Title: Long awaited help.

Characters: HP/SS. M/M Slash

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns all the characters, Hogwarts, everything. I make no money of my stories. I just enjoy playing with the characters.


Harry looked down at Hogwarts and felt memories flow through him, of him and Ron and Hermione. Their six years at Hogwarts had been filled with terror and danger, but he'd had them and that made it bearable. They were his family when he'd had none.

And that's why he had returned to Hogwarts, he needed Hermione's help.

He aimed the broom down and landed in front of the huge oak doors. Harry knocked twice and waited for the doors to open. Grubby, suspicious eyes peeked around the edge of the open door, they widened for a moment, than the door opened fully.

Harry looked into the face of Argus Filch and even more memories engulfed him, he shook his head and said, "Hello Mr. Filch, I've come to see Professor Granger."

"Ah yes, Potter isn't it?" Filch stepped back and let Harry walk in. He led Harry up to the Great Hall, "Well everyone's in here. Its breakfast see."

"Okay." Harry walked into the Great Hall and immediately heard whispers and felt stares on him. With an aggravated sigh he looked up at the ceilings to avoid the glances. Above them, the ceiling reflected the gray sky above, storm clouds.


Harry looked back down to see a young woman with loads of bushy brown hair running towards him. He caught her in his arms and spun her around, "Hermione!"

"Oh Harry! I was so excited when you wrote to say that you were coming to visit!" she pulled back and beamed up at him.

"Well I missed you!" He winked at her.

Hermione blushed but gave him a look, "Right! How's Oliver?"

Harry chewed his cheek and shrugged, "Good, I guess…"

After staring at Harry closely for a moment, she sighed and shook her head, "Oh Harry…"

"You know I am hungry…" Harry looked longingly at the four tables around him and at the food.

"Let's sit down."

Harry moved toward Gryffindor table, but with a chuckle Hermione grabbed his arms and led him up to the teachers table, "I don't sit with the students Harry!"

"Oh right, Professor!"

Hermione blushed but Harry was looking at the very old but still domineering woman who sat in the center of the table. She stood and held out her hand, "Harry Potter, it's been so long. How are you?"

"Professor McGonagall, I'm good. How are you?" Harry shook her hand and smiled at her. As she was the head of his house he couldn't help but feel a certain fondness for the woman who was his mother figure for so many years.

She sat back down and gazed around the hall at all the students, "Oh I don't know how Dumbledore did it, I feel like I'm getting to old too continue this for much longer." She smiled and began to eat again.

Hermione and Harry sat next to McGonagall and Hermione beamed up at Harry, "Guess who got promoted to Gryffindor, head of house?"

"Wow! Hermione really? Congratulations!"

"Thank you!"

The two at breakfast and chatted cheerfully until the students got up and began to head to their first classes, "We can talk a bit more, I don't have to teach until later." Hermione said as they walked amongst the students. Suddenly she called out "McGibbon, I need to speak with you!"

A tall boy with dark blonde hair, he looked to be a fourth year to Harry, nervously walked forward, "Yes Professor?"He looked at Harry in awe for a moment and then his eyes snapped back to Hermione's.

"I happened to have a very interesting discussion with Professor Snape yesterday, something about not handing in homework for the past week. Don't you think that's interesting McGibbon?"

The boy looked down at his feet and kicked lightly at the floor, "Sorry Professor."

"I want you to attend the detentions he gave you and then you can join me in a one on one detention so we can discuss why you are having trouble with completing the homework, understand?"

"Yes professor." McGibbon looked up at her with an annoyed look on his face. Harry blinked and was reminded of another boy who used to stare at Hermione like that.

"And five points from Gryffindor." She gave the boy a stern look when he groaned but Harry could swear he saw the edges of her lips twitching upward, "Go on, get to class or Professor Flitwick won't be too happy with me for making you late."

McGibbon nodded and after another curious look at harry scampered away. "So I'd heard Snape was still teaching here. How is it working with him?" Harry imagined intense and cruel black eyes, hidden behind long black hair.

Hermione sighed, "The usual, he doesn't respect me and treats me like I'm still a student. I heard that he had a good, long chuckle when he heard that I was made the head of Gryffindor."

