believe the innocent act she was putting on, it only made me angrier. "Let me guess, you just wanted me to be your perfect child. Well news flash, you have one already! So why can't you leave me alone to live my own life? You had your chance now let me have mine."

"I'm only trying to lead you, to help you onto a good path."

"That's a lie," I sneered.

"Adalade." I really wished that father couldn't have been here to witness this but I wasn't going to let him believe she was doing good.

"You're just upset that you wasted your life and now you're trying to relive it through me. Well I'm tired of suffering because of your unhappiness."


"Ask her yourself dad. Those stories she used to tell me when I was little, what were they really about? A fable about star-crossed lovers, or a constant regret of her true sweetheart?" To this my father looked upon my mother with the heartbreak of a betrayed lover; she glanced at me with hurt filled eyes and ripe tears. "Dad deserves better than you!" I spat at her.

Turning my back on my astonished family, I exited my house. The hour was late and streetlights were straining to keep the darkness at bay, I wished it could swallow me whole. Though I'd never admit it, my words pained even myself... I wanted us to be the illusion we had so perfected: the model family.

I felt my own tears try to carve their way out of my eyes, I wouldn't allow them. So I concentrated on how cold I felt. My necklace felt like ice against my skin but I would never take it off. The white sheer top I had on did little to block the growing wind, the floral design proving to be more pretty and inconvenient by the minute. The white tank I had underneath it wasn't much better and I realized it was a bad idea to wear jean shorts out on a night like this.

At least I was wearing sandals instead of pumps.

After blindly passing the first block, the wind picked up. It tousled my black hair violently and made the trees moan in horror. Where had this gale come from? As I started to turn and leave a faint voice reached my ears. "Finally, my beloved-" The sound was cut off as I whirled toward the noise. Hair whipped up into my face as I tried to catch a glimpse of this stranger but the effort was to no avail.

"Ishtar," there it was again! The warmth of the voice did little to ease my fear. "Please come back to me!"

"Who are you! What do you want from me?" The breath was lost in the whirlwind and soon I could hardly keep my eyes open. I was starting to panic as I felt my shoes slip back on the pavement. No! I'd be swept away!

Sure enough, my feet soon slipped out from under me and I felt each gust lift me higher and higher into the air. I screamed as loud as I could, but I knew no one would be able to help me now... I would die, the altitude was too high now to survive falling.

After my voice was spent, it felt as though each breath of wind was wrapping around my flailing body, confining me in a cocoon of gales. It felt more like floating than falling, still I squeezed my eyes shut to hide my decent to earth.

Minutes past... or moments, I couldn't be sure, and I was suddenly aware of the sun hitting my face. The warmth of its rays kissing my cheek, the feel of grass beneath my pales, and the whispers of a promiscuous breeze. Day. Had I been knocked out? Blown halfway across the globe? Or did I die and this was paradise?

Would it be cowardly for me not to want to open my eyes?

Slowly I cracked them open and saw...the bluest sky I had ever seen in my whole life. I carefully pushed myself up into a sitting position and took in the scenery, it was a beautiful field dotted with the most exotic looking flowers I had ever seen. The day was perfectly cool and few clouds hid upon the horizon, the air was crisp and fresher than anything that had ever entered my nose. This had to be paradise, I couldn't begin to picture a place on my planet that was this lovely.

Rising to my feet, I took in the sight once more until I was sure it was burned into my skull.

Off in the distance was a large dark silhouette, a city perhaps? I started off toward it. Every step made me feel more invigorated until I was running like a giddy child, I was laughing and jumping and felt more free than I had in years. It was the first time I had completely forgotten all my problems.

My body soon tired of all my childish excursions but it could not dampen my delight. My dark brown, almost black, hair now looked wild instead of perfectly combed and my ivory skin was flushed. For once my appearance didn't matter.

The only thing that did was the strange structure that was rising before my eyes. The silhouette I had been following earlier was clearing up to look more like a fortress than a city, but the likes of which I had never seen before. The enormous wall looked as though it was made entirely of brick, like one of those ancient structures my father went to go explore near the fertile crescent.

"How odd, could I be in the middle east?" I was throughly perplexed. I knew we had nothing like this in Japan, we had mountains not fields and the architecture was like nothing the ancient Japanese ever used. Well, history class and listening to father's tales had paid off at least there...if I was even right.

A thudding in the grass behind me broke my concentration. Turning abruptly, I had just enough time to recognize hoof beats before they were upon me. Frightened, I kicked off my shoes and ran. Still tired from earlier, my lungs burned and my legs grew numb. I tried to ignore the feeling as I pushed with every ounce of my strength.

Praying that the rider wasn't after me had proven pointless as the sound grew louder and louder, as deafening as a large drum. They were so close now that I could practically feel the labored pants of the beast they rode.

Daring a glance back had been a dear mistake, for the moment my eyes strayed from the ground I tripped and the rider grabbed the back of my shirt, scooping me up onto his horse with him. Knowing I had not the strength to fight back, I screamed, screamed with all the air in my lungs.

