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Chapter 37- Annoyances


I picked up Alice for school, already missing Edward's presence. We chatted on the way though, and her bubbly personality pulled me out of my slight sadness. When I asked her about the best time for Edward and I to go and see Renee and tell her about our engagement she cheerfully told me that she'd already booked Edward and I flights to New York for this weekend, since they would be there preparing for Phil's game next weekend and it would be overcast from Friday until mid next week. She had also upgraded their room to a small luxury suite, and Edward and I had the presidential suite at their hotel. I hugged her when we got to school. "Thank you so much Alice! You're going to be awesome at organising our wedding."

She grinned, 'I know, it's going to be talked about in Forks for over a decade afterwards," she tapped her nose knowingly. I groaned. "Oh, and since I know you're going to ask, Renee is going to love Edward once she sees how much of a gentleman he is and how much he loves you." I sighed with relief, once again grateful for Alice's ability. It would stop me worrying needlessly for the next few days. "In fact, I see you all having a great time in New York. You and Renee will have a great time shopping, and Edward will get to go to one of Phil's baseball practises." I grinned, that sounded wonderful.

All too soon the start bell rang and we reluctantly parted ways and headed towards our classes. The classes were exceptionally boring without Edward there, and the mornings dragged on at an incredibly slow rate. I amused myself by using my extra good hearing to listen in on the whispered rumours going around. I doubted that they would be slowing down anytime soon. It seemed there were many people that believed I was only marrying Edward for his money, or his looks. It irritated me to no end that they didn't believe there was more behind his appearance and wealth. He was so much more behind it. Then again, I mused, it wasn't like I wanted them to know just how wonderful he really was, or I'd constantly have to shroud him in a six foot bubble just to keep the girls off of him.

Finally lunch arrived, and I rushed to the cafeteria to see Alice, grateful for anything that would break up the monotony of my day so far. Unfortunately, as I entered, I found myself cornered by none other than Mike Newton. I gritted my teeth in frustration. Apparently, since Edward wasn't with me today he thought I was fair game, despite the shining engagement ring on my finger. I looked desperately over at Alice, but she just smiled back with an amused look on her face. Annoying pixie.

It seemed that Mike was far more stupid than he looked- which was saying something. "So Bella, word is that you're engaged to Cullen."

I raised an eyebrow and held up my left hand. The diamonds shone brilliantly under the fluorescent light. "Yes I am, but I fail to see how that is any of your business." He shifted uncomfortably at the hostility in my voice.

"Well I don't like it- you could do so much better than him."

I laughed. "And who would be better for me? You?" at his decisive nod I laughed harder. 'Let me make this clear for you Mike. I love Edward, and he loves me. We're getting married and there's no one better for me than Edward."

Apparently that wasn't clear enough for him. "Well how would you really know Bella?" I mean it's not like you've really dated anyone else. You should date other people before it's too late. I'd be more than happy to help you out." He winked suggestively at me and I recoiled in horror, backing into the wall.

My patience had reached his limit, and I was outraged at his suggestion. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. I quickly skimmed through my contact list until I found who I was looking for. I dialled and it was picked up immediately. "Hey Bells, I know you're missing Edward and All, but we're heading home now and I promise he's still in the same condition he left in- still desperately in love with you." Emmett's cheerful teasing voice came through.

"Hi Emmett, as happy as I am to hear that Edward is fine, I'm actually calling because Mike is bothering me and won't take a hint- would you believe that he's trying to convince me that I need to date other people before I marry Edward, and- I quote- 'it's too late.' Apparently I need to make sure that Edward is the right one." In the background I could hear Edward's indignant growl.

Emmett laughed evilly. 'Put the phone on speaker lil sis." I pulled it away from my ear and tapped the speaker button. "Okay Emmett, go ahead."

Beside me Mike paled as he realised who I'd called. "Hi Mike," Emmett's normally cheerful voice was hard. Mike gulped, 'Hi Emmett."

"I hear you've been trying to dissuade Bella from marrying my brother."

"Uh,' he stuttered.

"Now listen closely Mike. Our family loves Bella, and she's like a little sister to me. Now she loves Edward, and he absolutely adores her, and they're gonna get married. Now when that happens, she'll officially be my little sister- something I am really looking forward to. You don't want to swindle me out of a little sister do you Mikey?"

His voice had turned menacing and one look at Mike's pale face and quivering figure confirmed that Emmett was scaring the daylights out of him. "No Emmett."

"Good, now stay away from Bella or I'll have to pay you a little visit, and we wouldn't want that now would we?"

