Title: Long awaited help.

Characters: HP/SS. M/M Slash

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns all the characters, Hogwarts, everything. I make no money of my stories. I just enjoy playing with the characters.


The day Harry finished the potion Severus had gone on to dinner ahead of him, threatening him that if he didn't meet him up there in ten minutes he was gonna come drag him to dinner. It had been a good three weeks since the night they confessed their love to each other, and Severus made the promise to him.

It had been the best three weeks of Harry and Severus's life, Harry had sneakily moved into Severus's chambers under Sev's orders amazingly enough. Since telling Harry he loved him, he couldn't stop saying it. He'd never told anyone that before, ever, and now he couldn't stop saying it.

Harry loved hearing it so he didn't mind. He also didn't mind all the sex they were having now that he'd stopped working such absurd hours.

The most astonishing event had happened when Harry had begged Severus to have dinner with Hermione and him. After a stiff ten minutes Hermione and Sev had begun arguing about some teaching method or another and the Harry knew they were both secretly enjoying it. The rest of the night had gone very smoothly with a lot of debates and playful insults.

But Harry wasn't thinking about the amazing weeks he'd had with Severus. He looked down at his potion in amazement. He had added the last ingredient and watched in astonishment as the potion turned the beautiful blue color that was described in the instructions.

He jumped up, squeaked in excitement and ran for the door. He ran all the way to the great hall and looked around. It was empty of all students because it was Christmas holidays and only McGonagall, Trelawney, Professor Sprout, Hermione and Severus were sitting at the table.

Harry stared up at the table and almost immediately Severus looked in his direction, a smile flitted onto his face and he got up and walked down to meet Harry. Harry ran at him and shouted, "I'm finished and it's perfect!"

Shocking everyone in the room, Severus picked Harry up and hugged him hard, "It's done?"

Harry nodded anxiously, "it's done Sev!"

"Oh god Harry!" Severus kissed Harry full on the mouth.

While Harry and Severus kissed deeply in the middle of the Great Hall, Hermione looked at her colleagues in shock. To her amusement, the other teachers watched Harry and Sev kiss only for a moment before picking their conversations back up. She wanted nothing more than to get up and finally find out what Harry's potion was and why the potion being done was such a miraculous thing. But she couldn't bring herself to breaking up such a beautiful not to mention arousing kiss. Watching them kiss was just…Really, really hot.

Harry pulled back from the kiss and whispered, "Oh Sev, it's done! It might cure Ron!"

"I know love, I know." He let Harry lead him up to the teachers table and sit next to Hermione, though he didn't realize it right away. "When are we going to London?"

"You'll come with me?"

"If you want me too Harry."

"I do."

"You're leaving Harry?" Hermione asked next to him.

"I have to go to London, probably tomorrow. You have to come with us!" Harry realized.

Hermione looked confused, "Me, go to London with you? But why?"

"I can't tell you, but please you have too! It's only for a day."

Hermione looked a little startled by Harry's insistence, but when Sev nodded his head once at her and narrowed his eyes, she nodded and said quickly, "Okay I'll go with you tomorrow." She looked down, "But now that you're finished with the potion, does that mean you are leaving Hogwarts?"

Harry blinked and realized that now that he was done he had no public reason to be staying at Hogwarts any longer. He glanced at Severus and say that he realized that at the same time too. Their eyes met and Severus's had an edge of desperation to them. Harry opened his mouth to say something when a quiet cough interrupted him.

Professor McGonagall who was seated next to Hermione said, "Um, Severus…A professor's 'intended partner' is allowed to live at Hogwarts with their partners. I believe your chambers are large enough?"

Severus blinked and nodded, "They are…"

"Good. I believe you will need to fill out a couple of forms but other than that, I see no problem with your 'intended partner' living here." She put a lot of emphasis the words, intended partner.

Severus paled but then glanced at Harry who looked confused. He hadn't been paying much attention he was to conflicted. He was excited about the potion being done, but devastated about having to leave Hogwarts and mainly having to leave Severus.

