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His eyes winced open, he was bruised and injured from the missile, especially the impact. He got up slowly trying not injure himself farther. Sonic surveyed the area around him, his ears perked up the egg carrier flew over him. "I'm not leaving them.'' he said to himself and took off running after the Egg Carrier. He stopped at a beach, sadly the egg carrier was passing over it. Sonic fell to his knees and slammed his fists to the sand. "I failed.'' was all he said. Sonic looked back up, was there any hope left for him? Sonic remembered who he is: A hero, protects people no matter what, risking his life to save the lives of others.

Sonic's confidence rose, he took a few steps back and took a enormous leap, he neared the egg carrier and with luck on his side he landed safely on top of it. Sonic broke into the ship. Sonic ran to the bridge and knocked the door down. Sonic walked through, inside was a surprised eggman. "This isn't over, hand over the emeralds and my friends.'' he demanded.

"Wait h-hold on so-sonic can't we make a deal?'' he begged. "Yeah we can, give me my friends back!'' he yelled raising his fists and grabbed Eggman by his shirt, sonic held his other fist high. "Let me GO NOW!!'' he exclaimed, Sonic glared angrily at him. "Or your friends will pay the price.'' eggman snapped his fingers and a light came on shining over brandy and whiskers in a metal cage with robots pointing their guns at the two. "Either you listen or they die, make your choice.'' eggman said.

Sonic was breathing heavily from the stress, sonic let go of eggman and let him stand. Eggman brushed himself off and walked over to his chair and sat down. "Now, I'll let you have the emeralds, all of them.'' he smirked Sonics eyes widened "How'd you get the others?'' he asked quickly "I found them of course, now you can take the emeralds but you must leave this place and never come back.'' he said evilly.

"No way!'' sonic disagreed "If you refuse, my robots will kill your friends.'' he continued saying the deal "But- you can't.'' he stuttered "Oh yes I can Sonic, sometimes you win some and lose some, now take the emeralds and leave the jungle.'' Eggman raised his voice. Sonic hesitated "Fine.'' sonic agreed. "Good here are the emeralds.'' Eggman moved his hand to a table with a small metal box with the seven emeralds in it. Sonic walked over to the table he opened the box up, indeed it was all the emeralds shining brightly he closed the case and took it in one hand. Sonic walked to the door, took one final look at brandy who she held her hand up at him, sonic waved his hand goodbye and walked away with his head hung low not knowing if he made the right decision.

Sonic stopped at the beach with the case in his hands. He looked back at the hovering Egg Carrier above the jungle. Sonic looked back out to the ocean, he opened the case. The emeralds hovered out of the case and swirled around him. In a quick flash of light, he was in his super form. Sonic lifted up into the sky. He kept flying away. Sonic couldn't hide the guilt inside of him. Sonic turned back around, he remembered his promise to save his friends. Sonic then at supersonic speeds flew back to the egg carrier. Sonic flew in front of the window in the bridge. Sonic glowed brightly and dashed through the glass and landed onto the floor. Inside was Eggman. "I told you to leave!'' he exclaimed "No, not without my friends.'' he smiled looking over to brandy and giving her a wink. "So be it.'' Eggman said back. A door opened and metal sonic came out. Metal walked over in front of the cage where brandy and whiskers was being held. Sonic didn't wait, he charged full force, but a force field was put up. Sonic stopped hovering and stood back on the floor. "That field is made to deflect any chaos emerald energy, you can't get through." Sonic growled and charged at Eggman with a fist coming at him.

A clank sound made him stop when his fist was inches away from Eggman's face. Sonic looked back where metal was he was holding brandy by her shirt and his gun drawn. "Exit your super form now.'' Eggman commanded. Sonic ceased glowing gold and back to blue. Sonic was taken away in shackles along with brandy and whiskers as well. Robots lead them to a chamber with a room behind glass and a room on the other side. Brandy and whiskers were thrown in the room where the window was in front of them. Sonic was tossed into the room blocked from the glass window. Brandy crawled over to the window and put her hands on it.