"No,' he squeaked out before turning and walking quickly away with all the air of a chastised dog. Deciding that I hadn't had quite enough vengeance yet, I subtly put up a tiny invisible shield in front of his foot for just a second while he was rushing away from me, past tables of people. He tripped, falling face first into someone's lasagne. If it was possible, his face actually looked to be a darker shade of red than the crimson sauce covering it. The whole table burst into laughter at the sight as he ran, horrified, out of the cafeteria. Over in the corner, still at our table, Alice was shaking with laughter.

I was also chuckling as I took my phone off speaker and told Emmett in great detail what had just befallen Mike. He roared with laughter and in the background I could hear his brothers joining in. "Well thanks for the help Em, hopefully he'll have finally gotten the idea that I'm not interested in anyone but Edward,' I sighed as I headed towards Alice.

'No problem li'l sis- it was my pleasure. Oh and your fiancé wants to talk to you." I felt a little thrill at the word.

"Okay, bye Emmett."

I sat down next to Alice and my heart jumped as I heard Edward's velvet voice. "Hello love, we're almost back in Forks now, did you have a good night?"

"Yes, although it would have been better if you were there," I pouted. I knew it was selfish to want Edward to stay with me even though sometimes he was effectively starving himself to stay with me as much as possible, but despite my moments of guilt over it I always wanted him with me. He had become an addiction that I wasn't willing to give up, and when he wasn't with me I almost had withdrawal symptoms.

He chuckled, "Stop pouting Bella, I'll be waiting for you when you get back from school." I smiled at that.

"Okay, oh by the way, we're going to New York this weekend to see mum, Alice already booked it."

"New York? So I get to take you to see the Statue of Liberty." He sounded thrilled.

"Yes, although you'll probably have to put up with my flighty mother tagging along."

"I'm sure it'll be fine love, besides, I haven't been to New York since Alice dragged the whole family there in the 60's, although the girls go there every couple of years for fashion shows and shopping."

That sounded fun, and I made a mental note that we would go shopping again soon- we had had so much fun on out last weekend long shopping trip in Canada, and I briefly wondered whether we should go back to West Edmonton Mall with the guys this time, I was sure we'd have a great time. Alice looked up and me and grinned. I took that as confirmation that it was a great idea.

I ended my conversation with Edward soon after, pleased that he had many places he wanted to show me in New York. I ate quickly, since I had used up most of my lunch getting rid of Mike and talking to Emmett and Edward, and when the bell ran I reluctantly headed to my biology class, missing Edward as my lab partner.


That afternoon, once school was over, Alice and I sped towards the Cullen's house, both eager to see out mates. When we arrived, before I could open my door it was opened for by Edward and I was pulled out into his arms. I melted into them and lifted up my face to kiss him enthusiastically. My body became heated as he responded and neither of us pulled away until I was desperate for air. "mmm, I missed you," I murmured.

"I missed you too love." He leaned down to give me a soft sweet kiss and just like that my world was complete again.

We spent the afternoon together making plans for the weekend, not really caring what we were doing as long as it was together. I packed my suitcase for the weekend so that it would be ready to go, then Edward and I relaxed by playing our instruments.

Together we weaved a beautiful loving sweet melody- a tribute to our love for each other. We kept our eyes locked on each other as his fingers moved swiftly over the piano keys, and mine plucked the strings of my harp. Lost as we were in each other and the music, we were both startled to find the res of the family watching us when we stopped. Their faces were a mixture of awe and amazement. Esme looked as if she would be crying if she could. "That was beautiful," she said softly. We smiled and I couldn't have agreed more- what Edward and I had was special.

I had a sudden idea and Alice started jumping. 'Oh Bella it's perfect." The rest of the family looked confused- even Edward, who Alice had been keeping out of her thoughts lately due to the wedding, since she didn't want Edward to accidently catch a glimpse of my wedding dress.

They turned to me for an explanation. "I want us to record this song so that Edward and I can have our first dance as husband and wife to it," I explained. Edward's face broke out into a stunning smile, and the rest of the family beamed.

Edward got up from his piano and came to me, tenderly cupping my cheek in his hand. "It's perfect love." My smile got bigger, and I couldn't help but envision how wonderful it would be to dance with him as husband and wife to the beautiful melody that was a tribute to our love.

That night over dinner I told Charlie that Edward and I planned on going to New York on the weekend to visit Renee. To his credit he didn't say anything, just grunted in acknowledgement and said he hoped he enjoyed myself.