And now that he was focusing on Severus he could see the deep look on his face. It was the look that was saying that he Severus was thinking deeply and planning something. "Severus?"

Severus looked at him and smiled his light small smile that lingered only on the edges of his lips. "Yeah?"

"What're you thinking?"

"Nothing just happy for you." He winked and picked up his goblet of pumpkin juice.

Harry glanced at Hermione who was looking at Severus in shock and then at McGonagall who was looking pointedly away. Harry frowned but mentally shrugged. He remembered a certain promise that Severus had made him.

He grinned widely and whispered, "Um, Severus I was hoping that you could come make sure my um, potion was perfect."

Severus glanced up, "now? You haven't eaten yet…"

"I'm fine. I promise."

"Okay let's go look."

Harry stood and they walked out to the hall. Harry looked around then grabbed Sev's hand; he grinned wickedly at him and sidled up to him in the sexiest way. He pushed Sev against the wall and began kissing him passionately.

Severus's stayed wide open in surprise. He gently pushed Harry back, "Well that was nice."

"And it's only the beginning Severus. This is going to be a long night; I hope you saved your strength."

"Well of course I have but why…" Severus blushed furiously when he realized why Harry was acting so forward.

Harry grinned, "You haven't changed your mind, have you?"

"No. I'm just a little apprehensive."

"You shouldn't be! You've seen my reaction to it; you must realize that it's pleasurable?"

Flashes of Harry's face pulled tight over his groaning lips and sheen covered face flowed through Severus's mind, "I know you like it, yes."

"You think you won't?"

"I…don't know."

"How about we'll try it. And if you don't like it then we'll stop okay?"

"That seems fair."

Playing with one of the many buttons of Severus's robes Harry looked up at him with a look full of promise, "I promise to make it as pleasurable as possible."

"I've no doubt of that Harry."

Harry took his hand and began pulling him down the hall, in the directions of the dungeons. "I love you Severus Snape. You know that. I just want to express it."

Severus smiled, "I love you too…" he reached over and patted Harry's butt. "I just enjoy being inside you."

"Don't think that I'm never going to let you, just because of one night Sev. Because I enjoy it just as much as you."

"I know." Sev said smugly.

With a laugh Harry poked him, "God you have a big ego."

"That's not the only thing that I have that's big." Severus raised his eyebrows repeatedly at him.

With another laugh, Harry giggled, "Do you see why I love you?"

"Because I have a huge penis and I know how to use it?"


They were at their chamber doors now and Severus was bit his lip anxiously. He pushed Harry against the door and started pulling off his clothes. Harry's cloak was on the floor, along with his shirt, and belt, Sev was working on his pants when a very startled voice said, "Oh! Oh my…excuse me!"

Sev swung around and scowled at the male ghost that had flown through the opposite wall. The ghost, all see-through and embarrassed, glanced at them once more and then floated black through the wall backwards.

He looked by at Harry and saw him shaking with laughter. Seeing the scowl on Sev's face harry burst out laughing. He laid a hand against the door behind him and held on so he wouldn't fall over laughing.

"That was not funny!" Sev said loudly. He bit his lip and growled low in his throat.

"Oh come on Sev! That poor ghost is probably traumatized." Harry laughed loudly and pushed the hair that was flopping into his face.

Severus shook his head, "You are such a freak, Harry."

"Mhm. Now that that's established, where were we?" he pulled out his wand and tapped himself. His clothes disappeared and he raised an eyebrow at Sev. He ran his hand across his chest and then lower.

Sev watched him interestedly and felt his own penis growing hard. He pressed against Harry so he could feel what he was doing to himself. Harry's hand moved on himself and he sucked in Sev's earlobe. Severus breathed heavily and reached around Harry, he pushed open the door and walked Harry in with him. They walked in to the room and Harry sat back on the bed, his hand still moving.