"Yeah, sounds like Snape." Harry held a little animosity in his heart for the man who'd been determined to make his life a living hell, when he was a student. But after all that Snape had done to help Harry defeat Voldemort all those years ago had definitely lessened the hate.

He followed Hermione to her chambers and sat on the couch in her office, "So Harry, what did happen with you and Oliver?"

"We kind of just fell apart. He was so busy with work, and I was too busy with my experiments."

"But you two were so happy together."

"In the beginning I suppose we were, but he wanted more of me than I could give him. He's great and I care a lot about him, I hope he finds what he's looking for."

"Oh Harry…" Hermione sighed and patted his shoulder.

"What about you? Have you been out with anyone lately?"

"No…I just…Can't Harry." Hermione's eyes were downcast and she trembled a little bit.

"I'm sorry Hermione. But you know Ron would want you to be happy."

"He's not dead Harry!" She glared for a moment, and then her eyes filled with tears again, "He just…can't remember us."

Harry looked away and remembered the night before he defeated Voldemort. Ron had gotten an anonymous tip about where Voldemort was hiding, so he had snuck over to the manor. Evidently he had heard Voldemorts plan to trap and kill Harry and was trying to sneak out when Peter Pettigrew caught him. But Peter had remembered how well Ron had treated him when he was a rat and instead of killing him he obliviated him.

Ron having no idea who he was or anyone around him, crawled into the forest by the house and hid. The next night when Harry and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix had finally confronted Voldemort, Ron's sister Ginny had found him in the forest. This had been a huge shock to everyone because they all had thought that Voldemort had killed Ron.

After a moment of ecstatic rejoicing however, Hermione discovered what had happened to Ron. Nothing they had tried was capable of bringing Ron's memory back though, and so for his own safety he was admitted to the wizard hospital St. Mungo's. His family, the Weasleys, had moved to London so that they could visit Ron every day, in the hopes that he might begin to remember him.

But it had been three years and there had been no change in Ron's condition. So Harry who had loved Ron as a brother, and Hermione who was in love with Ron, had to continue living their own lives. And for Harry and Hermione that meant getting jobs and for Harry trying to fall in love.

By what Hermione had said though, Hermione hadn't begun to realize that the Ron she loved was gone. Harry sighed and took her hand, Hermione sniffled for a few moments before saying, "So what did you need my help with Harry?"

Harry no hesitant decided it was best not to tell Hermione everything about what he was doing. "Well I need to borrow some of your books, and I was hoping that I could stay here for a few weeks."

"Oh, well of course Harry. Anything you need. My library is through that door and my guest chamber is through that one. But what are you doing? Does this have to do with more of your experiments?"

Harry who invented defensive spells and potions for the Auror's, had enlisted Hermione's help before, but this had nothing to do with that. This was for the both of them, and he couldn't stand the look on her face if he failed, "Um it's related to that."

Hermione's eyes sharpened and Harry knew that she was suspicious by his lack of information but she seemed to know better than to ask him what he was working on. Harry let out a relieved breath when she didn't ask further questions.

"So Snape is just as horrible as always?"

"Afraid so…Why?"

"I need to use his laboratory."

Hermione's eyes widened and then she let out a shocked giggle, "Good luck with asking Harry…you are so gonna need it."

But Harry already knew that, he just hoped that like him Snape felt a little warmth towards him. If not than all this could get seriously heated.

Much later that night, Harry climbed out of the bed in Hermione's guest chambers and slipped on a cloak and leather slippers. After grabbing his wand he quietly walked to the door and slipped out into the hall.

Wandering the halls of Hogwarts late at night had always been one Harry's favorite things to do, granted it did seem less exciting now that he was able to do it without breaking any rules. Harry chuckled when he remembered, his, Hermione's, and Ron's first out of bounds adventure, wandering these very halls.

And so Harry wandered the halls thinking about his life at Hogwarts and his wonderful friends. He wasn't prepared for someone to grab his shoulder and thrust him into a wall. Harry heard the voice say, "Out of bed? What house are you in?" He felt a warm but rigid body stand very close to his and instinctively had his wand out immediately.