Renee was ecstatic when I called to tell her the news- she had been looking forward to meeting Edward, and couldn't wait to spend time with us. I slept far more peacefully that night with Edward back in his rightful place by my side.


Friday afternoon found us speeding down the highway towards Seattle. The five Cullen children and I were testing out our new motorbikes, with Carlisle following us in Emmett's jeep and Esme in my Maserati. The jeep was so that Edward's and my bikes could be taken back, and my Maserati was being left at the airport for us to come home in. We loved out bikes. It was exhilarating to fell to feel the rush of speed and the wind in my face. It was almost as good as being on Edward's back when he ran.

We soon reached the airport, even though none of us were really done enjoying our bikes. Edward and I said our goodbyes as our bikes were loaded into the jeep and Esme returned from parking my car. The flight to New York was boring, and there were no interesting movies on, so I curled up in Edward's lap, feeling content and happy surrounded by him. I smirked when jealous air hostesses glared at me every time they walked past, proud that Edward was mine. I soon succumbed to sleep, successfully quelling my worries over our trip. I was anxious about Edward meeting my mum. Due to Alice's assurances I wasn't worried about her liking Edward, however, I was certain she would take great pleasure in telling him many of my embarrassing childhood stories. I was just glad that Emmett wasn't with us- if he had been no doubt I had get enough material to tease me for the next couple of centuries.

When Edward woke me up just before the plane landed I realised that he looked enthusiastic. Wonderful. I was also worried because I was planning on telling Edward of my wish for us to have a child together after we were married, and I had no idea of how I was going to broach that subject, let alone convince him to agree to it. I was also unsure of what his initial reaction would be; Alice hadn't been able to see it since there were too many decisions to be made.

Both Alice and Rose were hoping that Edward could be convinced quickly so that Alice would be able to see our children. So was I- I couldn't wait to find out whether we would be having a son, or a daughter. I had already thought of some possible names, depending on what the sex of our baby was. I just hoped Edward would say yes.

We got off the plane and quickly grabbed our luggage, eager to get to the hotel and see my mother. We caught a taxi- which turned out to be incredibly easy with Edward around since as soon as he hailed for one, all the female and gay male taxi drivers sped towards him. It didn't take a mind reader to work out that they were hoping to flirt with him on the drive, and Edward's muted groan as we slid into the cab of a gay guy wearing a flamboyant pink and yellow scarf confirmed it. I chuckled softly as we sped through the city.

From about a few miles away from the hotel Edward bent down and whispered in my ear, "She can't wait to see you again, and she'd wondering if I look as good in real life as I did in our prom pictures."

I vibrated with excitement. When we arrived I rushed into the lobby ahead of Edward. "Mum!" I yelled as I hurried towards her and hugged her tight.

"Bella! Oh I missed you baby," she hugged me back, then stepped away slightly to survey me properly. "You look really happy Bella."

I grinned, "I am Mum, in fact; we have news." I hesitated and looked at Edward for comfort. He stepped up beside me and held p my left hand, kissing it and beaming proudly. "I asked Bella to marry me and she said yes."

His smile was so bright that I couldn't help but smile with him.

Renee's face was one of shock, but it quickly morphed into a smile as she surveyed the ring and our happy faces. "Congratulations honey, you look so happy with him- happier than I've ever seen you, I am so happy that you've already found your soul mates in each other- I know you are both mature-minded people, so you won't make my mistakes Bella."

I couldn't help but hug her again. "Thanks Mum," I whispered.

"Congratulations you two," Phil piped up. We both thanked him, "I hope you guys have a long and happy life together." I gave him a hug as well. Edward shook his hand after hugging my mum softly.

After talking a little more, Edward and I booked in and arranged to meet them at the hotel restaurant for dinner later. Edward was taking us all out to dinner to celebrate our engagement, as well as my reunion with mum.


The presidential suite was wonderful and I immediately pulled off my shoes and ran to the master bed. I leaped onto it and sunk into the soft, heavenly mattress. I groaned in enjoyment, and Edward chuckled as he lay down quietly beside me. We relaxed for a while, with Edward gently stroking my hair, before he reluctantly reminded me that we had to start getting ready for dinner if we didn't want to be late.

I groaned and got off the bed. Picking up my suitcase I unzipped it and paused in shock. My jaw dropped open as my mind registered the contents of my suitcase- content I most certainly did not pack. All of my clothes had been removed and in their place was something black. I pulled it out as Edward looked on curiously.

