Didn't get my weight tonight, after the day I've had I really didn't need another depressing moment on top of it...Here's the last chapter. I decided to finish it off. Enjoy.


Chapter 13

Every temptation is an opportunity to triumph over evil.

-Marc Williams

One Year Later

Who would have thought? After I walked out on the best record company in Japan I got so many offers. Even after I announced that I'm gay, the offers were not retracted. Haruka has since become my manager, best friend, and girlfriend. I love her more than anything in this world.

Two months ago we finished our moved from Tokyo to Vancouver, British Columbia. We signed with a company in Canada. When we visited the city we both agreed that it felt more so like home then Japan.

"Are you almost ready to go on?" I looked up from the mirror. My breath caught in my throat when I looked at her. Her hair was slicked back. The tuxedo hung perfectly on her body. She looked amazing.

"I'll be out in just a moment." I pulled my eyes away from Haruka to finish the last of my makeup. I stood and examined my figure in front of the mirror. I was completely relaxed with how I looked. I've gained another fifteen pounds over the past year. And I was comfortable with it. Nobody looked at me as fat anymore.

I smoothed out my red velvet, spaghetti strap dress before walking out of my dressing room. This was my first time ever playing in Los Angeles. It's been years since I've even been to the United States. It was a very beautiful place but the people here, as a whole, are so rude. They're all in such a hurry to get things done or to get from one place to another.

We rented a car to use during our stay here and even Haruka's driving skills were amateur compared to these people. It was insane.

"Knock 'em dead." She smiled at me before she kissed me.

"Same for you." I responded to her once the kiss ended.

She walked out on stage before me and sat at the piano. I've got to be the luckiest woman alive, to have such a beautiful, sweet, amazing person in my life. I watched her nod once she was seated. I then followed her out as her hands started to play a familiar, fast melody. I picked up my violin and quickly joined her as the stage lights came on.

I couldn't keep my mind from wandering to all the events from the last year. So many life changing, wonderful events. All of them shared with Haruka. My Haruka. My life and soul. My friend and partner. My manager and lover. My world.

We shared a brief smile before moving to the next song. A slow, seductive piece we had written together. I think it originally came from a more drunken evening. Though it was fine tuned the next few days. I shivered and blushed as I remembered each time we played that piece in the privacy of our own home. I never thought making love to her could get any better and yet it did each time.

Before either of us realized it we were on the last song of the evening. My eyes were able to focus by then to see the people sitting in the front row. They all had their eyes closed, obviously lulled by the music. I frowned at the end when a shrill sound came from the piano. Chatter began throughout the theater as I turned to look at her. At first I thought something had happened to her. My blood started to boil when I saw her just sitting there, looking at me. What was she thinking?

I put my violin back in it's case and walked back to her. "What happened? Are you alright?" She ignored me as she stood and walked by me to get the microphone.

"I would like to personally apologize for stumbling over so much of the music tonight." She looked over her shoulder at me. "I've just been so nervous this evening."

I stepped beside her. "Why?" I leaned up to whisper into her ear.

Again she ignored me. My feelings were somewhere between worry and hurt. I started to walk off the stage when she spoke again "I want to make it up to you Michiru, and to all of you as well. I wrote this song about a week ago."

I stopped and turned back to her. She sat the microphone on top of the piano and began playing. It was the most beautiful music I had ever heard in my life. Her eyes closed as she played it. She was putting her heart into it. I could feel the connection as I watched her. The crowd exploded with applause when she finished. I wasn't the only person to be the first to hear this beautiful melody she composed. I moved back to her. I linked my hand with hers but she stopped me from turning around to bow to the crowd.

"I'm not done." She flipped the microphone back on, her eyes never left mine as she spoke. "I've loved you since the first day I laid eyes on you." I gasped, the crowd's presence was pushed out of my mind. She produced a small box from her inside pocket. For that very moment it was just Haruka and I. "Will you marry me?" My heart pounded, my vision became blurry with tears. I couldn't find any words to speak. Nothing would respond. I just started at her blankly. After a few moments she spoke again. "Kekkon shiyou?"

I was finally able to respond when I heard the same question in our native tongue. "Hai." I nodded. She pulled the ring out of the box she held. It was a diamond and aquamarine rind set in a white gold band. It was gorgeous. "Yes." I spoke again as she slid it on my finger.

My life was now complete. I had the woman of my dreams. I was engaged...I finally felt acceptance.

The End