Sonic did the same thing. "I'm sorry brandy, I just couldn't let this happen.'' he spoke up "No don't be you did the right thing, but now I don't know what.'' she replied. Metal Sonic walked into Sonic's room and picked him up and dragged him over into a chair and tied him to it. Metal took out the red chaos emerald and held his other hand up. The emerald glowed bright, in his other hand a silvery sharp weapon formed. Sonic looked over to brandy who had tears streaming down her cheeks. Sonic gave her a wink, then metal rose the spike and drove it into Sonic's heart.

It was quick and over with. Sonic lay cold and motionless in the chair. Metal took the bonds off and threw his body over on his shoulder. Brandy in shock was taken along with whiskers back to the bridge.

Eggman waited for metal to return. "Throw them back to jungle.'' he ordered. Metal carried Sonics body and two other robots took brandy and whiskers. Metal threw Sonics body to the ground without care. Brandy and Whiskers were put on the ground as well. The three robots flew back to the egg carrier leaving them alone. Brandy ran to Sonic, she kneeled next to his body.

She remained silent and only cried. Whiskers walked over to her with the case of chaos emeralds. Brandy gasped "How?'' she asked "I took them when no one was looking.'' he said smiling. She placed the emeralds around sonic. She kneeled on the ground to his right "Chaos emeralds please heed my words.'' the emeralds started to glow. "I want to save my home and the people who live here, I want peace and I wish to be with sonic once again.'' she said the words. His body levitated in the air "You did so many things to protect us, all I want is to see you again.'' She then kissed him on the lips, releasing a bright light. Sonic was in his super form and levitated to the ground. Brandy stepped forward and fell to her knees, but sonic caught her. "Thank you.'' sonic said. She stood back up, sonic turned around and flew toward the Egg carrier for one last fight.

Sonic crashed straight through the Egg Carriers engine room. "What is going on?'' eggman thundered. All over the ship fires broke out. The ship came crashing into a volcano. The left wing broke off from the crash as did most of the ship was destroyed.

Sonic landed on top of the volcano, from behind metal sonic landed. Sonic teleported behind him and sent a powerful kick into his back sending him flying up into the sky. Sonic chased after him. Sonic got above him and tackled him sonic repeatedly punched him in the chest, but metal grabbed one of his fists and kneed sonic in the gut. Metal threw him down and landed on the crash site of the egg carrier. Sonic got up and dodged another one of metals attacks. The fight continued on, brandy started running toward the volcano to sonic. The two adversaries didn't notice the volcano was shaking violently. Sonic punched metal across the face and picked him up by the leg and swung him around in a circle, sonic let go as metal went flying down into the lava. Sonic was tired, he landed on top of the ring around the volcano.

Hunks of boiling rock came flying. One of the rocks hurled at sonic and hit him knocking him out. He got back up and saw brandy running up the side of the volcano. She ignored all the shaking from the volcano and hugged sonic tightly. "Get out of here, I have to stop this.'' sonic told her "Please be careful.'' she worried. He nodded to her words. She ran down the volcano as fast as she could go. Sonic turned around and held his hands out in front of him.

A wall of lava came out of the volcano. Sonic with all his power put up a wall of chaos energy blocking the lava. He struggled but kept strong. The lava kept pushing. Sonic couldn't hold out for any longer. He let out a loud scream and a bright gold light shined. It slowly vanished. Sonic was found at the base of the volcano. The lava was hardened. Brandy came running to sonic. She threw her arms around his neck knowing he's okay. Sonic woke up and he surprisingly hugged back.

Days have passed, sonic saved the jungle and kept his promise. Sonic went running through the jungle carrying brandy. He jumped on a tree branch and jumped from one to another. Sonic ran up on a hill and set brandy down. "Thanks for bringing me back by the way.'' sonic mentioned "Oh uh no problem.'' she said blushing. The two sat on the edge of the hill "I'm glad I met you Sonic.'' she said hugging him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Sonic felt proud, another way of life protected and saved. The two stayed together and watched the sun disappear under the horizon.


A/N: The kiss, if you played Sonic Next Gen, will be familiar to you. Don't worry! Sonic and Brandy won't be together. It won't last long, lol.