It was a black spandex catsuit. Also in the suitcase were knee high black leather boots, and a headband with small cat ears in it. I unpinned the note attached to the catsuit and read it aloud. "Edward's favourite animals are large cats, have fun." There was nothing else in the suitcase except my jewellery and toiletries- not even any underwear. Thankfully I had put my vampire-human hybrid books in my carryon luggage, so I still had them with me. I gritted my teeth and looked up at Edward. "Emmett!" I growled. Edward's eyes were wide as he watched me holding up the black material and boots. I was surprised as I read the lust in his eyes. Well, I figured, now is probably a good time to test how resistant to my baby making plan he'll be. I smirked, "Well at least I've got something to wear for our honeymoon." His eyes opened wide and he gulped.

"Um Bella, as much as I want to" I was thrilled at that revelation, "if you're still human I don't know if that will be possible."

I sighed, it looked like it would be harder than I thought to convince Edward that we should have a baby if I couldn't even convince him to try creating one first. "I trust you Edward- you won't hurt me. Besides, with my shields you can't." I suddenly realised we were running late for dinner. "Let's not get into that now, at the moment I'm more worried about the fact that I have nothing to wear." I picked up my phone and called Alice. "Alice! How could you let this happen?" I whined into the phone when she answered.

"I'm so sorry Bella, he must have made sure to only make last minute decisions. I only saw you opening your suitcase and finding it like that when you were already halfway to New York." She apologised. Then her tone brightened, "But I sent you a cocktail dress for tonight's dinner, although you'll have to go shopping tomorrow. It was the best I could do for you at such short notice, oh, and I'll help you get Emmett back."

I relaxed now that I knew I would have something to wear for the night. "Thank you Alice, tell Emmett he's going to regret this." I gritted my teeth in frustration as I closed the phone. I turned to Edward, but before I could say anything there was a knock at the door.

Edward went to answer it while I sat down on the bed and sighed, trying to rid myself of my frustration. He came back carrying a box which he held out to me. I opened it expectantly and pulled out the dress Alice had had couriered to us from a boutique.

Full of relief I quickly have Edward a peck on the lips and rushed into the bathroom to get ready. Despite the time limit, I couldn't help but take my time in the luxurious shower, stopping to enjoy the hot water cascading down my back.

Once I was done I came back out of the bathroom wrapped in a fluffy towel and feeling much calmer. I had the pleasure of seeing Edwards eyes widen as he slowly perused my body appreciatively from my toes upwards until he met my amused gaze. He quickly schooled his expression into a nonchalant look. "Bathroom's all yours," I grinned at him.

He raced in while I got dressed. The dress was a knee length emerald green wrap dress. Since I didn't have any shoes, other than the sneakers I had worn on the plane, I pulled out the black boots Emmett had sent and thanked my lucky stars that he had made sure they were my size.

Edward walked out of the bathroom just as I had my dress hiked up, and one leg up on the bed as I put the boots on. This time he didn't control his expression,; choosing instead to stare hungrily at me. Inwardly I cheered; hoping this meant that maybe it would be easier to convince Edward to conceive our child after all. I winked at him as I zipped up the second boot and put my foot back on the floor, smoothing my dress back down. "Like what you see?"

He strode towards me and wrapped his arms around me. "Undoubtedly love. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." I melted at the combination of his words, his irresistible velvet voice, and the feeling of his strong arms around me.

"Mmm, good to know," I murmured huskily. It was excellent in fact. Maybe I would be able to seduce him into getting me pregnant if he wouldn't accede to my requests. I felt momentarily guilty about considering tricking him, but I pushed that thought away for now- everything would be so much easier for both of us if Edward agreed to allow us to try for a baby once I'd told him it was possible. I just had to work up the nerve to do it.

"What are you thinking love?' Edward had noticed how quiet I had become as I mused over how to tell Edward. I quickly realised though that now wasn't the time to do it.

"Oh nothing important, come on, we'd better go or we'll be late," I said as I reluctantly extracted myself from his arms. "I don't want to endure Renee's knowing glances if we're late- she'll think the reason we were late is because we were busy having sex." I explained as I looked in the mirror and made sure I looked okay. My hair hung in smooth waves down my back. At my throat was my diamond heart from Edward. My wrist had my platinum and diamond cuff, and my engagement ring shone on my finger. I smiled as I lifted it up to my face and admired it again. I had found myself doing that a lot lately.

Edward came up behind me and kissed my neck. "I love you," he murmured before pulling away and dragging me out of the penthouse. I grinned and followed him, my hand encased in his.

