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The 40 year old T.K. is in his house sitting down looking out the window sipping some coffee with Patamon thinking.

"Patamon how did this happen to me? I mean this can't be my future. Davis got Kari! How is that possible!? I don't know what's happening but everything has become messed up. Come to think of it I also think that the team thinks that I'm not useful being a digi-destined because of all the things I've done. If only I can return to the past to change those things." T.K. said sadly

"Oh T.K. you should brighten up some more you're the digi-destined of hope. That means you should just have some more hope."

"Your right Patamon I should. I think things would turn out better now."

Just then T.K.'s

D-3 was glowing yellow and it had the crest of hope. The light covered T.K. and Patamon.

Sorry for that short story and the cliff hanger because it was getting late for me