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Chapter 1- JPOV

"What do you mean, 'we are leaving tonight.'?" My mind was still registering what Edward and Bella were telling me. This can't be.

"Jacob, this is the only way to protect both you and Renesmee." Bella said. Through her tearless sobs. I didn't quite get what they were telling me. All I understood was they had to leave to protect me and Nessie. Tonight. Why tonight?

"At least, let me come with you."

"Jake, please don't make this harder then what it seems. We promise to explain to you when we get back." It seems that Edward had nothing to say to me about them leaving. He shook his head to what I had thought.

Say something to me man, you know I won't just let you leave and not tell me why; I know he can read my mind. He knows exactly how I will feel.

"Jacob," this is it the whole truth, "what me and Bella decided after the confrontation with the Volturi, it came as a family decision. I am… we are so sorry… about this. I know exactly how you feel. We promised to come back… once this dies out." This is not what I was waiting for. Edward, once what dies out? I looked at him to find out my answer he just stood there and shook his head.

"I am sorry Edward, but I am going. If you like it or not. We both know I can't be away." At this point I was hopeless pleading. I was afraid, no panicking, no terrified. I was terrified to look at Edward. I did. I felt my heart completely crumble. Is that all you have to say to me. Huh, Edward? Answer me! I was furious how they could just think they could leave me with an one hour notice. Not even to prepare myself. Do I even get to say bye to her? Again, I was terrified to look at him.

"Jacob, Bella and I both agreed to leave at night," yes, finally answers, "we did not want to put Renesmee in this kind of pain."

I looked at him, what he expected me to say, 'well I see you when whatever this is dies out.' Bella then interrupted my thinking process, "Jake, please understand, Renesmee is too young to know about what is happening. You too. I promise to bring her back once I know you both are safe. We both know I can keep a promise but I still don't know about you." She chuckled, I forcefully did the same. So, this is it then. Do I least get to know were you're going?

I looked at both Edward and Bella, waiting for my few answers. "Jacob," Edward sighed "what I can tell you is that, that day I heard things I did not want to hear. I don't know when it will happen…Jake, like we said it is to protect you both."

"I can't just let you leave; who knows how long you'll be gone for." It could be years before I see her again. Do they not care?

They called me today, told me to meet them at the cottage. It was urgent. I had no idea when they waited for me outside, I knew it was urgent. We walked into the forest and ended at the border. I finally took noticed of the scene.

Bella looked at Edward and he looked back and nodded. I knew they were having one of there silent conversations. "Jake, we will come back. The only thing I hate about this is not having you know that we are okay. The thing is… we… can't…."

"What she is trying to say is we can't keep in contact with you and you can't know where we are going." Edward told me. When will she come back. Inside of me I was hoping it will only take a month. That's the worst I can do.

"I guess we should be going. We leave around 8:30; you know when Nessie falls asleep."

I only had an hour. Thanks for the advance noticed.

Since, he didn't answer my mental question, "When are you coming back?"

Bella looked at me. She looked new to me but inside she was still Bells. "Jake, that's the problem we don't know."

"I promised her that I'll take her to the beach tomorrow."

"Sorry. We all feel terrible about this. Don't worry. In time you'll fulfill that promise." Edward told me.

With that they both left. Leaving me stunned. How could you do this to me? You selfish, bloodsucker.

I thought he had left but he was standing in front of me. "Jacob, think how much it hurt Bella when I told her. She…we would never forgive ourselves for you not being in her life. I promise to come back once it is safe. She would be on the first plane to Washington. I could promise you that. Please understand that." I nodded. What do I do now? Do I run? "Jacob, don't run. We might be back next year. What would she think if you weren't here?"

I'll try.

"I don't even know when I'll see her again." I looked up and he was gone. What do I do now?

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