Luckily we made it to the restaurant just before them and waited a couple of minutes until we saw an enthusiastic Renee running up to us with Phil trailing along behind. "Oh honey, I love your dress," she gushed, giving me another hug.

"Thanks mum, Alice bought it for me," this sparked a discussion as we were being seated about our plans for the next day. Thanks to Alice I already knew that we were going shopping while Edward joined Phil at baseball practise, and I quickly suggested it. Edward then suggested that we should do a night tour of the Statue of Liberty afterwards, to which Renee gushed in agreement. I could tell that he'd already won her over.

Renee raised an enquiring eyebrow when Edward and I ordered one dish between us so that it would look like Edward was eating. "We've discovered that it's better this way, otherwise we end up eating more off each other's plates than our own anyway," I lied.

"To be honest Renee, after seeing how clumsy Bella is, I'm a bit hesitant to let her near a knife for fear that she'll slip and chop a finger off," Edward chuckled, and Renee broke out into peals of laughter with Phil laughing as well.

I glared at them as my tell tale blush adorned my cheeks. I lifted my shield and thought at Edward, "you'd better shut up now or you'll be eating your own meals while we're here," he quietened immediately and sent me an apologetic look.

Unfortunately, Renee decided that since Edward was going to marry me, he needed to know all of my embarrassing childhood stories, and my cheeks stayed red the entire night as Edward listened to Renee with a rapt expression. I was just glad Emmett wasn't here, since he would have gotten enough material from her tales to tease me for the next five centuries.

"There was one time on my birthday, when Bella was five, when she tried to bake me a birthday cake. I was in my studio painting, and Bella managed to sneak out and into the kitchen. She followed the recipe to perfection, but then she left it in the oven for too long and the cake came out like a dry rock." They all chuckled as I glared at them. "Then she decided that she needed to fix the cake, so she got my face moisturiser and slathered it onto the cake because it said softens and hydrates on it and she thought it would make the cake turn back into a moist mud cake." By now they were laughing harder. "So then I walked out and was touched by how thoughtful she'd been. So of course I tried a piece and I had to spit it out immediately it was so horrible. Bella looked so upset, but she threw up when she tried to eat her piece." They all laughed hard at my expense and I stoically looked at the table and at my food.

That wasn't all though. Renee also brought up a few childhood stories from Forks that I could barely remember. "When Bella was three and we still lived in Forks I took her to the playground. She was having a great time and there were a few other kids around the same age there too. Anyway, she walked up to a little boy playing in the sandpit with his trucks and politely asked him if she could play. He said no and informed her harshly that 'Girls can't play with trucks, only boys can.' I rushed over, thinking that she'd start crying because he was being mean to her, but Bella glared at him and decked him so hard that he fell back into the sandpit. She then informed him that she didn't want to play with him anyway and stalked off to the swings. I had to apologise to his mother. We saw him a few days later at the park again and he had a black eye. Come to think of it, you guys might know him if his family still lives in the area- his name was Mike Newton."

Edward burst into raucous laughter, his shaking frame sending shuddered thought the entire table. He was catching quite a few stares from the other patrons, but it looked like he couldn't control his outburst. "He deserved it" I muttered mutinously. I had vague memories of hitting a boy in a sandpit, but I'd had no idea before now that it was Mike Newton.

Edward finally calmed down, "I have no doubt he did love," he assured me, his eyes sparkling with amusement. "I can't wait to tell Emmett- he'll really get a kick out of that story." I groaned and rested my head on his shoulder. Emmett was going to love hearing about me punching Mike.

Dinner finally ended- much to my relief; I wasn't sure how much longer I could go on hearing Renee tell embarrassing stories about me. When we got back to our suite I realised that I had another problem. Thanks to Emmett I had no pyjamas, although I thankfully had found a spare change of underwear in my toiletries bag- my emergency set.

I ruminated over my options for a second before realising that Edward had a fully packed suitcase of clothes. He watched me sceptically as I skipped over to his suitcase and rifled through it. I pulled out one of his t-shirts and a pair of boxers and went into the bathroom to change.

Edward's clothes were incredibly comfortable, and I could smell his lilac-honey-sun scent on them, making me feel enveloped in him. I happily walked out to find Edward in pyjama pants and a t-shirt. He looked delicious and I licked my lips unconsciously as I appreciated the view that his tight t-shirt gave me of his ripped abs underneath. I realised by his stiff stance that he found the sight of me in his clothes uncomfortable. I just hoped that it was in a good way, since I was counting on it for the potential conception of our child.