Severus got on his knees and moved forward, he placed his arms on either side of his legs. He looked up at Harry who was looking down into his eyes. Harry smiled and bit his lip when Severus moved forward. Sev moved his hands away and replaced them with his own.

Harry breathed shallowly in his throat and put his hand on Sev's shoulder. He squeezed it and closed his eyes. Severus's hands were a familiar cold and they were skilled as they moved around him.

His eyes burst open when he felt Sev's tongue lick at the tip, he groaned and pulled Sev up by his collar. He kissed him until their tongues licked at each other fiercely. He fell back onto his back pulling Sev with him . He kissed him until his erection was practically bouncing anxiously. "Severus, take off your clothes."

Severus stood and slowly undressed, watching Harry's eyes stare hungrily at him. When he was finally naked he walked over to the bed and stood next to it. Harry patted the bed next to him and when he laid down he smiled and ran a finger down Sev's chest down to the silky thatch of hair that surrounded his erection.

Harry leaned in and kissed Sev, he put his index finger in his mouth and then nudged Severus's legs open. He reached down and lightly rubbed around his hole.

Severus gasped and his hands clenched the blanket below him. He felt Harry's finger probe into him, deeper and deeper. He tightened for a long moment but Harry just kissed him until he relaxed.

After several long moments of Harry deliciously tormenting him with his one finger he added another and Severus moaned and moved around.

Harry tapped his legs and said, "Bend your legs."

Severus did and Harry settled in between them, he opened a jar of lube and slicked himself up. He positioned himself at Sev's hole and whispered, "I'll go slow…"

He pushed in inch by inch and listened carefully for Sev's gasps to turn slow and passionate. Sev was breathing hard, he gripped Harry's arms tightly and had his eyes closed. He felt Harry moved slowly out and then back in, and groaned at the inflamed and delicious feeling it brought through his body.

Harry looked down at Sev, "Good?" when Sev nodded once he began moving earnestly. Severus was such a perfect fit, like they were made for each other.

He began thrusting with more feeling and power and Sev's hands reached up to hold onto his shoulders, his legs widened and slid further up Harry's back. He was feeling such amazing feelings; he hadn't thought that he'd like Harry being inside him. But this was just so intense it was so intimate and it felt so good!

They moved together until they were both tight and ready to explode. Harry reached down to touch Sev's erection but Sev smacked his hand away and pulled Harry roughly down to him. He kissed him hard and they both shuddered when his cum hit both of their bodies. His orgasm was intense and he knew he was shouting out but all he felt was the ecstasy of Harry making love to him, and the way his lips were moving on his at the same times that his hips were pushing him in and out of his body.

Harry pushed in once more and stiffened, jerking. His body shuddered above him and he felt Harry's cum fill him. Harry fell over onto him and kissed whatever part of his body that his lips were touching.

Sev wrapped his arms around Harry and whispered, "That was nice."

Harry chuckled darkly into his neck, "Just nice? You loved it."

Severus laughed too, "Fine."

"I love you darling." Harry whispered nuzzling Sev's neck with his lips. "Who would have ever thought we would be here right now?"

With a laugh, Severus shook his head, "I wouldn't have thought it possible."

Nuzzling his neck again, Harry stroked his chest with his right hand, "I love your laugh. I wish you would laugh more."

"You're the only person who can make me laugh."

"That's a good thing yes?"

"Yes Harry that is a good thing." Severus and Harry were quiet for many long moments before Sev rubbed Harry's back and said, "Let me up for a minute love."

Harry rolled over and pulled the blanket up around himself. Severus stood and looked down at him for a moment, he smiled and walked over to a chest by his bureau. He dug through it for a moment before finding the small box he was looking for.

Harry watched him dig through the chest and tried to peek over his shoulder to see what Sev was holding but couldn't see it. He shrugged and stared up the ceiling until he heard Sev stand and walk over to the bed. Severus sat next to him and whispered, "Harry…"

Smiling the moment he saw Sev sit next to him, he moved so his head on lying on top of his leg. "Yes?"

