She watched in horror as the motorcycle pulled up next to the SUV. Her senses were in overdrive. Tingling. She watched as they pulled their guns and fired into the car. With each shot fired, her heart slowed down until it finally wasn't beating. She had long since taken a breath, and was beginning to get dizzy.

There was no way that he was okay. No way that he wasn't hit. No way.

She watched as the SUV turned around and began after the motorcycle, and after it had disappeared around the corner, followed slowly behind. Her heart was heavy, but a small part of her couldn't help but think that he was alright.

She was about a block away when she heard more gunfire, and turned onto the street just in time to see the dark SUV sped away again.

"He's fine." Carter said over the earpiece.

Immediately, she felt her heart beat again.