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Chapter 13

I stopped it.

I stopped myself from sleeping with Nessie. All the events were leading to that direction. She didn't seem so disappointed that I stopped her and returned to the couch to dream about with my hand on my stiff one. I stopped myself from doing that, too.

The morning she didn't seem upset or even pissed that I stopped us before it got hot. Imagine Edward coming home to a deflowered Nessie, his baby girl.

She even kissed me at the door when she spent the day with Emily. I returned to work after the week I was "gone". I called her the first chance I got. I just had to make sure she was safe; our lives are on the line. Any minute of the day they can harm her but take me. They have an image to hold and not take anyone that doesn't want to go. She would go freely if they had me.

We talked on the phone for the 15-minute break period I had, she had fun with Emily's kids and helping her cook breakfast for them. I couldn't help but imagine a little her. We just started this so-called relationship without getting serious.

The time at work was slow, I just wanted to go home to Nessie and actually get to know her. I just couldn't rely on the imprint to make her mine. Nessie was all I thought about, every thought in my head was about her and the way she moved. I was waiting for my lunch break so I can call her and hear about her day with Emily. I enjoyed the friendships Nessie was forming with everybody. First, I was scared that she was spending the day with Emily since Jenny was still there. I had a long relationship with Jenny and now my new blossoming relationship with Nessie. I can imagine everything Jenny was telling her.

I was checking the clock, constantly. Lunch couldn't come any faster. I decided to pass the time until I had lunch and work on the new car that arrived this morning. I was really into fixing the brakes on the car when I noticed the time on the clock. I grabbed the rag next to me and cleaned my hands. Once I was in a clear earshot and searched for Sam and Emily. I need to buy her a cell phone at least; I don't have to reach someone to get to her.

"Hello," I said before anyone could say anything "is Nessie there?" I rushed out.

"Can't wait can you, Jake?" Emily snickered on the opposite line.

"Yeah, I have 25 minutes left for lunch. So, can you please, please hand her the phone."

"Yeah, she's somewhere around her."

"Emily," I exhaled, "thank you. This means a lot to me."

"Jacob, don't worry about it. The kids love her and so do I."

I knew they would've loved her; everybody loves her. My time was running short the longer they took to get her, the short time I had to talk to her.

"Hello," I heard her song-like voice.

"Nessie," I breathed out. "Hey, I just wanted to hear how you're doing. I'm doing fine." I tried to play it cool. I knew once I heard her laughing she caught my stress and need to hear her.

"Sure, you are." She continued to laugh. "Hey, you have nothing to worry about. Sam and Paul are here, I think. You get off in like three hours. I doubt anything will happen to me during that time. I'm indestructible. Remember? You have nothing to worry about."

We talked about what she was doing before I interrupted her. Figures, she was playing with Sam and Emily's kids. We talked for a few minutes before I was called back in. I didn't mentioned Jenny just incase she wasn't introduced or she wasn't there.

Talking to her made a difference in my day. I never thought that she would come back into my life. She never mentioned the incident from the other day. I was glad for that. We haven't even defined our relationship for me to sleep with her.

I entered the back of the garage and restarted with the new car from earlier. The car had a faint smell of leech on it. Might had been the leech the gang took on last night. I took the night off. Of what I heard, they took on the leech and killed it. I wanted to get Nessie use to me hunting leeches. And stop using the word leech, said by her.

Nessie got a call from her mom last night; they have a flight tomorrow and should be here at night. They don't want to make a scene if they show in the morning.

I worked on the car for the rest of my day. The owner would pick it up in the morning. I had finished the car and it was ready to go. My personal best record. I was ready to go home and spend the rest of the night with Nessie and getting to know her before we make that step.

By the time it was time for me to leave, I bolted out of the shop and run into another fellow worker.

"Someone is in a hurry to go home." I turned around and flicked Tony off, some dude that works with me. I stumbled out of the shop and run to my car. Only if he knew who I had waiting for me. I drove the few miles to Sam and Emily's house to reach a waiting Nessie. I didn't brother to call to tell them I was on my way. I assume she heard from the many phone calls I did today what time I get off. I drove fast and in silence to their house. My stomach knew before I saw it that she was close. My stomach started to really knot and the smell hit me. The smell has been around me all day. I let it slide when I was fixing the car, but now it's near Sam's house. My thoughts started to faze when I thought about Nessie at Sam's house. I stepped on the gas and drove straight to their house. I parked the same time I jumped out the car.

I run into the house scaring both Emily and the kids. My eyes sought out Nessie's eyes. She looked alarmed. What's going on? I looked down at our touched hands and looked at her.

"Emily, where's Sam?" I turned to her.

"He want out back with Paul. Should I go get him?" she swallowed out. I knew once I burst through those doors that Emily was going to worry. She had a family to protect.

"No, that's fine. I'll get him." I told her. "Ness, I'll be right back." I kissed her check and run out the back door. I immediately found Paul and Sam near Paul's car.

"Hey, did you get that leech from last night?" I stared at them. I tried not to yell but failed, miserably.

"Yeah, why?" Sam answered.

"How many were there?" I asked. "And are you sure you go of them?"

"You would know if you were there." Paul sneered.

I jumped at him and knocked him down. "Paul, right now is not the time." Still holding Paul down. I looked at Sam. "Seriously, I need to know."

"Jacob, let him go." He said, disapproving. "From what Embry told me, there was only three."

