I love the Wyatt;Chris storyline from season 6 and I would have loved to see more of future Wyatt. I was thinking about it one night and this is what I came up with.

AN: Very little Leo in this story. I love him so much but I'm really bad at writing him, so he won't be much of a fixture.

AN 2: Italics – thoughts
bold italics – memories
"italics" – communication through telepathic link




"Et tu, Chris?"

"Of all the people to betray me."

"Stuck in the old good vs. evil morass."

"It's all about power."

"Of all the people to betray me."


The memory echoed in his mind. He had never expected it from his own brother. Sure Chris had disagreed with most of what he did and yes Chris had led a resistance against him. But he never expected this. Never expected Chris to betray him so completely.

Wyatt Halliwell dropped his head into his hands. He sighed in frustration. Chris travelling back in time the first time he did it had been a surprise but the second time had astonishing. It was for this reason that Wyatt currently sat alone in his room, thinking.

All his life Chris had been the only on he trusted, the only one he depended on. Wyatt had never let anyone in the way he let Chris in. Chris was his best friend. Even after beginning his reign of power, Chris was still the one he wanted with him. To rule by his side.

Chris had plotted against him. Stolen the Book of Shadows out of his very hands. Him and his fiancé. Wyatt thought with a grimace.

She must have brainwashed Chris. Poisoned his mind against him. There's no other explanation for why Chris would turn on his brother. She paid for her foolishness. Wyatt smiled in satisfaction.

While Wyatt felt no sadness for her death, but it had not been his plan. She needn't have died. It had been her own foolishness which led to her death. She had mistakenly believed he was going to kill Chris. Hurt him, shock him? Yes, but never kill him.

For a moment Wyatt wondered if his little brother would succeed in his plan to 'save' him. Wyatt quickly shook of that idea. There was nothing to 'save' him from. He had chosen this. Chosen power.

Wyatt glanced briefly at the clock. 1:27 Am. Standing up from his chair, he trudged over to his bed. Kicking off his boots, he climbed into bed.


Chris Perry stood in the attic of the Halliwell manor. Standing back from the Book of Shadows, he used his telekinesis to slowly flip through the book. He had no new leads on who turns Wyatt and he was getting frustrated. The sound of a car made him stop his casual search. He waited for a moment, listening for one of the sisters to come in. A minute or two went by in silence and Chris decided it had been the neighbor's car. He resumed his search of the book.

The sisters were not very happy with him right now. Ever since his return from the future and his confession regarding Wyatt things had been tense. Piper initially kicked him out of the house, claiming that she never wanted to see him again, but after calming down they accepted his confession and things were back to normal for the most part. Still, Chris would rather not be caught looking through the book.

Chris stilled his movements and slowly tore his eyes from the book. His senses were on alert. Something wasn't right. The thought barely crossed his mind when he was thrown back by the force of a demon. Chris groaned as he was thrown against the wall. Caught off guard, and slightly disoriented, he wasn't quick enough to avoid the demon's athame.

Chris stared wide eyed as the demon shimmered away. He grasped the athame imbedded in his side and quickly pulled it out. Gasping in pain he fell to the ground, his hands flew to his side as blood began to flow.


Wyatt's eyes shot open and he slowly moved into a sitting position. He could feel the faint stirrings of pain. Pain that wasn't his own. Chris.

Chris had been blocking the connection between them the whole time he had been in the past. Why was he letting something slip now? Wyatt didn't understand, unless Chris wasn't strong enough to block him completely? Suddenly Wyatt felt the mental block go down completely. He could sense his brother again, and what he was sensing wasn't good.


Chris' eyes went wide at the feeling of confusion spreading through him. The link! He wasn't strong enough to keep the block up. The confusion he felt was Wyatt's. Chris whimpered softly in pain. "Wyatt".



Wyatt shot out of bed, pulling his boots on quickly. Wyatt rushed to the cabinet that held the book and removing the protection spells he began flipping through it. Spell, spell.

Wyatt began to panic as he sensed Chris weakening. He had to get to him. He had to get to him now! Wyatt abruptly stopped flipping through the book. He was the first born son of a charmed one, the twice blessed witch. he could come up with a spell on his own.




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