"I um…Want to ask you if you'll wear this…" Sev held out the small box to Harry who sat up and took it.

Harry looked at Sev and opened it. A ring, made of very dark silver sat on top of many layers of ting protective paper. He took it out and looked at it, a pattern made with diamonds circled around the ring. The ring was cold in his the palm of his hand and he watched it sparkle. He looked inquisitively up at Sev.

"Your mother gave it to me when I told I her that I was attracted to men basically." Sev said quietly.

Harry eyes widened and his mouth dropped open a little, "My…My mother?"

"Yes. You knew we were friends right?" When Harry nodded still looking a little stunned Severus continued, "She told me to give it the person who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with…The person I knew I would always love."

The surprise in Harry's mind was replaced with love and softness; he gently laid his hand on Sev's leg. Severus smiled at him, though he did look a little bit worried, "That's you Harry. I don't see my life from now on without you in it. You can have that ring either way but I want you too wear it if you are willing to spend our lives together, live together here, be my partner."

A little breathless Harry looked back down at the ring in his hand; he opened Severus's hand and put it into his hand. He looked up and saw Severus look a little bit stricken but Harry smiled at him, "Then put it on me."

Shock covered Severus's face followed by complete happiness, "You're sure?" But his hands were already fumbling for Harry's left hand.

"Of course I'm sure I love you. And I know you love me." Harry straightened his hand and let Harry put the ring on his ring finger.

Severus slid it on and stared at the ring on Harry's long finger. Sev beamed and kissed Harry ecstatically. "I love you Harry Potter."

Harry giggled and whispered, "Are you ready for round two?"

"Oh yeah."

The two spent the night making crazy, newlywed love all night. They actually fell asleep around four in the morning, with Harry curled around Sev, and with Sev's arms holding him painfully tight.

A knock woke them around noon; Harry groaned and pulled the blanket over his head. Severus ruffled his hair and whispered, "Maybe they'll go away."

But the knock at the door continued, and Sev stood up, "Okay ill get it."

Harry pulled the sheet free and gave it to him. "Here you go honey." He put his sleepy head back on the pillow and closed his eyes.

Severus smiled and wrapped the sheet around his waist. He crossed the room and opened the door, putting his usual scowl on his face. Hermione stood at the door and blushed when she saw that he was half naked, "Oh hi Severus. Um I was wondering when we were headed to London. I have some papers that I have to grade later on tonight and I don't want to be too late in getting back."

Harry opened his eyes and jumped up, "Oh my god! London! We have to go Severus!"

Luckily enough Severus had closed the door enough that Hermione couldn't see a very naked Harry running around the room looking for a clean pair of pants and a shirt. Sev smirked at Hermione and said, "We'll meet you in the Entrance Hall in ten minutes."

"Fifteen!" Harry yelled behind them.

"Fifteen minutes." Hermione smiled and nodded before walking away.

Severus shut the door and grinned at Harry who threw him some clean pants, "Here Sev, put these on."

Harry pulled on his pants and a clean shirt and was in the middle of buttoning Severus's when he noticed the ring on his finger, "Oh…Right." He smiled at it and then up at his husband, "Oh I love you Severus."

"I love you too Harry." Sev kissed his nose lightly finished buttoning his black shirt.

"We have to get you a ring Sev. It only makes sense!" Harry smiled, and then looked over Sev's entire black ensemble. "Do you only ever wear black?"

Sev looked down at his outfit, "Yes."

Harry ran his hand down the black, silk shirt Sev was wearing, "And you look totally great in it. But you would look totally hot in white too…Or red or basically any color would look hot on you actually."

"I like black." Severus winked and turned to pick up his traveling cloak.

Harry picked up his dark green robes and put them on. "I know you do." He playfully tugged on Severus's hair, "It makes you look all dark and mysterious." He chuckled like he knew better and opened their door. He walked out with Severus following him closely.

"Got the potion, Harry?"

