Shadow: 's a (beep).

Rei: 0.0 Holy…

Seriously, it needs to stop freezing so damn bloody much. :(

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Yuki... Snow is everywhere the eye can see.

This is it, isn't it? Chounen...

And... I'm alone again. I must find him again?

It's been a long while since I've last seen him. I would always begin alone, reality, past, dream, or not.

This was a different life. One always covered in snowy harshness. Light was gone from this world, eaten by the dark and shadow.

Not that I mind, really. I personally love the darkness. Lovely...

Stupid humans believe the light is everything, reality, or alternity. They cling onto it much too much… To the point that they will kill half the world and more, just to see a star flicker in a distance they can't ever touch alone.

Crimson and Akane are dead. Better to say, they don't exist in this universe. No one but Nezu and I exist here. No one I know well, anyway.

There are plenty of useless humans here...

Nobody remembers Akane, mostly because she's a pawn, sometimes, but other times, she's a savior, and people will always speak of the 'pretty pink haired lady,' their crush, the heroine, crushed to death beneath boulders of flame.

They will never speak of Crimson, who had died trying to save her, in the exact same way. It's pitiful, but...

This lifetime, it wasn't meant for them to exist in. Not in tandem with Nezu and I. Only two beings should exist in this world with elements. Anymore, and we're in trouble...

Neko ears twitched idly as snow falls on them. I sneeze. Shiver. Cough. Shudder.

Tsumetai yuki...

It's always too cold here, in Mirori City…

It is better than Mirror Town, however, where the glass buildings would blind a person every time the sun blares out. Even if it is dull, in rain, sleet, or otherwise.

I'm shocked the sun is still here... In a continent like this, where snow veils the light?

The state of Chounen always was unbearably cold, since the sort of 'Ice Age' incident came about again. You can guess how well that went with the humans.

Humans have evolved a bit to accommodate the cold, but never the darkness.

Pity. Some of them look promising. I even made myself look human-esque, just to see how they were progressing.

Evidently, not well, in way of survival tactics.

Where do they get their energies?

Still in my musings, I start, and nearly trip as I nearly crash into a taller man, mumbling my apologies lamely.

I must concentrate. I can't afford to be lazy about this... Or flames will eventually surface once more.

Pleasing as that sounds to the humans, they'd be scorched to death in an instant, stupid fools.

I pause, doing a double take. This man looks… familiar…

He stills when he notices I've not moved on, giving me a good chance to study him, as creepy as it may sound.

Is it..?

I rub at red-neko eyes, blinking. The elder simply stands on the spot, watching me with a weary pair of blue-gray eyes.

Blue... and gray... Heterochromia is rare in humans... In fact, it doesn't exist in their species anymore these days.

Those unique eyes give him away. His blonde hair does, too.

It IS Nezu. His style may have changed drastically (Leather? Really?), but it's definitely him.

He looks… cold. Not as in, "Ooh, I'm so cold!" as humans would ever so eloquently state.

As in, he's a coldhearted bastard now. His gaze gives shells out a horridly angry glare. Still…

He's mine. I know, despite the different times, underneath, he's still the same after all this time.


He blinks, shock flickering briefly in his eyes, before he turns emotionless again.

I've hit the nail on the head already, demo...

Shiva, he's changed…

"… Do I.. Know you?"

His voice is deep, husky, simply because of the cold, as mine is slightly. He's more human than what he was before now...

I smile. A big, happy, melt-your-teeth-off-with-sweet-bacteria-attracting-sweet, kind of smile.

He looks creeped... Rightly so.

"Nezu, it's Rei~! Remember?" I whistle, a tune only he and I used to play, up until a bunch of years back, when he dissappeared.

He stops, cold. Literally.

"You don't know me…. You might seem to know me, but I wouldn't be very surprised," he starts out slowly, my eyes suddenly stinging as snow flies in my eyes.

It's getting windy… His gaze is getting colder, form more rigid.

"In fact, I think you've mistaken me for someone else. Everyone else thinks they know me, but…"

He trails off. Is he using Blizzard…?


The wind is loud. I can't help that my voice is carried off by it… Much to my dismay, he starts walking away stiffly, no longer entertained by my apparent mistake.

It's him, though, I know it!

I try to follow. Instantly, my legs are stuck in ice, and its already going higher, and higher, crawling over heavy clothes...

"Nezu!" I cry hoarsely, scaredly. Coldness is seeping into me every second, through every pore...

He pays no heed.

The ice has gotten my arms… I'm dying, I believe.


I'm blinded by snowflakes. Still, they melt fast enough, and when I look...

He's gone…

The ice reaches my eyes… Truly, I want to be free from this, but it's too late..!


And, to my worst fear, light keeps my eyes open. Cold, blue light.

No! Where is the lovely darkness?!


Rei shrieks, nearly falling off the bed, when Crimson shakes his shoulders, no matter how gentle it was. Eyes of his name looks concerned at him, widening suddenly.

He'd been scared stiff… But, he could still feel the cold...

Rei sneezed suddenly, velvety ears falling limply against his head. He's so cold, it burns...

Crimson is hugging him suddenly, the warmth his body offers instantly disappating... He, the one who hates contact, whom is colder than ice, he's letting him hug him.

Lights are dancing everywhere...

What's going on..?

A whimper, he thinks, that comes from his own throat is all the warning his elder gets, when darkness covers him tightly, threatening to choke him. Yet, its comfortable...


"He was so cold! And he was bundled up in all those thick blankets, yet he was almost like steel in snow!" Crimson exclaims, baffled, to an equally worried Nezu, both whom are pacing around the room worriedly.

In front of them, Red was examining the small form, who hadn't moved since he'd woken up.

Rei... Something was definitely hurting him...

The youngest hadn't pushed Crimson away, either. It seems that whatever the Rukario had dreamed had affected him so badly, his own form, personality, and thoughts had been affected…

Demo… Nani..?

"I think," Nezu states, slow and cautious, "That we need a professional's help on this one, Crim."

Crimson looks up at him, worried more than he's ever been. His eyes are almost grey...

"Rei's Mate..?"

Nezu nods, pulling out a Poke-Phone, flipping it with a snap. He holds it close, relieved when, by three rings, someone picks up.


Shadow: Call me evil, you'll never figure it out til I submit the story to FP.

Rei: … You mean the Yuki story, right?

Shadow: Duh. Where in Sinnoh is it always snowy, everywhere on the continent? Nowhere. Thus, you guys have a different universe I plan to create.

Nezu: Crimson, pack yer bags, we're going on a trip sometime, apparently.

Crimson: Roger that!


Yuki/Yuuki- Snow. Also names.

Tsumetai- Apparently a descriptive way of saying something (like ice) is cold. Samui, is just cold.

R & R~! Sorry for the ultimate vagueness (Rei's fallen ill, for those not knowing), oyasumi-nasai, arigato, ja~!