By Tracey Claybon

Crossing: BTVS/Galaxy Rangers

A/N: This is a response to the Twisting the Hellmouth challenge #4746: To boldly go...

I saw the challenge and thought: I've NEVER seen this one on TTH, and it DOES fit… :)


Ariel had told her that she'd been found as a youngster on planet – she just hadn't said till now *how or when*.

Ariel told her on her deathbed after Scarecrow attacked and decimated her former home on Tarkos where she'd been found, and why they hid her for so long.

She'd told of the Elders of the Council of Tarkos finding her in suspended animation, and of her complete amnesia on waking; told how she'd found a note from the new Watchers' Council asking that her keepers keep her sleeping form safe and sound until she woke again - that she would be needed on awakening.


Once, Galaxy Ranger Niko had borne another name and history.

Once, she was known as Dawn Summers.


The Scarecrow had attacked her at first, and now, not only just because she was a threat to him, but because of who she was related to: the Slayer legend, Buffy Summers – apparently, the old animosities between Vampire [and demon] and the Slayers [and Slayer's kin] hadn't changed much despite the legends of Angel/Angelus and Spike in Slayer lore.

Scarecrow was a high level demon who realized the threat that even a Slayer's kin could pose to him and he'd gone out of his way to eliminate that threat with complete prejudice.

He'd almost succeeded. Niko – was still alive. As long as that was true, he couldn't succeed.

Now that she'd grown into her full human potential as the Key, the world – and the galaxy – were wide open.

Just like always – there would also always be demons, like the Scarecrow, to fight.

And, also, just like always, there were warriors to stand with her in the eternal battle.

Zachary Fox, Walter Hartford, 'Wild Bill' Cody, and especially, Shane Guzman.

Now that she was self-aware again, she was going to look for those who might still be alive, and remember Buffy, Faith, Giles, Xander and Cordy. It was possible Oz, Illyria, Spike and Angel might still live and still be fighting the good fight.

And this time, there would be a future with the one she cared for. She knew that beyond a doubt now. Shane would never know what hit him – but he'd never regret a day in their lives of her choosing him to share their lives together.


Crossing is BTVS/Galaxy Rangers [the 80s cartoon].Pairing is Dawn [Niko]/Shane Guzman.]

The characters of Dawn Summers, the Slayer and Xander Harris [BtVS] and other BTVS/ATS characters mentioned belong to Joss Whedon, and the characters of Galaxy Rangers [Niko, Shane, Walter, Zack, and 'Wild Bill' Cody] belong to Koch Vision. They are not mine, and are only used for the love of the characters and writing this story.