He looked up and found black eyes staring at him in shock and then heard one of the portraits say, "Unhand him! That's the great Harry Potter!"

Harry could have groaned at the last statement because Snape's eyes narrowed with dislike.


Harry shrugged, "Yes, Snape it's me. Can you lower your wand, please?" And as a sign of good faith, Harry lowered his. He seemed to be having trouble breathing properly, but that was probably because Snape was still so close to him. It was rather disorienting.

Snape sneered and lowered his wand just so it wasn't pointing at Harry's face, "Fancied a nighttime stroll Potter?"

"Well it's been awhile since I last roamed the halls of Hogwarts and I figured now I can do it without breaking any rules."Harry raised his eyebrow and looked immensely amused.

"Yes but…I think you'll find yourself a little lonely without any other young men to keep you occupied in these halls." Snape sneered and Harry wasn't surprised that he knew about Harry's past boyfriends.

Harry just laughed, "Well no young men perhaps." He smiled a charming smile and leaned against the wall casually.

Snapes nostrils flared and he took a step back, "Try to remember that not everyone see's you as the great Harry Potter." He looked Harry up and down, his mouth tightened and he hurried away.

Harry chuckled lightly and then saw what had perturbed Snape so much that he had left. He was sporting a very noticeable bulge beneath his cloak and pajama's. Harry raised his eyebrow again, "Well that's what happens when I get pinned."

He waited until the arousal had passed and walked slowly back to his chambers. That night though, his dreams were filled with looming, dark, shadow people who pinned him down and stroked and tongued him mercilessly.

Over the next few days Harry read through Hermione's collection of books and found them to be extremely helpful. After writing all the useful information down in his notes, Harry knew that he had to ask Snape for the use of his laboratory.

He dreaded doing it because he had tried to set up times to speak with Snape, over the last few days and had received no answer to his notes. Finally he knew the only way to get Snape to speak with him was by getting him somewhere he couldn't avoid him.

So one morning after breakfast he followed some very awed first years down to the dungeon. He let them go into what he knew was Snapes dungeon classroom and leaned against the wall for a while. When he knew that class was good and ready he stepped forward and knocked on the classroom door, Harry heard the familiar, "Enter." And strode in.

The class got very quiet, their eyes glued on Harry. Harry blushed at all the attention and then smiled nervously at Snape, "Bad time?"

Snape glared at him, his eyes angry and snarled at the class, "Are you not supposed to be working on the potion I just assigned you instead of ogling D-list celebrities who did nothing to earn their fame?"

The class almost immediately bent their heads back over their work, but Harry could see a few eyes flickering up to him. He looked back at Snape and saw the familiar look of anger and annoyance on his face, "What do you want Potter?

"I have tried to set up a more reasonable time to have a discussion with you Snape, but I never got a reply back. And I don't have as much free time as you might think."

"Yes because I'm sure you have so many more pressing matters to get back too, what Oliver Wood will miss you?"

Harry chuckled, "I'm sure Oliver will survive without me." He smiled but became serious again, "I need the use of your laboratory, if that's possible."

Snape sneered, "My laboratory? Why would I let you use my laboratory?"

"Because if I complete this experiment I will be forever in your debt, at your beck and call." Harry lowered his voice and tried to look pathetic, he knew that Snape would enjoy seeing him beg. "Or yours…to banish from Hogwarts as long as you reside here."

Snapes forehead twitched and he stared into Harry's eyes for a long moment, than he sneered, "You will regret this agreement Potter. If that is you finish whatever experiment you are working on. Which I doubt."

"Be that as it may, thank you Snape. Though I warn you I may work long and odd hours."

"As long you do not disturb me in any way, than I have no feelings on the matter."

"Alright. Thank you again."

"Can I resume teaching now? Or would you like to disrupt my lesson even more?"

With a charming smile harry bowed his head slightly, "Carry on."

Snape gave him a withering look and went back to prowling around the room, critiquing the class attempts at potions.

Harry walked quickly out of the classroom pulled out his wand and said, "Accio messenger bag."