The man covered his ears and his horse whinnied with fright and reared; my captor and I both tumbled to the ground and I took off once more. "Wait!" I ignored the command and kept going. "Ishtar!"

I was stupid to try looking back again, if it had been nearly fatal the first time what had made me believe it'd be smart the second? Stumbling once more, I gave a great cry of pain as I felt something sharp cut into my knees and palms. Tears ran down my cheeks as I slumped to the ground and gave up, I wouldn't escape, I would die here in this unknown place and never get to see Tokyo every again.

The hoof beats ceased and I squeezed my eyes closed once more, willing myself to disappear. Instead I felt gentle arms surround me and lift me carefully off the ground, "Now look at what you've gotten yourself into." My eyes fluttered open to look upon the face of the most handsome man I had ever seen, his golden eyes held worry and mischief all at once and his perfect face held a scowl that didn't belong. He wiped away my tears gently with his thumb.

"My brother will kill me if he sees you've gotten hurt." His skin was fairer than my own and his long cropped hair shimmered like silken gold. I didn't even notice the jeweled headband and sapphire earrings until he shifted me in his arms to bridal style. He donned what appeared to be a blue robe, it looked like a thin cotton...the style was so unfamiliar to me.

The god, for he could only be one, stared at me for a long time before speaking again. "Yuri?" My eyes snapped up to his face, why would he call me that? The fact that it was my mother's name didn't even register. "Please speak to me, it's been a year since we've seen each other and yet you are silent. Did you not miss me?"

"Who-" I began hesitantly, his eyes lit up nonetheless at hearing my voice, "are you?" He stiffened and his features became emotionless just as quickly. "You act as though you know me sir, but I promise we have never met."

The man carefully set me on the ground and looked carefully at my palms and knees, which were open and bleeding from the rocks I'd tumbled over. "My name is Zannanza Hattusili, fourth son of King Suppiluliuma." A prince! "Forgive the fright I gave you, I was merely trying to keep someone more unsavory than myself from grabbing hold of you." The jewelry made sense now but his reason left more questions developing than answered.

"Please forgive me!" I pulled myself away and kneeled, despite the pain, and bowed to him. "I didn't realize you were a prince, I was just so frightened that all I could think about was running and trying to figure out where I was and-"

"Stop." He placed a hand on my shoulder, his tone pleading. "There is no need to apologize, and no need for that." He gestured to my bowing and I nervously stopped.

"But- but your a prince-"

"I never asked you to treat me like one."

"I was always taught to treat others with the utmost respect." Even if I didn't treat my own mother with it. "I wouldn't want to offend you."

He frowned at me and walked over to his horse, a beautiful and strong looking bay. "The only thing I'm worried about is you, and my ringing ears. Those are some nasty cuts."

"Nothing a bit of antiseptic and band-aids won't fix really," I tried to reassure him and hide my flushed face.

"Bandade? Antisetic? What are those?" His face held a look of such innocent confusion that I almost laughed, if I wasn't confused myself. How could he not know what a band-aid even was? Sure, some countries really suffered and were without many things, but surely he knew of a band-aid. My Japanese couldn't be that bad...I was a native afterall and he wasn't. Could he?

"Antiseptic kills the germs and a band-aid covers the wound."

"Ah, so they are much like a salve and bandages." He smiled at his comparison. It was close enough that I smiled in return and nodded. "Well, since I only have cloth with me we shall clean the wounds more thouroughly back in Hattusa."

Hattusa? The memory of my mother's tales came flooding back to me, Hattusa, the city of Kale, prince of Anatolia. I was more confused than ever, as far as I knew Turkey had replaced Anatolia and they certianly did not speak Japanese. Nor did I speak Turkish. "Excuse me, but Hattusa doesn't exist in the 21st century."

One golden brow raised itself as he stared at the rising walls in the horizon. "I believe I should know my own home when I see it Yuri."

"My name isn't Yuri."

"Of course it is."

"It's Adalade." Another flash of worry streaked across his handsome features, but he tried hard to not let me see it. "Adalade Himuro, not the most Japanese of names but my mother was obsessed with anything Hittite."

Zannanza didn't speak, instead he knelt before me and wrapped my palms in the soft cloth and circled my knees with it a few times. While he was putting it away I took my time analyzing him again. He was tall and skinny, but his fit figure made him look positively lithe and swift. He was powerful without looking the part.

Once he was done with his simple task, he approached me once more and picked me up again. "Promise not to scream this time?"

I blushed once more as he set me atop his horse, "I promise Prince-"

"Just Zannanza please," he gave a soft smile as he mounted behind me.



"I've never ridden a horse before," I confessed shyly. He chuckled and put one arm around my waist.

I felt much safer until I felt his warm breath against my ear, "I swear I won't let you fall." My heart was thudding more from this encounter than the jostling ride as we approached the walls of a city that shouldn't be.