Patting his pocket anxiously, Harry felt the flask full of the potion in his pocket. "Yes. I hope it'll work…"

"I'm sure it will Harry, I know that you can do anything you set your mind too." Sev took his hand and whispered encouragements the whole way to the Entrance hall.

When they could see Hermione standing patiently by the doors, Harry whispered, "Should I tell her before we get there?"

"I don't know…maybe you should wait until you are completely sure that it will work."

"You're right; I don't want to get her hopes up only to have it fail."

Harry took a deep breath and smiled at Hermione, "Hi, ready to go?"

"I suppose." Hermione still looked a little bewildered about why Harry wanted her to go along so badly. She glanced curiously at Severus but he just gave her a blank looked and nodded once. She shrugged and together they walked across the grounds to the gate.

Severus opened the gate and as one they apparated to St. Mungo's. As usual St. Mungo's was packed with wizards and witches of all ages. Harry looked around anxiously and took the familiar path up to Ron's private room.

Harry took a deep breath and knocked on the door, Severus stood close to his side, and a sad Hermione stood off to the side.

After a moment the door opened and a much aged Mrs. Weasley beamed at him, "Harry!" She pulled him into a tight hug and he breathed in happily. Mrs. Weasley had always been like a mother to Harry. He felt a twinge of regret at not visiting her for the past month.

"I feel like I haven't seen you in ages!" she smiled sadly at him.

"I know I'm sorry! I've been working on something…Actually can I talk to you about it for a moment?" Harry motioned away from Hermione and Severus who were moving into Ron's room to visit with him.

Mrs. Weasley stepped to the side with him and they were joined by Mr. Weasley who had been coming to see Ron. Harry spoke with them about the potion and its effects. He asked for their permission to give Ron the potion.

They looked pale by the time he stopped talking but after a moment Mrs. Weasley burst into tears and pulled him into a hug. "Oh Harry, you think it'll work?"

"It should Mrs. Weasley…It should."

"Were willing to try anything, and we trust you Harry." Mr. Weasley said his eyes watery.

Harry smiled at them, "Okay, let's go."

He turned and walked slowly into Ron's room. Ron looked up at him with a blank smile. "Hey Ron, how're you doing?"

"I'm fine. Have you met my new friend, Severus?" Ron pointed at an awkward looking Severus who was sitting in a chair by the window.

"Yeah we've met. Listen Ron, I have something for you to drink okay?" harry pulled the flask out of his pocket.

Ron reached out for it with the same blank smile, "Like all my other medicine?"

Harry handed it to him, "Yeah…Like all your other medicine." He avoided Hermione's curious eyes, she looked confused and anxious.

Ron shrugged, "Okay." He opened the flask and raised it too his lips.

Everyone in the room stopped breathing for several long moments and Harry felt like his heart had stopped. Ron lowered the potion and stared at them blankly before his eyes widened and he leaned over his knee's, his hands clutching his temples.

Hermione gasped and dropped to her knee's next to Ron, "Ron? Ronald are you okay? Harry what did you give him?" She raised accusing eyes up to his.

"Harry…" Ron said brokenly. Everyone looked at Ron as he slowly straightened. He stared at Harry closely for a long moment before looking down at Hermione and whispering, "Hermione…"

Hermione's eyes were very wide as she clutched his knees and whispered, "Ron?"

Ron raised his eyes from hers and looked at his mother, "Mum?" Mrs. Weasley clutched at her heart and he looked at his father, "Dad?" he looked at the last person in the room, "Snape?" He sounded bewildered as he said the last name.

"You know who we are?" Harry heard Mr. Weasley ask brokenly.

Ron looked down and startled them all by laughing a laugh that none of them had heard for a very long time, "I remember you! I remember you all!"

Hermione gasped and threw her arms around Ron's waist before bursting into tears. Mrs. Weasley followed Hermione's example and embraced him as tears slid down her cheeks. Mr. Weasley crossed the room and grasped Ron's shoulder his eyes spilling over.