He waited a few moments and then heard a whirring noise; he looked to his left and saw his messenger bag flying towards him. He opened his arms and grabbed the bag that held his notes and research. He walked down the hall and opened the second to last door. Inside was Snapes complete laboratory. Potions ingredients, books, scales and cauldrons of all sizes filled the room, and the walls were lined with jars of floating dead creatures.

Harry shuddered but went to a table where a medium sized cauldron sat. He put his bag down and pulled out his notes. He took a deep breath and knew that the task ahead was going to be very, very challenging and he'd never been very good at potions.

Harry worked long and hard the first day, he didn't even notice when Snape peeked his head in curiously.

Snape was curious about what Potter was up too, he hadn't even thought it was possible for Potter to concentrate so hard. He wanted to ask what potion he was attempting to brew but then he would have to admit he was curious about the dreaded boy was doing.

And he with how confused he was feeling about Potter at the moment he didn't think he should press his luck. The night he'd found Potter wandering the hallways he was almost sure that he saw a bulge pressing up against his robes. And he knew that Potter swung that way, and if just being pressed up against was enough to arouse Potter than he wanted to give him a very wide berth.

So over the next few days when Potter would work from morning to night, Snape would peek in every couple hours and he was very intrigued by what he saw. Sometimes Potter would be poring over a book or several, other times he would be moving hectically around the table he'd taken as his workspace.

Most of the time his black hair was messier than usual, some of it standing straight up. He usually had his cloak off and the sleeves of his button up shirt folded up. When he seemed to be working hardest his shirt was unbuttoned three or four buttons down.

Snape sneered at the young man working so hard, but it was an empty sneer. He knew Potter only concentrated like this when he was completely determined. He could see the weary and hopeless look that sometimes flickered onto Potters face and he was disgusted by it.

Potter was arrogant and sure of himself, that was the way Snape remembered him and he wanted it to be that way. Potter was the one constant in Snapes life, the one person he couldn't on to be completely the same every time he saw him. And so when he showed weakness like he was more and more lately it made Snape angry. What had happened to the Potter who was so damn sure of himself?

One of those nights he saw Potter drooping over a book and decided that that was quite enough. He strode into the room and said loudly, "Potter."

Potter jumped at his voice and pushed up his glasses, "Severus?"

Snape scowled, "Do not call me Severus."

Harry rolled his eyes and stretched, "Yes…Snape?

"I need to use my laboratory and I can't do that if you are asleep in here."

With a quick nod Harry gathered all his notes and stuffed them carefully into his bag. He stifled a yawn and moved towards the door, "Goodnight Sev…I mean Snape." He waved a non-committal hand and walked out of the lab.

Snape grunted and looked down into the cauldron. Whatever Potter was making was light blue and smelled odd, not bad just something he couldn't identify. He found himself wishing that Potter had left his research behind so that he could study it.

Harry on the other hand stumbled into the guest chambers and almost instantly heard a knock at the door and Hermione's voice on the other side. He opened the door and smiled tiredly, "Hermione!"

"Do you want to talk? Out here in my office?"

"Sure!" Harry followed her into her office and sat next to her on the couch.

She cuddled into the couch and rested the side of her head on a cushion, "How is the experiment going, Harry?"

"Not very good, I'm afraid. I'm stuck on one point in the potion. It's getting a bit frustrating I don't know what to try next."

"What about Snape? How's he treating you?"

"Snape is odd. There are times when he checks in on me but doesn't say anything. I can tell he's curious about what I'm doing though."

"Well…Why don't you ask him for help? I mean he is the most gifted potions master we know. Perhaps he can help you."

"Ask Snape for help?"

Hermione laughed, "Well, yeah Harry. If you're really stuck than who is better than him to help you get unstuck?"

"I know you're right…You're always right. But even if I do ask him, what if he refuses?"Which Harry knew was most likely the outcome.

"How did you get him to let you use his lab?"

Harry blushed, "I told him I would be in his debt, and he could order me around in any way he wanted. Even if it meant banishing me from Hogwarts."

Hermione laughed and pinked tinged her cheeks, "That's a little more sexual than you thought when you were saying it isn't it?"

"Yes. I wasn't paying attention to what I was saying." Harry sighed and pushed his hair back, still blushing. He tried not to think about how he had gotten hard just by having Snape push him into a wall.