"Yeah, we got them all. We also circled the perimeters. There was only three." Paul said, once I got off him and he dusted himself off. "What's this about, Jacob?"

"I don't know. I was fixing a car that the shop picked up for the owner. The car had a faint scent of leech. Like the rain washed it out, but when I was driving here the same smell was all over the border. The thing is that scent was washed out. I barely smelt it, though."

"It could have been the one from last week." Paul said.

"The scent was of one I haven't smelt before. We're gonna have schedule patrols."

Sam started to shake his head and stopped me. "You're jumping. It could have been passing by. Simple. I know you have to take advantages given your situation, Jake, but like you said the smell was faint."

"You're right. Passing by." I tried to believe what Sam said, but I couldn't. The stench has some sort of sign to it.

After we entered the house Emily asked us to stay for dinner. The dinner was short and uneventful. I barely talked, and Nessie kept throwing me looks. I knew I had to explain the burst in the doors thing. Ness talked about her parents coming tomorrow and she was excited to live back in the cottage.

I admit I thought she was going to live with me for now. The future seemed so close now.

"So, when are going to tell me about what happened today?"

We were driving to my apartment. It was raining again.

"Yeah," I said looking at her. "It was something that happened today at work."

She looked at me knowing I needed to tell her more. This whole fucking thing is surreal. I assume it would take long for her to know me and like me, but we had a connection without any drama. Except for those stupid fucking leeches.

"Hey, do you think if I ask Edward he will let me ask you out?" I told her. I wanted the boyfriend girlfriend thing.

She turned her seat and grabbed my face holding my face between her palms. "Like as in a date? A real date?" she started to cry and kissed me. It wasn't like the many kisses we shared before. This one had fire and desire. I stopped the car on the empty road and continue to kiss her. She smiled at me and then stopped. "Don't change the subject. You should ask daddy tomorrow. Do you think it would be a good thing to do with the Volturi watching us or rather you?" Fucking leeches. I knew it was too good to be true. I can't even date her because our feelings are intensified.

"I smelt a leech around the border and this car I was fixing had the smell. Sam said not to worry about it and they got the leeches from the other night." Her face frown when I say leeches but being attuned to saying leeches rather vamps.


We kissed one last time before I started the car and continued home.

"I really think the smell was different than the vamps Sam and Paul area talking about." I told when we reached the driveway. "It just seemed weird that the smell would be surround the car and the border." I told her. I opened my drive and walked fats to open the door for her. "The scent is brothering me. I mean I want to know that I can protect you even when there's people after us." I turned to her, holding her hand.

"It's your wolf sense." She joked. We entered the house and walk straight to the room. "You will sleep with me tonight, right?"

"Ah, Ness. As much as I want to maybe we should at least go out on a date first." Did she have to look so innocent in a hot way?

"Wait. No, you prev. I mean sleep on the bed and wake up in your arms." I wonder where she gets this romantic stuff. Bella always shied away from this.

"Sure, sure."

I waited for her while she showered and imagine a time from now when we could be what we want to be. We don't have to worry about the anything.

I heard the shower stop and she stood in front of me looking like an angel. Ever since Ness came back into my life, I had these feelings that I never knew existed.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked.

"You, always you." I smiled at her.

She walked over and crawled into the bed with me. She rested her head on my chest. "Did you really mean it? You know about the date." She looked up at me with a shy smile.

"Yeah, I really would want to, but we can't."

"Okay," she muttered out.

"No, I really do. Is that we can't because we are being watched. The Volturi. I really do want to, but after this is finished. I would take you everywhere."


"I promise you." I intend to keep that promise.

After a few moments, I heard her light snores and her fast beating heart put me in my own slumber.

The soft light from the window on the left entered the room told me that it was time to get up. Nessie wasn't in the room when I stood up but I heard her in the kitchen.

"Are you ready to go?" I told her as I walked in the kitchen after my shower.


I pulled up to the familiar house to drop Ness off. I quickly kissed her, "I get put at the same time. I'll try to call you during my break." I paused to kiss her and hugged her hard, but not too hard. "I'll call you during my break. Be close to the phone." I continued to kiss her in front of the door.

"What would we have left to talk about with all these phone calls?" she kissed my neck.

"I, of course, would tell you how much I miss you. And how much I can't wait to hold you and kiss you again." I literally became a girl. I smiled into her kiss. I continued to kiss her until the door flew open with Emily standing at the entrance.

"Stop, please. I let this go on for too long." Emily laughed out. "Jacob go to work and don't call every five minutes. Bye, Jacob." She pushed me out and grabbed Nessie into the house.

Before Emily closed the door, Nessie stepped out and hugged me whispering something I never thought I would hear coming from her. "It's okay to say I love you before our date, right?"

I pulled her away giving her a questionable look. Did she just say or ask to be able to say it. "Yeah, that's fine." I tested her.

"Okay, bye Jake. I'll see after work." She said stepping away from me. Finally, entering the house blowing me a kiss.

I existed the driveway making my way toward the shop. From far I can see the emergency lights of a vehicle that looked all too familiar. It looked like the car from the shop last night. I personally fixed that car. I did a u-turn to park behind the car on the other side of the road. I turned off the engine and walked put the car toward the Audi. Being close to the border or it was the car that the smell came back. It's an old smell. They got the leeches. I repeated to myself. The smell meant nothing.

"Hey, I fixed you car over at Chris'."

"Jacob Black."


The weather has been weird it rained a couple days ago. I felt my third earthquake.

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