Harry stood in shock in the middle of the room, his potion had worked! Ron could remember them all! A single tear slid down his cheek and he closed his eyes. "Oh…" he felt Severus stand next to him and wrap his arm around his shoulder. Harry leaned in and cried silently against Sev's shoulder. "It worked…"

"I know Harry! I know!"Severus whispered.

"Whoa…I've missed something haven't I?" Ron said sounding amused and surprised.

Harry stepped away from Severus and nodded at his friend. Mrs. and Mr. Weasley sat on the bed next to him still clutching at him as though if they let go he would disappear again. And Hermione was sobbing into his knees. Harry stared into his friends eyes, "Yes mate…You've missed out on some things."

Ron looked at the people holding onto him and said in an amused voice, "Um…I think we'll have to talk later. Apparently I'm really popular now!" Ron and Harry chuckled together before Ron stood carefully, dislodging everyone who was holding on to him. He crossed the room and pulled Harry to him.

Harry wrapped his arm around Ron's neck and hugged the boy who was his brother. The two stood that way for a long moment before Ron stepped back and said seriously, "Thank you Harry." He glanced at Snape quickly and then back to Harry, he whispered, "But what's Snape doing here…?"

With a chuckle harry grinned at Severus who looked amused and then back to Ron, "Well Ron that's one of those things were definitely going to have to talk about."

A wary but amused look crossed Ron's face but he nodded, "Okay." He looked around and said loudly, "Bloody hell am I hungry!"


Much later that night Harry finally got his chance to speak to Ron alone. The whole Weasley clan had been called in by Mr. Weasley and they'd all come to see if he was truly back to his old self. Harry spent hours answering questions about his potion and embarrassedly accepting teary thanks from the Weasley clan.

Severus had stood in the corner saying hello to whoever said hello to him first and ignoring curious looks he received. He stayed as close to Harry as he could but mostly stared at Harry's face. He loved the extremely happy and peaceful look Harry was wearing, he'd never seen his lover look so happy the entire time he'd known him.

At times Harry would lock eyes with him and mouth, 'I love you' to him and Severus would wink and felt his heart beating happily.

Harry answered Ron's questions about what was going on in his life, what had happened with Oliver, how he'd discovered the potion, if Hermione had dated anyone, and why Snape was suddenly acting so affection with Harry. When Harry got to the last question he'd hesitated for a moment before stammering and quickly telling Ron about how he and Severus were in love and married now.

Ron stared at him in shock for a couple long moments before closing his open mouth and nodding, "Okay…I've dealt with weirder things. Good for you!"

Letting out a sigh of relief Harry chuckled, "Thanks mate."

"Well let's get your beloved in here. I feel like we're all going to have to spend a long time together. I have to start getting used to the git…Oh sorry…To Snape being around." Ron shrugged an apology at Harry for insulting Severus but Harry just laughed it off and called Severus into the room.

They all started talking and it began to feel completely comfortable. Harry took Sev's hand somewhere in middle of the conversation and leaned his head against Sev's shoulder. At first Ron looked a little shocked but Hermione came in and took his hand and he looked from their clasped hands to Harry's and Severus's and nodded once with a light smile.

The four talked long into the night and when Harry and Sev finally said goodnight to Ron and Hermione who were staring at each other hungrily, they felt like they could just sleep for ages. Harry took Sev's arm and wrapped it around his shoulder, winding his left arm around Sev's waist. "Oh Sev…This was such a wonderful day. Thank you for being there with me."

"I knew you could do it Harry. You're just so bloody brilliant."

The stood outside and a light snow fell on their heads; Harry took Severus's face in his hands and whispered, "I love you Severus Snape."

"And I love you Harry Potter-Snape. Forever." He leaned in as he spoke.

Harry whispered, "Forever." He pressed his lips against Severus's and at the same moment they felt their hearts fill with eternal love. They knew they would have fights and arguments but they also knew they would love each other forever and always be happy. Harry and Severus kissed lovingly and found that they had found their happily ever after.

-The End.