"Hahaha. Poor Harry, but I still think you should ask him. You never know he could be so curious that he will help you just so he can know what you're doing."

"Well I'll ask him, but I don't have high hopes." Harry yawned again and felt his eyes drooping slowly.

Hermione put her hand on his arm and smiled softly, "Harry you need to get some sleep."

They both stood and she hugged him softly, her body warm and comforting. "Good night Harry, sweet dreams." She laid her hand on his cheek momentarily and walked into her own chambers.

Harry walked to his room and undressed; he got into his bed in just his underwear and was asleep almost instantly.

His dream was warm and there was someone holding and stroking him. The touching grew more and more adventurous and in his dream Harry moaned lightly and dragged his hands down the persons back. He felt them arch into his touch and finally the lips moved from his chest and he looked up into black eyes.

"Snape?" Harry murmured as Snape went back to sucking at his neck.

He heard Snape's usually cold laugh, "Call me Severus, Potter."

Harry ran his fingers all the way down Severus's back and squeezed his ass, "Call me Harry, Severus."

"Ooh yes does that again, Harry." Dream Severus moaned when Harry touched his entrance.

"Mm I know I'm dreaming but this is really the best action I've had in a very long time."

Severus chuckled, "Who says this is your dream?"

Pulling Severus down to kiss him, Harry licked his bottom lip and whispered, "Well since I'm dreaming it I'm gonna say it's mine."

Dream Severus pulled back panting, but his forehead was crinkled in confusion. Suddenly Harry was awake. His body was coated in sweat and he was sporting an aching erection. He took a deep breath because he was panting roughly.

Harry sat up and blinked in surprise, that dream had been so hot. It had been so arousing and passionate, and even dream Severus had responded passionately. Harry felt his cock stiffen again, raised his eyebrow.

So Harry was clearly attracted to Snape that was odd and new. But not all that surprising as Snape was the only one who treated Harry like he was just a human and not just the famous Harry Potter, and to Harry that was a very attractive feature.

Harry lay back down and wrapped his hand around his erection; he focused on his dream and not the thought that Snape hated him with a burning passion.

Many floors below him, Snape was sitting up in his bed breathing very hard. He had just had a very questionable dream about Potter…That wasn't the disturbing thing however, because when he'd woken up and looked down, he felt rather instead of seeing his arousal pointing heavily up.

Snape tied his long black hair back and with a flick of his wand had a fire crackling in being in the fireplace.

He took a deep breath and decided to slowly analyze the dream. He vigorously remembered stroking and feeling Potters body, and then sucking and nipping at the tight and smooth skin. And then Potter had said his name and he looked up. Potter had been looking at him in amused surprised, like he was surprised that it was Snape doing those things to him but not disappointed. And in the dream Snape and Harry told each other to call them by their first names instead of their surnames. That was definitely when Snape acknowledged of farfetched the dream was. He would never allow Potter to call him by his first name and Potter would be shocked if he called him 'Harry'.

Than Potter had been playfully insisting that this was his dream and that it was the best action he'd gotten in a very long time. And even now that statement brought a smirk to Snapes lips, he knew he was good. And so hearing Potter, even if it was a dream version of Potter, say it out loud was extremely satisfying.

But that was what had woken Snape up, Potters insistence that it was his dream. That was just odd wasn't it? Being Snapes dream Potter wouldn't have argued or even brought up how he thought it was just a dream.

Snape frowned for a long moment and realized with a dark chuckle that Harry's arrogance must have shown itself in his dream. It wouldn't surprise him after all. Real life Potter was so self assured that it was only logical that his dream version would be just the same.

With a sigh Snape looked down and realized that he was stroking himself under the sheets. He tipped his head to one side and pursed his lips. He must have been focusing on Potter too much lately, and add that with the fact that he was starting to feel how long it had been since he'd been last been laid, it only made sense for him to have a dream like that.

Well he would just be more careful about it then, no more curiously wondering what was going on inside Potters head. Why should he care anyway?

But even as he thought this Snape had a nagging feeling that he wouldn't be able to stop wondering about Potter.