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Rei: Put it where you originally intended it to be in: Brawl.

Shadow: Hai~!

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"Hypa BEAMU!"

As the name suggested, a beam of bright light fanned throughout the stadium, his opponent somehow managing to dodge last second.

Shimatta..! Not good..!

He gaped, strength completely nulled.

His opponent smirked evilly, raising clawed hands, a strangely foreboding glint in his eyes.

"Hakai Beam."

Scarlet eyes widened. Oh, sh-

He found that he wasn't able to finish his thought, because the next second, he pitched forward in a dead faint, as the beam, so similiar to his own, yet so much less dangerous and much more painful, drained the last of his energy, like the name suggested.

Energy could not be destoyed, however. His strength could be, though.

"GAME!" The announcer exclaimed, the stadium fading around them. The onlookers gradually left, leaving only the tow opponents behind.

Crimson strode forward, hoisting the fainted Rukario-mimi child onto his shoulder, sighing.

"You honestly MUST stop using that move as dependently as you are. Don't you dislike the feeling of utter helplessness? And contact?" he asked, not expected an answer, and right to do so as the motionless child said nothing, of course.

A taller blonde figure walked forward, turning blue-gray eyes towards the fainted one, interest surely piqued. This was deadly....

In it's own, "Touch me and die," kind of way.

"He'll kill you if he finds out…"

Crimson grinned his wolfish grinned, sharp blade-like tail waving slightly.

"He's let me piggy-back him back to his room before. If he expects to use Hypa Beam, and not get out of being carried, he's got another thing coming." The gijinka replied, getting a raised eyebrow for his efforts.

Bravery was surely overated.

Then again, he himself had been bitten trying to help the younger before, and he dearly wished never to have to experience such pain again, being one not hurt much in a past lifetime.

"…. Good luck with his wrath, Shinku."

Crimson grinned mockingly, winking eyes of ruby full of mischievous grace.

"Hai, Nezu-SAMA…"

Said former trainer sighed.

It wasn't his fault, dammit!

"Hauw-wauw… Itai…" Rei growled out, familiar Riolu tongue kicking up before he recalled his self.

Right, he wasn't a pup anymore… Yet, still, the habit held...


He looked around, knowing it was pointless attempting to move.

Hyper Beam could do that kind of thing... To him, at least.

He took note of the bedding he was atop.

Sheets and pillows of all sorts of shades of red…

So, Crimson had picked him up this time?

Better him, than Nezu-sama…

Too much blue that was filled with light hurt his eyes…

Stupid blue-loving mouse...

He glanced to his side, finding Crimson leaning in uncomfortably close…

He had reason. A cloth soaked in cold water was in his claw.

He suddenly set the cloth down upon noticing his awake state.

The elfish male held up some herbs, looking curious.

"Red said if we used curing herbs in a tea, maybe you'd heal faster?" he suggested, Rei doing his best to shrug.

It made sense, given the right combos...

In han-ningen form, he, Nezu and Shinku couldn't use most of their regular attacks as they had as Pokemon.

Crimson's dark moves stayed, as his claws had morphed to his form, so he had a slightly better time.

Although, how'd he had gotten Hakai Beam was beyond him…

It stung like a bag of nuts shattered over his own (that would still hurt more, he thought absentmindedly), though..!

Man, what a thought…

Nezu had gotten off easier, being part Pikachu, not of his own accord….

Heck, it was shocking the former human even HAD a True Form! Experiments rarely lived, right?

Fortunately for the eldest, he had kept all his moves… Except for Headbutt, replaced by Slash.


Himself, he'd kept his Aura-based moves, gained Dark Pulse as an auto-move, and gained the powerful Hyper Beam.

Even if it did give him every status he knew except for frozen and poison, he depended greatly on it as a finishing move…

The humans here could handle their forms, how come they couldn't..?

They bruised like peaches, too. Not good for a Brawler.

He must've been spacing out for a while, because when his vision returned, it was dark, Crimson lay curled up next to him (it WAS his bed, after all), fast asleep, and he had a weird taste in his mouth, specifically of some sort of herb…


It mattered not…

Actually, it would when it started working, but for now, he needed to sleep.

He wasn't very hungry lately…


Either way, he slept like a log when he finally fell.


Rei mumbled something incoherent, before swatting the fluffy something on his head off, hearing a giggle.

Cracking an eye open, he lay, stunned, at what he say, then blushed almost immediately after the stun had worn off, shooting the two a glare of death.

It was a Skitty Tail… He'd been swatting at it when Nezu had entered early that morning, deciding, "Hey, what would be more fun than hugging Rei and ticking him off..?"

Ticking him off without even touching him, it seemed.

"… And, that kawaii, "Hauw-wauw~!" Ah..!" Nezu stated teasingly, the youngest flushing even more.

Dammit, he didn't need fan-BOYS… Midori Myuusei and Shion Shiemine were enough! Even if they were close friends…

Not girlfriends, as the two elders seemed prone to joking about.

Hell, how could he like a fem fatale well enough, and a tomboy who, fortunately, kept to herself..?

Especially if they lived somewhere else entirely!

Rei growled in his throat, swatting the nezumi-mimi's arm away with a scowl.

"Like I stated once before, Nezu-sama- Nezu-san, I'm not a child." Rei stated, fumbling on his former trainer's title.

They were equals now, right?

Still… He didn't feel as if he were…

Nezu smiled cutely, kirei blue-grey eyes suddenly becoming large spheres of… Utter, tooth-rottenly sweet cuteness (Kami-sama..!)

"Demo, Rei-tan…" he whined cutely, Rei finding himself hating himself for immediately fawning over the cute Pikachu look, snapping back into his normal self quickly enough.

Kami-sama, that smug look..!

Crimson snickered, his presence made known once more.

"Sonotoori~..! Kawaii to Kirei~!" Crimson commented, the youngest snarling.

"Why does everyone call me CUTE?! I'm 13!" he exclaimed, anger fueled even more when Nezu passively pat his head, giving him a false comforting look.

"Well… They find you full of childish charm!" he exclaimed suddenly, both older males bursting out laughing.

Rei sweat-dropped. This wasn't very nice…

"… The humans don't."

Both older boys stopped laughing immediately, an awkward silence settling.

In the Brawler's Mansion, humans hated them, for whatever reason, except Red, and a select few who'd seen what they truly were, like Samus, or Snake.

Maybe because humans feared what they knew nothing of..? After all, Red had been schooled quite well on the basics of their kind, so he, along with the hundreds of other children like him, didn't fear them…

"I digress, however. Not everyone will like a person, right?" Rei commented soon afterwards, the other two nodding.

… If they stayed silent any longer, the Awkward Fog would set in…

Nezu suddenly stood, stretching.

"Ano... I'm gonna go see if I can find a hot dog somewhere to roast," The Pikachu boy stated, the other two smiling knowingly.

He didn't have a fixation for hot dogs, per say…

It just made him look less bad if he were caught drinking ketchup directly from the bottle.

"Don't look for pancakes, though." Rei suddenly brought up, getting a deflated look from his elder.

Hey, he thought the berry syrup had been ketchup! Not much of a difference, right?

Shoulda told him that when he was Bolt Tackle- bouncing off the walls, then!

Nezu suddenly paused, looking curious.

"Rei-tan… Can you move yet?"

He received a confused, "Hauw?" for his efforts…

Until the Rukario-mimi regained himself, waving his arms about, and sitting up.

He beamed.

"Yeah! Red's plan worked! Wauw!" he exclaimed joyously, throwing the covers off, and making a move to run out the door…

Before falling flat on his tail, yelping.

"… Okay, maybe it worked halfway…"

Crimson gaped, quickly flipping through his recipe book in a flurry.

".. But, I used all the right amounts..!" he exclaimed, appalled.

Rei chuckled nervously.

"I guess my system just sucks like that…" he offered, sighing at the cry of horror that arose.

… Crimson took pride in his cooking skills…

Too much, evidently.

Nezu sighed, having had enough for one day.

"I'm going before you guys go anymore nuts, kay? Bye-bii~!"

And, he left in a trail of dust before either could state their input.

Shadow: If Rei seems feminine, think of him more submissive, than domicile, despite how he acts.

Rei: I swear, if this turns out to be yaoi, and I'm a uke…

Shadow: No promises there.


Kirei- Lovely, cute, beautiful.

Kawaii- Cute.

Rei- Zero.

Shinku- Crimson.

Nezu- A pun on the word nezumi, meaning mouse.

Myuu- Mew, like a cat. Or certain legendary…

Shiemi- Shaymin's Jap name.

Hauw-wauw- Anyone see how Riolu talks in the anime? I based the little sound for Rei's character, cus he's a chibi, let's face it. Cutesy dog way of saying, "Huh? Wow! Wai (Jap for Yay)!"

To- And

Sonotoori- You're right!

Demo- But..!

Chibi- Word for small children/dwarf-like people, I guess.

Hakai- Destroy, destruction, destructor, take your pick.

Sama/Tan/Chan/San/Kun- Master/Cutesy chan/Way of addressing a girl your age/Way of addressing an elder/Way of addressing a male your age.

Shimatta- Dammit, right?

The, "Hypa beamu," is how they pronounce it in Jap, right?

Wow, autocorrect is retarded sometimes. "I are?"

Then again, F F dot net's is more so...

More explanations next chap!

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